In honor of our MIA Eggplant... If you were an Alien what colour would you be?

    I choose Magenta!  I know I would look good as a Magenta Alien.

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    Now you've gone and made me miss her even more! le weep (to quote you)

    APB out for eggie...extremely cute by nature and missed badly...eggs?? Honey please come back!! ;(

    My sentiments exactly Lindi... Man I miss that Egg!

    25 Answers

    Probably purple for my friend Eggie. 


    very regal,

    Take me to your leader.



    TO MY MOD!!



    I have freckles and I have always liked them. Pastel chalk is one of my favorite mediums to work with and I saw a young woman who had been dusted in pastel chalk dust all over. The pattern was differently sized hearts that overlapped and arrayed in random order. Nude, she was  completely stunning and a treasured memory. It’s the sort of art showing I like to attend and display in.

    I think I'd like to be the colour of a fine ripe pineapple, or..... maybe passion fruit pulp with a slight tinge of rasberry

    I don't have any idea of what @Eggie looks like so I'd have a hard time mimicking her. I guess I'd go with what @Colleen wrote and go with purple...........

    Eggy says "colour me gone". Like the old song.


    Tumbleweeds, pump jacks, wind mills, train tracks
    I ain't never comin' back baby
    Highways, biways, gotta' do it my way
    Only thing that's ever gonna' save me
    Gotta' whole lotta' livin' still left to do
    And I don't believe I can do it with you
    We put our best foot forward but we kept fallin' down
    I think you'll feel better when I'm not around
    Not around


    um...just googled those lyrics...for Mike Parrish!! Now I don't usually go in for C&W but this dude seriously rocks!!>>>
    (click the play bar top page!)

    All of them!!!



    Glorious Darling!

    piccaso-ish no? Pesce cara non ti riconoscono questo tipo di arte ... così infantile nel suo 'approccio .. semplice .. facile sugli occhi ... Mi piace questo tipo di arte che io sappia si fa troppo! ;D

    Stavo pensando più Kandinski. L'italiano mi ha gettato ... Do! :) ... Dang! Probabilmente dovrei sapere questo!

    Vi ho ingannato ancora una volta il mio amico pesciolino ... beh .. non di nuovo di per sé, ma una volta .. e solo un po '... ok ... mi hai preso con il bit di Galata,, va bene? Quindi .. sto solo divertendo ... girls just wanna have fu-hun ragazze oh .. just wanna have fun!

    Stiamo cercando di Kandinski, parlando in italiano durante il viaggio di Galata, la Turchia ... ora che è divertente!

    Oh Dei Pesci ... sei così ragione su Kandinski ... polacco sì? Che mente per il colore! E effetto semplicistica ... ipnotizzante per dire il minimo! Lui è qualcuno toccato solo brevemente in quattro anni e mezzo di arte che ho studiato .. troppo brevemente ... spruzzata su un po 'di colore ... date un'occhiata al mio bambino lavoro di editing! Voila! Kandinski!
    (p.s. these translations are freakin' hilarious bambino!!)

    Penso che siamo più interessanti in italiano. Mi piace! Mi piace un sacco!

    Le tue capacità di editing sono Tesoro magnifico!

    E noi siamo più belli in questa lingua romantica ... sì .. noi siamo la bambina bomba!

    Когда я вернулся из моего (Choke) отдых в Эдмонтоне, мы должны говорить на русском языке. А так очень интересно!

    Bomblets R US.

    Yer gonna love this...Мой дед, Hrabaji, была русской из северных степей Монголии и России ... Он был очень красив и крестьянина-фермера ..., но он также говорил на многих иностранных языках ... даже кри. Русский хорош ... очень хорошо .. если хотите perogies и квашеной капустой и хреном и рыбный суп ... я остановлюсь сейчас, потому что это выходит нарушения говорить все это степной русской речью ...

    Я вырос в очень этнических районе, где вы научились кивать, улыбаться и есть всевозможные блюда из разных стран мира. Пока я не видел глаз fishe, я был хорошо!Мамы других детей были вынуждены кормить меня, потому что я был пастообразных английский ребенок, который говорил так странно, как их!

    У вас есть кровавые британский акцент то? Интересно, как это перевести ... так дорого, наш новый друг Пуран является алмаз быть с некоторыми прекрасный ашрам где-то в этом славном мире ... ты поймать его вибрации? Что абсолютная жемчужина человека / чужеродные существа! Его ответы полны любви и света!Очень блестящие ненавязчивым существо. Просто говорят! Я действительно думаю, что он монахом или учителем дзен-буддизма ... Я получаю Вибе от людей, как, что ... или вы не заметили, что моя маленькая Саты сай fishlet?? Хахаха!

    Британский акцент исчезла, за исключением нескольких слов чудак! Ха-ха-ха! (Мне нравится, как "ха-ха-ха» пишется на русском языке). Вы правы о Пуран. Что интересного человека с прекрасным вибрации. Нам очень повезло иметь его на форуме ... и у него есть чувство юмора, чтобы загрузить! Я иду на мини-вай-распада и вернется примерно через неделю. Желаю вам прекрасный разговор и солнце блестящие дни.Fishie плывет ..... :)

    Always Peace and Love my little googly eyed friend! Have FUN dangit!! xox LL

    Green. I always picture Aliens as green little men.

    Sorry but I have no imformation to where Eggy went missing? Maybe decide to go on a Holiday or something?/?

    Gold, like her dancing shoes :)


    Blue like the summer sky.

    I would be gold because I would always be underground hiding and I would want to blend in. I would also have big antennas that made a strange humming nose at night to scare people with.



    Dang! So attractive!

    If you note the tail looks like a drill bit and that is good for quick escapes. They have said that once we start to learn how to mess around with our DNA that we will choose not to look like hairless apes. Their words not mine.

    Oh good and I could use a bit of colour as well! This pasty white look is boring already!

    Invisible baby!


    That would be cool and creepy at exactly the same time!

    I would like to be able to change colors to suit my alien moods!


    A Mood Alien... cool!

    It's a bird, It's a lane, It's Swami Doo Mood Alien :)

    Swami Doo Mood Alien... now that has a ring to it!
    lindilou a MOOD RING there Fishes!! LOL! You are a funny one!

    I have a vision of an tall, skinny, reedy type Alien with Swami style head gear walking down the street changing colours at every turn... closely followed by a posse' of snakes!

    svelt and slitherin'
    Uh-oh...I think it's another band name comin' on Fishles!!

    L I V E

    one night only
    $5 at gate

    One live live live performance ONLY! Featuring the World Wide, Number One Hit for 18 consecutive weeks, "REEDY DOO - IS THAT YOU?"!

    Cool image Fishy. Tall, thin, with a tin foil cap, chaning colors with all my snale friends behind me and a # 1 selling song- few I'm glad I only have one live performance! Keeping track of all of those sakes is hard work!

    Yes-s-s-s-s-ssss it is-sssss Svelt and the...ssslithering good ssstarsss-serpents have come out to sssing shiny ssongsss!!! 8D

    Black !!


    Woot!!! Bold and always in style!

    What shade?

    Ha Ha! Very good KOTF!
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    See my cat !

    """" I suppose I would have to be a grey colour I would like to blend in and change with the weather .......



    Nice... the Universal colour.

    I'm a little "Blue" :(  Miss you Eggy

    Iridescent blue/green/purple combo....when the light shines on me, you'll see all of them shimmering.  OMG, I'm beautiful!  :D


    You are glorious darling!!! :D

    I must get my shades!!! ARE glorious!! ;)

    Yes, dears, join me for cocktails and we will rock the alien world with our stunning beauty and "gloriosity"

    Gloriosity and cocktails... Oh the wonder and joy of Alien land ... Glimmer on, Glimmer on. I am in the best and most beautiful of company today.

    moi aussi (I just tried to answer a question en francais)

    si' senoritas! Make mine a double!! 'hic' ('scuse me) ;D

    Oh, may I come. I may compliment your beauty by changing colors!

    It's not a party without you,, doo!

    Oh Yeah! I'll bring the tin foil caps and...tuna casserole and mojitos-mango mojitos- aliens love them!

    NOW it's a par-tay!

    Last thing I remember...DooLittle walking in with a tray full of mangoe mojitas!!....were those 'union' mangoes or what? (hic) ( * )
    Who let the monkeys loose in my head??...o-ooh mangoeland...(swoon)...woops...(wham!)
    ...down for the count...

    Did i miss something again, has Eggie done a runner, -- the colour , Brindle would be different, suitable for an Alien.


    No one knows where she is! She used to tell peeps if she was going on holiday (etc).

    I`ll stay the same whitish/pink..if that`s OK?!...(Nb...Once an alien..always....Why change my colour to remain in my alien status)??!!...OK...I`ll dye my hair purpleand matching nail varnish for Eggie!:-¬

    Green,,with envy nobody asked me to go...


    Oh.. you are here! I thought you were in the suitcase! Dang! It's no wonder you are green.

    I'll be turning blue soon if i don't get out of this suitcase..

    Oh my goodness! I can't find the key ... I will be right back.



    ...and they would be absolutely correct!! LOL ;D

    burgundy :)

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