I have a friend who passed away how do i give my condolences with proper respect?

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    Some to choose from here >>>Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss...our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow.He/She will never be forgotten. May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.Fondest remembrances.We write you with heartfelt condolences at this sad time. You are in our thoughts and prayers.If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home againGentle thoughts during these difficult days Forever remembered, forever missed.Someone so special can never be forgotten.Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear.Please accept my condolences. We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of "name of deceased".

     Remember qualities, specific events, and share the loss.   

    "I will always remember your dad because he was such a friendly man. I loved seeing him at church with your mom; they just made me feel happy seeing them together. He was so proud of you and your brother, and his love for Daniel and Anna was obvious! They are very blessed to have had him as their grandpa.  Please know I share in your loss and will keep you and your family in my prayers."


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