I am surprized no one has commented the massacre in Colorado at the movie theater. How can a guy get in with all those guns!

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    He broke in by using a fire escape door. No one saw him coming in. I did not mention it because I'm getting ticked off enough with all the idiots screaming that this is why America needs the same gun laws that other countries have. You know, the laws that takes the guns from the civilians and leaves them with the criminals. Gun law or not, this nut would have gotten the gun he needed to do this. It's a tragic event but not one that should be turned into a stupid battle over whether another of our Constitutional rights should be stripped away from us.

    Let me state that in our home there are many guns and we shall keep them! Years ago an intruder was shot, not killed! Self defense really worked!

    A nut like that, if it wasn't guns, it would have been a bomb or poisonous gas attack.

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    Yes, I didn't want to mention it because

    this sort of thing seems to unfortunately

    happen all too often in America. It is

    really tragic.


    Homeland terrorists?


    We in the USA are always talking about homeland security. This seems the problem is within.

    It's really gut-wrenching every time something like this happens, Clu. Unfortunately it's something for which there seems no solution. :(

    you cannot regulate for the actions of a psychopath

    I was just reading about it.  What a horrific story.  How sad for the families of the victims. 

    The movie goers thought it was a publicity stunt and part of the movie hoopla until the gunman opened fire.  The eye witness accounts are just terrifying.  A very sad day.

    Easy, just walk in to a Batman movie at midnight with a gas mask on,bullet proof vest,rifle,handgun,teargas grenades.

    Only in America.


    It sounds more third world but I fear America is getting that way! Disgusting!

    Many theaters on opening nights, especially sci-fi, people like to dress the part, in the past people would dress like darth vadar, batman, Joker, you name it, they would carry plastic swords, guns and whatever as a joke.  I don't think this will continue from now on. many of the survivors thought at the beginning it was a 'put-on'.  Movie theaters today especially i-max is soooo loud that I don't even think that many even heard the gunshots.  And to ROMOS, it's not only in America, its worldwide. we have over 300 million people here, there bound to be a few crazy ones.

    Now comes the 'I told you so' gun debate again.. It's not the gun's fault it killed no more than the car's fault it kills or the forks fault you may be overweight. it's always the user.  we have intense gun laws here in the states, problem is they are not enforced.  Not to add more laws.  Although I am not against guns entirely, I see no reason for high capacity magazines on assault rifles. The gun he used was an AR-15 which looks like an M-16 but not fully automatic. Still he was able to take out 12 and injure 31 (I believe)..  Guns are not the culpert, there are many ways to kill people, McVeigh used a truck and fertilizer, 9/11 it was box cutters and airplanes..

    There something wrong with society, we are sick and need help. Movies with constant bloodshed, games with killings and brutal at that.. Some of these wackos can't separate cyberworld from real world and they thing they favorite celebrity actor dies in one movie he shows up in another, in games, kill-kill-kill and they 're-spawn' to be killed again.

    I like killing games too and love action movies and horror but I have a handle on reality,like 'most' people-- these wackos people do not.. so, what do we do??. Stop making violent movies?? no games with killings??  You can bet this won't happen so you must find a way to identify the risk.. I don't see this technological advancement for many years


    Totally agree with you Vinny, wackos are all over the world,the USA though has the "right to bear arms" it makes it a lot easier in your part of the world.

    I agree Vinny. It just makes me wonder if the guy bought all these guns legally within a few days that a red flag should have been raised if the gun shops did as required ??

    Yes ROMOS, we have the right to bear arms. I will take it any day over not being able to defend myself. If there was a gun law in all the states that allowed citizens to carry concealed weapons, how many people do you think this nut would have killed before 50 people in the audience stood up and gunned him down?

    ROMOS, yes we do have the right to bear arms and its a wonderful thing! Apparently you haven't seen or read about the thousands of would be murders and crimes that were stopped because the proposed victim was able to protect themselves and their families or businesses. The media rarely carries this information, especially our liberal media. But regardless, they do report on it but on page 6. (pun) As I mentioned above, we have over 300 million people here, some don't belong here at all but they aren't always the blame, it's our own home grown idiots and when you are confronted with a g'ment that rather than build more prisons, they let the overflow prisoners out then crime goes up. here in CA they released 20k felons on the streets, and of course since this happened our crime rate went up.. I want protection and I can't dial 911 when I know that in seconds someone will be coming through a window and possibly killing or injuring my family or me.. I will not stand by to see if he is armed either. I don't know how you would handle this but you may be assured that in my home someone breaks in while I am home, chances are he will be carried out on a stretcher. The worst thing this country could EVER do is remove that right and then good people will be defenseless as guns can and will always be available through hook or crook..And remember, it's not only guns that are involved in murders, there's knives, bombs, automobiles, poisons you name it. Even icicles and rubber doormats.

    The AP (associated press) has reported 12 were killed and 50 were injured (with somthing like 10 who remain in critical condition). This society is sick. Suicide amongst kids starting as young as 8 has steadily been on the rise! The mass shootings have primarily been done by teens to young adults (16-25 year olds). Movies, tv, video games, and a lot less parental supervision (because most mom's and dad's work full time), along with lowered moral standards- yup, we're a mess!

    Tragic.........How terrifying for the movie goers,my heart goes out to them.

    Just saw it on the news, tragic loss of life, also makes me wonder about a guy in a store in America yesterday (our time) who foiled an attempted robbery by shooting the offenders (or at least one of them) hailed as a hero, who carries guns to go shopping?? and thankfully no innocent by standers were injured,would it not have been safer to give them the money and leave it to the police rather than jeopardise the safety of others, a sad situation if people feel so threatened that leaving the house with a weapon is considered reasonable for protection


    nuts carry guns shopping!

    Yes Doo,we have our share violent crime, but I feel safe (or safer) knowing that a lot of crazy people here are not able to access firearms easily

    I do believe in Gun control... but that's me.

    ditto, but that's just me also

    I'll bet there is some kind of issue with the fire doors that the cops aren't mentioning for some reason. Most of those fire doors are inter-linked with a alarm system and have signs warning people of not using them for exits.

    There is something very strange in how this guy got in with what he did. In that one area of the story that was given to the news media, there are parts of it that are too incredulous, and seeming like a part of it hasn't been revealed.


    The AP has gotten most of their information from an un-named source close to the case. They won't share it until they can figure it out themselves. The cops and feds are trying to dis-arm the booby traps in the guy's apt.(flat) to se if they can find out more. Apparently they guy bragged about it to the cops then shut-up (His parents probably "lawyered him up".

    i have to agree with jhharlan ,this person planed this ,and any amount of gun legislation would`nt have stopped this from happening ,he would have found another cant take precautions for this kind of tragic event.

    The guy had a plan. If he didn't block the fire door opened, he would have found another way to kill.......

    Taking the guns away from the good guys isn't going to keep the bad guys from having them.

    The same way a patient's pharmaceuticals should be tracked so prescriptions aren't battling against each other or creating too many of the same adverse side effects, firearm purchases should be tracked. More big brother crapola, but what do you want to do?  

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