In your book 'Now that's a good question' you were asked if he Bible tells us how old the earth isl. You opened a Bible and saw written under the word Genesis 4004 year as the date given by Archbishop Ussher for the beginning of the world. You laughed at this and explained why. Your answer suggested that Christians could accept millions or billions of years according to Evolutionists and that you accepted the long ages given by the doctrine of evolution. But surely, if death only came in only wh

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    Sounds like your book is long over due not only at the libary but also by the authors who wrote it as well...A better question to ask would be how old are the authers who wrote it..

    You already answered this question if it was one yourself see below.

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    Adam could not be millons or billions of years old it death only came into the world when Adam sinned. Romans 5 unless you are suggesting that he was millions or billions of years old.

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    Ultimately, the age of the earth cannot be proven. Whether 6000 years or billions of years, both viewpoints (and everything in between) rest on faith and assumptions. Those who hold to billions of years trust that methods such as radiometric dating are reliable and that nothing has occurred in history that may have disrupted the normal decay of radio-isotopes. Those who hold to 6000 years trust that the Bible is true and that other factors explain the “apparent” age of the earth, such as the global flood, or God’s creating the universe in a state that “appears” to give it a very long age. As an example, God created Adam and Eve as fully-grown adult human beings. If a doctor had examined Adam and Eve on the day of their creation, the doctor would have estimated their age at 20 years (or whatever age they appeared to be) when, in fact, Adam and Eve were less than one day old. Whatever the case, there is always good reason to trust the Word of God over the words of atheistic scientists with an evolutionary agenda.


    When I actually hear God speak, I will trust that. A book written by men is not the word of God in my opinion. A flood spoken of in the bible could have been a monsoon since they had no idea how large the earth was then. To them, flooding of just one continent would have been viewed as a world wide flood. The world wide flood science has found evidence of many not be the one spoken of in the bible. Scientific dating and biblical dating may not be correct as you said yourself. No proof. The bible is no proof either.

    I know there's nothing exact about science,that's the point of the constant research, so I suppose you think "faith"and the word of "God" are the real thing?

    I am wondering about the exact time-line in which the Bible was written (over it's grandious span) is to be considered as the entire truth, as refered to by you. And/or are you ignoring the entire manifesto? What of the writings before and after? The Bible is a compilation and so... what version are we speaking of here? We also must consider the other connective religions as they are based upon the same truths but written with a variation on the theme by men that may or may not have spoken to an Angel and/or otherwise.
    For me, the Bible is much larger than one single book and encompasses far more religions than "101 Christianity" in it's self as demonstrated so many times upon this forum. (Many believers appear to present their faith in a judgemental fashion. A way unto my mind, has no place in the eyes of God. God is not and has never in any writings that I have studied been looking for a religious battle. It is only man that will fight and kill in the name of God).
    He served the lessons and now the journey is ours upon this mortal coil.
    The words of God are the words of love and not the words of judgement no matter what version of, "The Messages" one chooses to practice.

    I seem to remember something that struck me very hard in Bible School... "Don't judge your fellow man.".

    I fail to understand why you are so obsessed with Athiests and scientists. I imagine you never go to the Doctor or the Dentist.

    I also imagine that you have never been exposed to the subject of, "Health Sciences". Insult one Scientist, you insult them all.

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