I'm going off line for a while. Thank you for all your support.....

    No playing, no emails, man this sucks raw eggs.....

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    Last night Julie was on for a little while thanking us and giving thumbs up- maybe she can get to a computer every now and then! Here's hoping!

    Last night was July 4th

    Thank you for noticing, @clu. I'm back on sooner than I thought....

    Excellent Julie! Welcome back!!

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    Hurry back as soon as you can, Julie. We''ll miss you! :)



    Ahh Dardaigh..that`s lovely!!:-)

    Thanks, Millie! :)

    "Tough times never last, but tough people do."

    ~ Robert Schullera

    Keep your head high and keep your chin up, Julie! 



    Best wishes Julie.  Take care and be back soon.

    xo Fishlet


    Take care, I hope things sort themselves out soon! 

    We will be here waiting for you, take care.

    Hope you'll be back to see me.  I'll be waiting right here, baby!

    Best wishes Julie. You will be missed. Hurry back!

    In good times and bad times, we will be on your side. Best wishes Julie.

    When the going gets tough the tough get going...wishing you all the best JH hope you return soon !

    Look after yourself, hurry back (as quick as you can anyway) we will miss you xx

    I hope you'll be back soon. Take care, be safe.

    Get back here as soon as ya can baby!! We loves ya lots!  ;)



    We sure will!!;-)

    dang straight we will!! I'm rounding up the gear as we speak...Texas eh? We're gonna need horses methinks....and pack mules (for all the grub!) Look out we come! :)

    Hope you are OK  Tex.Hurry back.

    We will miss you. I hope and pray everthing will work out for you. See you soon.

    Hurry home ,Julie! The light is in the window!

      :-(    We'll miss you, Julie. Come back soon. Good luck.

    Best Wishes and the best of Luck, Jules , see ya when till you come back on line. :)

    I hope your health is not the reason. If so get well soon otherwise, stay healthy please.

    I hope things are good for you soon dear Julie..(The Sunshine`s Never Far Away)..(that`s my motto)!...Come back soon..we`ll miss you a lot and be thinking of you!

    all best wishes,love millie xx

    Thinking of you , Jules, may God be with you, every step of the way. x Look for ward to your return.

    Damn ... You can’t go. Can’t go. I will miss you so terribly much. You will be back. When?


    I read the comments and now my eyes are all pink and the size of tiny shrimp. And they will stay that way until you come back. People will think I’m smoking something ... yanno?

    Oh IIIIII know!!! itsmee! lol no cry itsmee! Julie jewel will be back...otherwise..we go git her!!!
    Let's stream the love to Jules...streaming now!!! (and some for li'l itsmee with the shrimpy li'l eyes...awwww!) ;)

    Come back as soon as you can Julie,you'll be missed,wishing you the best.We'll see you when you get back up and we know you will...Peace.

    Hey Julie-

    We'll miss you!  I am sending some entertaining animals your way to keep you company while you are off-line!



    If I had my way I would rescue all of the circus animals!!!

    Me three Doc...and bring them all to the island!!! But I'd ask them first! ;)

    In the winter the lions and elephants would like to 'go south' other than that- they're game! (not literally game)

    Sounds like we'll have to make arrangements with our California crew!!! I hear the "Chicken man" (robert grist) has a huge tract of wilderness down there (where all chickens may reside free of charge from what I hear!!!) LOL

    On another note....laaaaaa! No, seriously...I have found a creek crossing belonging to the Great Ones of the Woods about 1/3 of a mile up the creek where I found 3 massive footprints going up a small slope next to the creek!! It was my buddy Bear who pointed out the gigantic footprints crisscrossing the creekbed in the silt/sand!! I'm pretty excited about this as I also heard them the other night @ 1:30 a.m.!!
    I've also discovered that we have Great Horned Owls and Kingfishers here along the creek as well!! I've been speaking alot of Great Horn lately as a result!! Too frightened to say anything in 'Squatch for fear I'll order up the wrong cuisine!! LOL ;)
    p.s. I hope you are doing/feeling progressively better than?!! Peace!

    You live on a magical island!!!!

    Why now?


    That`s not for us to ask!...i just hope things work out for her soon as do we all!

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