What do you think? Does a person have the right to food stamps if they are addicted to drugs?

    Keep in mind this is an individual, who would get less than $25 a week to eat on in the USA. This is the only Welfare for an adult, unless they are disabled, or have a child under 19.

    Does he have the same rights as everyone else?

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    There are just so many exceptions and hoops and loopholes. It is a flawed system. Taking "everything" into account would be prohibitively voluminous as a statute. :(

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    Yes, Daisy, he does. I don't think there is any law that says an addict can be denied aid. 


    Which states deny people food?

    Sadly there are three state that disagree. You can be an alcoholic, but not addicted to drugs.
    Next they will take the rights of another group of people they fine beneath them.

    The states that require drug testing to get food is Florida. I think the other two are Oklahoma and Missouri.

    Thanks for the info, Daisy. Guess your guy will continue getting his food stamps, at least for now.

    I was just venting.People losing their rights to food or anything they are entitled to is unacceptable. No one can afford to sit back and allow this to happen, you may be in the next group to be denied rights, it may be age, illness, skin color, anything.
    Lets say you are denied the right to work, buy groceries...etc You cannot allow the gov to take anyone's rights and do nothing.
    Now with The Patriot Act, everyone is afraid.
    You can disappear! Poof!

    There are a lot of "hoops" I think people should jump through to receive aid. Last night my cousin, who worked for 20+ years in social welfare for Fresno County, was telling my son and his girlfriend how to get this, that, and the other thing. Everything but jobs so they could support themselves. We need people who can't make it on their own so OTHER people don't lose their "social services" jobs. What a racket.

    I took my son, I was told he couldn't draw because he wasn't 22. He lives at home, so he has to be included in my income. He is 21, an adult. He can fight for this country and die at 18! But isn't considered an adult till 22. I make to much money, I lost my job, but I have to wait and apply this month.She told me I worked enough to get unemployment. I have put out some apps. I'm hoping something will come my way fast. Food stamps isn't going to save me. It would have helped if C could get them.Their system sucks. It works against you.

    The "system" is not working properly.

    to get a job just about anywhere , anymore, you have to pass a drug test. So, what's the big deal if they give people applying for welfare a drug test ?

    They are not there to get paid, they are asking for help. You are telling them if they have a unacceptable life style they can't have help. They can't eat. The gov just denied a person is Liberty! You can't do that. Did you know you have to answer question like "Have you ever filed bankruptcy, been arrested, ever done illegal drugs? What does this have to do with eating? What group of people will be next on their list? Student Loan, diabetics, who? You never allow the gov to single out a group of people Like Hitler did and deny them FOOD, or life. When you accept a small thing (To You) it will be much bigger next time.Hitlers first victims were the disabled, no one said much about it. He moved up to gays and gypsies. No one did anything then either. Why would they, it was just a small group, no harm done, a few more groups disappeared, them it was 6 million Jews.

    An ADDICTION is an illness..which commands help,(yes that person must want to receive help..I don`t know re food stamps etc in the USA...But  it takes a Very Hard heart (IMHO).to kick someone when they are for seeing them go with out food I find that Totally INHUMANE!:-¬..To with hold food ...Just this once I`m so glad I live in the UK..Where that would cause an uproar..and where sick people are treated as sick..not evil...too many pit falls in life not to offer aid to people who really need it!:-(


    America isn't a very friendly place right now, it is against it's citizens, withholding medical, medication and now food. We have too many Illuminati leaders, skull and bones, Council of Foreign Relations.They think there are too many people in the world, they want to knock off the poor, sick and elderly. Research Illuminati on the internet, go to you tube and watch the interviews. all the Bush family belong to Skull and Bones, Clinton and Hilary to The council of foreign Relations, Alex Jones video taped her at the Cremation of Care (Satanic worship)
    Tony Blair belongs to the Skull and Bones too.
    It's world wide. Check it out, research it for a few days. Don't be fooled.

    How can it be an illness? If drugs were never invented ......there would be no drug addiction. Drugs are a man-made product. So is alchohol

    Look at it like an allergy. Some people are addicts the first time they try a drug. Others, by using the drug over a long period of time. You never know who it will affect this way. Thousands will do the drug and never get addicted. I had to change my views, it is an illness. I believe it is a chemical reaction unique to that person. Similar to an allergic reaction.

    I had several addicts in my family. It is an illness. I saw it with my own eyes.
    I was looking up Iluminati the other day. I didn't get very far but I will go back.

    I say yes they have every right to eat but no to public money that they can spend on cigarettes and junk. I think it is the right of every human to have or seek food at his or her on discretion. So yes to food stamps for anyone who needs them with no strings.


    You`d love my new neighbour!..She`s been housed in a Half million pound basement flat..given a tax fre/paid tax disc/paid parking permit /insurance paid Brand new mini coupe convertable!..and all because she claims agorophobia and inability to well as getting paid benefits/disabled/sickness/council tax free ..dah dah dah..and all the rest!:-( She walks her two dogs ..her in her skyscraper heels!...
    BENEFIT system fair??huh!:-0

    Lord Help! We don't have a welfare system. There is a make shift one of sorts. That's for kids and they get very little. The only welfare an adult can get is food stamps. If they can't work, they go homeless, if they can find someone to take them in. All the places that would take disabled/low income them filled up years ago. The waiting list is years long.You have a better chance of winning the lottery.
    Don't get me wrong. I love America. I wish the people with political power did.

    While you will not hear me say this too very often, I do believe in welfare for those who really need it but again you will not hear me say that openly and more than likely you will hear me say the reverse. That is because I do not trust people in any way shape or forum. Everyone I have ever meet in my life has a Dr Heckle & Mr. Hyde thing going on. So you would more than likely hear me say welfare is just good money from good people going to people who would steal it from you if you didn’t.


    I was against a lot of welfare programs, until I realize many people are the working poor, they never get a raise until minimum wage goes up. They didn't make enough to draw social security They'll get SSI, like they never worked a day of their life. They paid their taxes, work mostly likely 2 jobs. These people count. They are not bums.
    I take people to get help when they don't have a car, I volunteer, It's 30 miles away for some folks one way. I listen to the crap the state ask. Have you ever claimed bankruptcy? Every been convicted of a crime? Use drugs? What does this have to do with eating? It'd only $24 a week! That is the maximum you can get. The people have to bleed for crumbs!I don't see people misusing the system, I see people that are in need falling for stupid reasons through the cracks! I had to see it for my own eyes. People post so much stupid crap about welfare. When are Americans going to realize we don't have welfare in this country. It's called that, but that's not what it is. I grew up middle class, I assumed the gov took care of the poor. My father often bad mouth the poor. He never knew they actually worked for a living.
    If you make minimum wage you have to work 88 a week to cove the bare basics of living in my state. NC is a cheap state.
    All the jobs in this county closed down, went to China. There are no jobs, no want adds in the paper. Mitt Romney says the people need to take responsibility for themselves. How?
    I live in a two stop light town and people are homeless. We have so many beggars it's a nightmare. I don't understand our government.
    They make me very angry, it shouldn't be like this. It doesn't have to be like this.
    Ed I understand what you're saying. I'm just getting a closer view of the problems.

    Daisy, there are a lot of working poor, they are the honest people that haven't had time enough off work, to work out either out how defraud the government,or whose morals wouldn't allow it.I was told a couple of years ago my work could,and probably would kill me, I am unable to afford to resign,so resign myself to my fate

    My father was retired military, retired IBM, he died from something that happened in the military. The gov treated him like dirt, the military was worse. He gave them 20 years, they refused him a wheelchair. My father loved this country, it broke my heart to watch him learn the evil truth. He died a long time ago. I learn to young never to trust the gov. I will be in serious trouble if this book doesn't take off. I have been disabled for over 10 years, I work part time, I keep us afloat. That's all. I cannot get insurance, I had cancer, in this state I can be turn down legally for 20 years. My health isn't good. I do understand.


    The taller the tree the more branches it has and the more branches it has makes it easier for that tree to be blown down. There is a balance here but not the one you are looking for and while government plays a role in this tree, the trunk belongs to society and that has changed very little but in size. We have been doing the same thing since the start of time and the math is starting to add up and in away that is unbelievable and undoable as well. The only progress I have seen in my life time when it comes to the poor and it is not much, is that the elderly are no longer eating dog food because they used their money on rent. After that nothing has gotten any better.

    Daisy, I empathize with you,I lost 8 direct relatives in the forces,my first husband also in the forces,as was I.Also diagnosed with cancer and NTM lung disease and am currently undergoing surgeries (yep, not just for one problem)the bacteria that caused the atypical T.B was thought to have been a result of the work I do, but I too, do not qualify for any assistance,Fair? perhaps not,but I still don't begrudge any soul that needs help with assistance

    Hey Ed,not sure of the cost of pet food where you hail from here it's no cheaper than a lot of "people" food,that was a misconception many had here too

    Ed,I also agree with what you have said except for the cigarettes,I'm afraid I'd rather smoke than eat,so if that were the choice,shouldn't it be mine to make?

    lambshank, as for dog food that is true in today’s world, that is for sure, dog food is not cheap but there was a time a $1.00 could get you 12 cans or more. Keep in mind that the farms and machinery they had back then were not the same kind as today. As far as the cigarettes go. I felt the same way as you when they were 50, 60 etc, etc cents a pack and if they wanted a pack of smokes big deal no different than treating yourself to an ice cream and I have no problem with that. But at $5.00 or more a pack and most of that is tax I say no.

    Ed, I have been giving up cigarettes for over 40 years,I now pay upwards of $16 dollars a pack of 25,ouch!still smoke (yes I know stupid,but a true addict)and if the government were truly dedicated in looking after our health instead of reaping the taxes they'd take them off the market,I for one wish they would

    Ed, and Lambshank, Thank You both.

    No one schould starve to death in this country, since the US. supposedly is the richest country in the world. Even a drug addict needs to eat. I dont know what is happening to our country. We are getting to be in line with 3rd world countries. The US. is the cocaine capitol of the world . Yes, we are Nr. 1 of all the countries in the world.  Drugs coming in this country schould be the priority of our government and not the middle east.


    You are right on the mark!

    Yes, everyone needs to eat but to give out assistance so they can spend their cash on drugs doesn't teach them anything, except "WE CAN buy our drugs and they'll still feed us. Wrong message, to be sending.

    What they do with $24 a week, given to them for food isn't the point. That is their choice, they may come to a terrible end. Again that was their choice. They should not lose the choice, because we want to enforce our life style on them. We want to control how the poor makes decisions. The words control and force should not enter the picture, We are talking LIBERTY. You are willing to deny someone his rights, because you can't control them, force them into your life style.
    I do not want addicts around me or in my life. The fact is they exist and have rights, the same ones you and I have. I will fight to the death for my rights. By allowing this person to lose his rights to food, cost me my rights too. I will continue to lose those rights as they add to their hate list of unacceptable people. We can't allow the gov. to trim the population of any group, because you might be in the next one! Who will fight for you? You have to look past the drug addiction and see what the gov is doing. Your freedom is on the line! If you give away this socially unacceptable person rights, you can kiss your Liberty away. You lost your FREEDOM, you gave it away.

    Well everyone deserves to eat even drug addicts.  Mostly they don't eat all and forget to give ther children any food.  So my answer to this question is give the food to the kids if they can remember how to do that.  Most children these days  of addicted parents are brought up by their grandparants. Who fortunately have them to supply their food. I am skating around this quetionn.   No drug addicts and alcoholics don't deserve sh!t.  It is the kids that matter.  I


    Children of addicts is a different ball game. Children come first. I do agree. For an individual asking for help should not be denied because someone don't like his life style, or illness. They are not addicts by choice. No one should control the rights of another human. They went after drugs addicts, okay you don't have a problem with it, they are undesirables. Now, if you think the list will end here, you're wrong. It will grow. Who will be next?

    Addiction is a disease.  People who are ill deserve to eat. I can’t imagine anyone thinking they don’t. 


    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MCM:  I think testing for drugs is almost always appropriate.  In fact, I can't think of an occasion where it isn't. 

    I wonder, though, what do you do with the man or woman who tests positive for drugs? Does that person get arrested?  Will that person be cited and released?  Booked and released?  Incarcerated? 

    Or just sent away...and then what.

    I would love to see our jails and prisons open rehab prisons where the inmates who are convicted of drug related crimes are forced to undergo drug rehab programs.  Yes, forced.  There aren't a lot of things going on in jails or prisons that help the inmates be socially responsible when they are released. 

    I wish I had the answers to poverty and addiction, and the ways and means of facilitating their eradication.  


    The poverty is mostly caused by the government. They kept minimum wage down too low for anyone to survive off of. They let the jobs move to another country. They did a lot of things wrong.
    Drug addiction???? I think the Gov had a hand in that too. There is so much going on will we ever know all the answers?
    When did everything get so messed up and out of control. It's insanity.
    You have a good heart Bob, you see the need for change and that people need help, jail isn't always the answer.I believe rehab, retraining and education helps.


    NP. My mistake :D

    hey there. I am an Aussie. Force never works. Punishment turns people into slaves. An ethical conduct that we all can agree with seems to be the answer. Drug rehab only works when the willingness of the individual is consulted and worked with. Punishment is the common prison system and look at the human degradation there.Consult the individual and work with his her willingness to do something for them and see how that goes.

    The big problem with that is there is no health care in America.The gov invest ZERO in the people. There isn't any help for drug addicts.

    spazza, I agree with your point of view, as I have 3 sons who have/had drug addiction issues and consequences. My thought about mandatory rehab while incarcerated is that you might as well try to do something constructive with the time; some of that TV and poker/pinochle time, for example. Education. At least you have a "captive audience".

    Yes, why starve them to death?? they have enough problems, in fact I tend not to even agree with food tokens/vouchers or the like, it is often a source of shame and embarrassment for those that through no fault of their own find they are at such levels of desperation, I do not like the stigma attached, there will always be the ones that abuse the system, I in no way condone the illegal abuse of benefits, however nor do I feel the innocent need to suffer for those that habitually abuse government and welfare benefits  .....addit, I have never been on any sort of benefit,so my words are  not coming from a hostile attitude, in fact the opposite.

    daisy, I had cancer too, and other maladies. The state turned me down for disability. Drug addicts used to get disability here in MIch, b/c drug addiction was considered a disabilitiy. But, the state clamped down on that. I think the drug addicts have to work now. But, they and other low-income people get " bridge cards " which is a type of welfare. I know a waitress who works 2 jobs and clears about  $300. per week, and she gets food stamps thru her bridge card.


    She is lucky, I know people who don't make $300 and are told they make to much to get FS. The gov is passively terminating people from existence. Thousands die everyday from no health care, can't pay for meds. You'll never hear it on the news, or in the newspaper. It's not reported.It is a passive aggressive way to trim the population. They are getting rid of the undesirables, The poor, sick, elderly, drug addicts, the list is long. This is not a joke.

    Daisy I agree with you. A country without pity!

    And without MERCY!

    Some States were discusssing "Drug testing", if you receive assistances for any type benefits.  I would support such laws, because, "Would you still agree, if you knew they were spending $25.00, 50.00, 100.00 a day on drugs instead of food?" or give food stamps while the person(s) are using and selling drugs and providing them with assistances allows them to use their money/profits for their drugs???


    This is how I feel, It's not my business how they spend it. That is their choice, and right to starve or eat. You cannot allow the gov to take anyone's rights away because there is something they don't like.(I don't like your life style so starve!) Next it may be someone's age, color, job, or life style choice.
    Everyone has a right to eat. If the gov don't like their life style offer them health care to fight the addiction! You don't throw them away like they're nothing. They need help, not cruelty. Who are we to tell them how to live or else! This is a/was a free country. I'll not give one ounce of my freedom away or anyone else's. To many people died for that right.

    I thought food vouchers were being given with picture ID cards and the grant amount is scanned to the card. No cash or stamps. This should prevent people from selling their cards and reduce some of the fraud.

    I didn't know that. It hasn't hit here yet.

    Maybe I am just dreaming. My unemployment is applied to a card that was sent my first "pay time".

    Bob, Foodstamps are put on a card but, #1) This doesn't prevent one from allowing someone to use their card, #2) When, I referenced "Spending of cash", I was talking about money they receive from Gov. or work, for the American people to have to support those that choose buying drugs over food is not fair or reasonable to ask of anyone or Country. If they choose to pick drugs over food than let them starve, they made their bed, let them lay in it.

    I completely agree with that, dad59. Aid is for food, clothing, shelter, medical care. Misuse of it should be punishable by law.

    I am only talking about food, $24 a week, for one adult. It's the same as denying water to a person dying of thirst, because I don't like something about them. I think that is petty and wrong. If we are talking about money, clothes, shelter, that is a different story. I'm just trying to keep the person alive.
    It does sound like your states have much better programs than the state I am in, there isn't any program except $97 a month for food.
    There are a few things like section 8 but it was exhausted years ago and they haven't taken applications for it in years.Low income housing is exhausted, and you cannot be in default of a student loan or have bad credit.
    It's hard to find a poor person without bad credit. It you make 8 dollars and yours bills are 30 dollars, you'll have bad credit. I disagree with many of the rules set up so people cannot get help.
    In the 1980's a person could not get food stamps if they were homeless. FS should be based on income, not life style.
    If the addict refuses to eat and sells the $97 a month for drugs he isn't going to last long. He can go through that in a few hours. He'll land in the morgue soon. If he can claim disability which is almost impossible, he is entitled to SSI, $600+ a month and Medicate. That usually doesn't happen. There isn't any money given for clothes or shelter here. Not unless it through the private sector. In this state and many states like this one, the only thing an adult is entitled to is $97 for food. I think of food as a right not a luxury. I don't think it is any of my business what his choices are, hopefully he will find a free program to help him with the addiction, there isn't any here.
    This person will be out begging, and a hungry person will steal. Now he can face prison, or be shot dead for stealing food. In NC there are next to nothing offered inmates with a drug habit. He could die in a jail cell, it happens, and no one really cares. It will not be in the newspaper. All of this could be avoided. The person have a life,and he has a right to live. The gov is picking and choosing who lives and dies and that is wrong. If you allow it, who will be next on that list? Tobacco smokers? The obese, the elderly, the disabled. It will not end here.
    It's just the beginning.
    If jail had programs, I'd be all for it, but it is a drug rich environment.All he has to do is sag his pants and get the drugs by selling his body. The problem is huge. The tax payer will pay a lot more than $97 a month to house and feed the inmate. I don't have the answers. It's seems the answers aren't so simple. I do think offering a way off the drugs, rehab, with a time limit, and food, would help more in the long run. If the person fails ??? I think humanity, compassion and empathy should play a bigger role, than letting someone die because I don't like his life style. I think the problem we are having is this was self inflicted. I have a problem with that too, but I chose never to do drugs, not even try them. I use to work at a rehab, it open my eyes and heart. This was something they tried for whatever reason, they never set out to be an addict. It wasn't their choice. It's the same with cigarettes. I have seen people try to quit a 1,000 time and can't. Are you willing to deny them food too? They will sell the stamps for a cigarette. Count on it. There is no difference.

    Daisy, I agree comletely with everything. These people no longer matter and if they schould die from lack of food or medical care, no one cares. There is something wrong, if alcoholism is now considered a medical condition, yet drug addiction, which is far worse, is nor considered a medical problem. The lack of emphacy is way beyond my understanding.

    The one thing that always bothered me about America, they put money before a life.
    They put a value on human life. If you are old, disabled, the working poor, you have little value. Look at the prison sentences handed down by our courts. It says it all. Kill an elderly person, 6 months to a year in prison. Kill a wealthy tax payer, you'll get the electric chair!
    Now there are circumstances that do change this a little. A serial killer, a psycho, they will kill again, once id they will be getting a stiffer sentence.
    The gov have brain washed people. They are merrily following along, like sheep to the slaughter.
    Thank You Ann and Itsmee you are wonderful humanitarians. I didn't always think like this, but I evolved.

    Daisy, I saw the Website. I t scares me, that people come to point they have. Things can get out of control very quickly. We are no match for a government armed to its teeth.

    This is why I posed the question, you can't allow the gov to take anyone's rights away, no matter how you feel about them. It makes it easier for them to take yours. I am trying to get people to see, most won't look or believe. I do not scare easy. I am a history buff and I see the signs, a blind man could see them. No one thinks we're in trouble. There is a long list of actors, writers, singers, military,politicians, Universities speaking out telling us what they are doing. Something is God awful wrong! The people think it's a hoax. I believe it. It's to big.

    Daisy, this is funny. I added something about the 2nd. world war in my last answer, but it is not there. I wonder what happened to it.

    I've been/seen both sides of the fence. Everybody deserve to eat...........

    Should a person who suffers from an illness eat?  Really?  That's the question?


    Did you read some of these answers?

    Yes. I read them all.

    Thank you for your answer, Daisy!! am going to look into this more. Scary. For sure. I was talking to a relative the other day. She is WEALTHY. I told her about a school in our town that is serving lunch to children.  There was a program on TV.  I said "It looks good to see the hungry children get nourishment:"

    "They don't even eat those meals! They just toss them out. It's an excuse for their drug-addicted parents to not feed them. It takes money out of our pockets.Sometimes the addicted parents even eat.," she said. She has no way of knowing the kids are throwing out their lunches! She has no way of knowing that the parents are eating with the children. She does a lot of work for her church ... but it sure isn't feeding hungry children.

    I don't understand her anger.






    My comment did not go in the right place ... it's ok where it is. Just sayin'

    I have a problem doing the same thing. Just look above where it says Opp’s .

    I see. : ) opps?

    yes. also,  it  would be good if the person addicted to drugs also had available a program in which he or she could seek and obtain therapy for drug addiction.

    Opps.. Sorry Colleen.

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