Is the speed of navigating within akaQA diminishing for you too?

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    This is the easiest site to navigate around that I have found.  A friend told me to check out a sight that she refers to as Garbage Bag.  It took me a few days just to find one thread.  Sooo confusing. 

    The Fixya sight is much easier in the profile page but everything else is far more difficult.

    I found a Christian sites for what I thought would be great reading... oh my goodness no!  Not only was everyone telling everyone else that they were going to hell ... there was right wing and left wing.... far far left wing and slightly right wing... the commandments of the site ... all this and then .... navigating around the sight was nearly impossible.

    I found myself on another site whilst looking for symbols and their meanings.  I am not quite sure what the site was actually about as I couldn't for the life of me figure out where the actual forum was... very mixed up.  After reading the rules I knew I would be kicked off immediately based on my lack of negative energy and my inability to name call in a successful manner.  The entire sight was very dark and confusing.  The only group I would have fit into was the group of vegetarians and they seemed to be very whimpified.

    This is the easiest site for moi!  However, you are communicating with a typing fish.  You probably shouldn't take me seriously at all. :)



    I am not talking about typing although my typing sucks...

    Travelling from one section to another... still the best site. Easy Peasy in comparison. I have found a few tricks that make things run smoother.
    If you tap on the 'back arrow' to get somewhere you have been and would like to go back to, it usually takes three taps... look on the top of your screen for the aka page you are working on... if the circle is spinning ... wait, tap no more. You will get back to where you were.
    Also, open more than one window so that if you are searching the net for an answer you still have the akaQA question still open and you can bounce right back in.
    I hope this helps.

    Good tips. I'll try them...

    It's not so fast but I think the problem is my computer.........

    It's gotta be E-Z for me to figure it out.I don't have any problems.It can be a little bit slow sometimes but I think it's my computer,not the site.


    I agree- sometimes my computer takes forever going from Q to Q!

    Navigating- no prob.  Stuck in the quagmire of reading all of the comments and responses to the threads....yes...but I got pretty far behind when I was sick.

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