Is anyone selling "old" playtex formula Dorothy Gray Satura Moisture Cream

    The  new formula is very bad and not anything like the original.  I bought 6 jars in 2010 of the Platex variety and it was perfect, but recently I received the new formula and it was like crisco.  If you have the old Playtex brand, light pink cream, even if its old, or has been opened once, I am still interested in buying it.   My email is  Only serious sellers apply.  Please do not offer me any other face creams..

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    Introduced in 1956, Satura contained moisturising agents, along with 10,000 USP of estrogenic hormones per ounce and vitamin A. As the decade progressed the moisturising aspects of the cream were accentuated. It could be argued then, that despite the hormones, and the fact that previous Dorothy Gray creams tackled dry skin, Satura was Dorothy Gray’s first cream marketed as a moisturiser.
    Five instant aids to youthful radiance from one great moisture cream.
    1. Special elements catch dew from the air to shield against drying by wind and weather.
    2. Estrogenic hormones help protect against age lines and sallowness with deep, under-surface moisturizing action.
    3. Humidifying formula works directly toward a young and creamy smoothness.
    4. Vitamin A guards against flaking indicative of a dry or aging skin.
    5. Special emollients slow evaporation from the skin to counteract the lines of age.
    (Taken from a 1958 Dorothy Gray advertisement)
    See also: Hormone Creams, Oils and Serums
    The hormone was later dropped from the original cream and the name Satura was extended across a total product range including Satura Cleansing Cream, Satura Lotion Cleanser, Satura Skin Tonic, Satura Moisture Lotion, Satura Night Cream, Satura Algene Concentrated Conditioning Night Cream, Satura Super Rich Night Cream and so forth.>>>  

    It appears that this product is no longer made by 'Playtex' and after reading several consumer reports it would seem to be an inferior product to the original. I could not find a supplier.



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