Guess who's book will be pulished and in the book stores in 4 months!

    The name of the book,  Fynn's Journal.

    I'm thrilled, excited, and terrified.

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    That is just crazy cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am really pleased for you.  Wow.  That is not an easy thing to do. 

    Congratulations!  KC xoxox



    Thank you!!! It will be available worldwide, but only in English. This was harder than 4 years of college!
    I t will not feel real till I hold the book in my hands. I have to see it. I designed the book cover too. I'm writing under a Pen name, Gray Armstrong.
    Thanks again!!!!!

    Super cool...very well done!!;-)

    Thank You!

    Do you have journalism experience or a blog? Have you written articles for magazines or newspapers? How long have you been honing your skills.
    I have taken courses at our local University and so I completely understand how many years of work goes into becoming a published writer... unless of course if you are like JK Rowling and hit upon a subject.
    How completely exciting for you. Will you be doing the book tour routes in the New Year?

    I started writing in the 7th grade, age of 12. I hid it from my family. They'd criticize me, not encourage me. Writing reveals so much about the writer. I took writing classes and creative writing, but I was a science nerd. I knew one day I'd write.
    I live in a small area,there isn't anything here and little to entertain. There are a few folk that stop by twice a month and we sit on the porch, I tell them stories. I have told stories everywhere I have lived. I use to work at Wachovia Bank in W-S. When the checks were late coming in, people would gather around my desk and I'd invent a story to help pass the time. I never knew that was unusual.
    If you asked me to make up a story about a hat, I can do it in seconds.It sounds crazy and maybe a little lame. When you're bored you'll do anything. When I announced I'd written a book to my family, I was surprised. They were wondering if I was going to get off my butt and do something with this talent. I would have written long ago, but I didn't know anyone was waiting. My son pushed me.He made me tell him this story so many times he could have written it. Every time I tell it I add a little.
    Writing was/is a challenge. I'm use to telling my stories.I had to research so much material. Every detail had to be correct, after all it's in writing.
    I wanted to write a book that was powerful, it will make you laugh, cry, mad, and excite you. It doesn't have a message, or say anything important, it's just a story to entertain. Several people read the book, it invoked a lot of emotions. One man, a friend liked it so much he paid to have it edited.I couldn't come up with $4,300. I was about to lose hope.The woman who read it is driving me crazy for book two. That's a secret. I do have a plan. All my characters will come together in book 4. They will join forces.
    I am almost finished with the second book and outlined book 3. I have 8 books in all, outlined or part way written. It's like the damn broke. I would love to do this for a living. It's a tricky business. I went to school for 20 years, I learn more writing one novel. Writers have my respect. It's not easy, but it is wonderful.
    Thanks for caring.

    Awesome news Daisy! Be prepared to sign a lot of copies for akaQA members! LOL I'm truly excited for you! 



    I love that book! Thank you!!! That means a lot to me.

    yES..LET us know when it`s out!!;-)

    Oh what great news, congratulations.I am hoping your book becomes a best seller.Can't wait to buy it.


    Thank You!!!
    I would be blown away if this book turn into a Best Seller!
    I am almost finished with a second novel.

    WOW! Good for you. Thriller/Mystery crime novel is my kind of book. It will be out and on my wish list   just in time for my BD. Congratulations!


    Happy future BD! I hope you enjoy it. I worked hard, went through 3 eye infections, I burn my eyes, like snow blindness on the computer screen. So much research. Some days I wrote for 20 hours, only to junk 90% and start again. I didn't know what I was getting into. Once I stated, I couldn't stop myself. It was 10 X harder than anything I have ever done and the most exciting. I never knew I could enjoy doing something so much, it was hard and I loved it.
    Thanks Flip, I hope you enjoying it.

    Rest assured I'll be looking on the book shelves here in Scotland, and then I'll be telling everyone I know the American author.

    Reach for the stars Daisy,

    I'm looking forward to reading it.



    That means a lot, more so than you know. I may only be 1/2 Scots but I am proud to be one.
    I have some Scots, French, Italians,and Russians in the book. It has a little of everything. I think you'll like the story. It has enough twists and turn to keep you on your interest.
    You'll be able to order it on line, and be in book stores, it will be advertised 1,000 times on line and in 57 sties, it will be in books shows, in the book review. There will be several press release starting in the middle of this month. I have to write something about myself and that is so hard. I have no ideas what to say about myself.
    I came up with an idea in 1986 sitting in a genetic class and no one ever wrote it, so I did. There is a good bit of science. Example, for every 8,100 triplets born only one will be identical. This is a fact. There are only three types of genius, math, creative and inventive. There are 10 types of stalkers. There was a great deal of research, sometimes for hours, just so I could write one sentence. If you take the hours I worked, it would average out to two years on a regular job. I live, ate and dreamed this book. I was consumed. I knew you guys would be a tough critic and I had to deliver! Thank You!

    I'm sure all your hard work will be rewarded,I am really looking forward to it, keep us informed.

     I know that getting published is not easy, so that is fantastic news!  Congratulations!!!!


    It is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I had very little hope of hiring an editor. I ran into an old friend who wanted to read the rough draft. He liked it so much he hired an editor! Publishing companies will not touch manuscript without it being edited first. Depending on the number of pages, word count you can get idea of the price. $4,300.
    Then you have to find a publisher or a literary agent to present your book. There are a lot of details to each step. There isn't a book to go by, you stumble your wat through and learn as you go.There are 400 publishing companies. I started at the top of the list.(I was taught never ask for hamburger when you wanted steak) I was turn down several times, some wouldn't take my calls. Then I got in touch with a company, I was surprised I found someone that would talk to me. He asked me to tell him about me. That's difficult.
    He said, you're a southern, is this a cook book or children's book? We seem to be famous for these books. I liked his second question better. Tell me about your manuscript, you have 20 minutes. An hour later I was still talking, he never made a sound. I asked him if he was asleep. He said NO I'm hanging on to the edge of my seat!
    It is a Thriller/Mystery crime novel. It's load with action. One year of research. I have never written, but the story is good, can I write it??????
    It wasn't easy, it took a lot of of me.
    Thank very much!!!!!!

    Daisy gave me the privilege of a few sneak peeks....this is going to rival J. Patterson.

    He is my hero! That would be awesome!

    Thanks for passing on this information. You must be so excited! I would be. :)

    I am thrilled, but so scared, it's out of my field. I am totally science, with 2 degrees. I have written since 7th grade, but seldom showed anyone. What if they don't like it? They spent their money looking for a good read or trusting me to deliver an awesome book. I can tell a great story, but to write one. It's totally different.The editor likes it, he said it was well written and my characters were strong and stayed in character. This is very important.
    The facts are true, if I tell the name of a hotel, store, street, anything it's there! It's loaded if nothing else you will learn a lot. I did! I researched every detail. I had to know the plants, animals, rocks, type of factories, mills, what was popular in the areas I chose to write about. I had to take a (book) crash course in flying a chopper. If I wrote it I had to know it. I didn't want to be a fool. The story is fiction, but everything else is 99% facts. I wanted it to feel real, I wanted the reader to ask himself is this real or fiction?

    Daisy! You have been told that your book is worthwhile. You are published! In every circumstance, from now on, act confidently. If YOU are confident, those around you (all those book people) will trust that your book is worth reading. Never let 'em see you sweat! Act confidently and soon it will be true. That's how you sell yourself...and your book. No second guessing..just go for it!

    I'll practice! I will start book signings in January 2013!

    Book signings! Doolittle will need a list of places! I would love to hug our Daisy in person, take you out to dinner, and get my copy signed!!!

    That is so funny! I'll keep you posted. Where are you located? I'm on the East coast. If the book does well, I'll hit the west coast too. Are you somewhere in between?

    Daisy!  This means it will be out for Christmas!  CONGRATULATIONS, my friend.  I am so very proud of and happy for you.  You deserve much success.  With friendship and love,  PKB. 


    Thank you! I made the deal today! I'll tell more later.

    Daisy this is great news. Congratulation. I love Mystery books. I will buy it  and wish you the best. You are now AkaQA, s most famous member!


    send me the book, I'll sign it! I would love it. I don't know about that famous, Bob/PKB is writing a novel and she is wickedly clever! She let me peek, she was a born writer. I think there are several writers on this site, not sure how many. It doesn't matter if you have a best seller, if you can't get it edited or published. The publishers have dumped the work on the writer, they no longer edit, or even design a lot of the book. You have to get all that done before they will even view it. They don't want to hear anything the writer has to say, not at first, it has to come from someone they trust. Like a Literary agent and he/she cost a fortune. Just to number the pages cost $119. You can't do this. You submit 500 page manuscript, when the editor is finished, you may have 450 left. It's all meat and no potatoes! They cut the wordiness, and shorten it. Since I am a Southern, they took out what will ID me as one. There are words we use repeatedly that a Yank or a Scotsman would never say. It's sad to see that go. The editor handles all English speaking countries. When he saw Fynn's Journal, he wrote me, he didn't know me, we'd never met. The first thing he said, "YOU'RE A SOUTHERN!" He ID me fast! He did have some good things to say. The clues shocked him and he thought were brilliant. It's a Team of editor's ran by a PhD. It's like being edited several times at once. Some book are edited twice. This way I only had to do one editing and it wasn't cheap. $4,300. You have to pay a large sum of money to get it presentable to be viewed by anyone. The publisher always designs the book cover, but I did mine, I told them my ideas and they liked it. It's simple, but make a statement. Keep it simple!
    I did use 3 questions from this site in the book. I thought it'd be cool. Adding a touch of class. You may recognize the questions. I got a real kick out of it.
    Take care and Thank You!!!

    Oh dear! I thought it was much simpler to publish a book. I am sure it takes much patience to write and deal with editors, Great accomplishment Daisy and looking forward to buy your book.

    Yes, congrats.  Go kick butts.


    I'm going to try! Thank you!

    That's great news Daisy!



    Thank you!!!!!

    i will look out for your book,well done you must be very excited .hope this is the start of a long list of books by Gray Armstrong............


    I have a few more chapters and I will be finished with the second book. I pulled a 1/2 written manuscript out of the closet to finish.
    I have outlines for 6 books, 8 total counting Fynn. It's a broad range. One is horror. I don't know if I can write that way, I will give it a heck of a try. It was the worse nightmare I'd ever had. I woke up and wrote it down. People have heard me tell it for 20 years. I think it needs an ending. I was in graduate school and I had one class that was kicking my butt. I had nightmares real bad. I was to stressed out. I made a A for the class, but I bled for it. That nightmare will be with me till death! I think it would make a good read.
    Thank You!!!
    You can get the book faster on line. It will be in Canada and Taiwan first, introduced at book shows, and there will be a press release for most countries. I think 100 releases in all.I'm still learning, so my facts might not be correct. I missed the California book show this year. It will hit the UK and Europe before it hits the states. Anyone can order it on line. You can order it in book stores too. They sent me a sheet on the month and country it will be introduced in. The intro is for bookstores and libraries order for their companies. Over 250K show at these events. I'm leaning. I hope to be at the one in Canada.
    Everything is trial and error, there are no books to walk you through this process. It changes from year to year. What I researched, and thought I knew about publishing changed within 6 months. I started from ground zero.
    Thank You!

    Wow insane ..Don't forget us little people when you hit the big time..CONGRATULATIONS..!!!


    Thank You! I will always be a little person too! It's just a job, one I hope I excel at. That would be too sweet. To be able to work at something you enjoy. I don't really care about fame, Its more important to wrote something worth reading. That would tickle me to death!
    To think someone who doesn't know me is reading my book, and I didn't have to beg or pay them! That is awesome! I will never get use to that!
    Thank you!!!

    Sincere Congratulations, Daisy, i have noted on my calendar to remind me to buy the book for my better half, she is an avid book reader, tis really something to have a novel published.""


    Thank you!, I hope she likes it so much and tells you enough about it that you read it too!

    Hi, Daisy. I'm kinda new here but I do want to just

    add my congratulations for all your hard work and

    seeing your "baby" come to fruition. I'll be looking

    for your book, too! :)


    What are you talking about, Dardaigh, you are one of the family!

    Awwww, thank you so much for that, Bulletman.
    I really appreciate it! :)

    "Your one of us" repeat that several times. Was that on a movie?
    Thank you, I haven't been this excited since my son was born 21 years ago! It is my baby. If I write 100 books, this will always be my baby.
    Thank you!!!

    Thank you, Daisy. :)

    I can only imagine your excitement
    and hope the book is a huge success!

    Congratulations! You've accomplished a lot in first writing it, and then finding a publisher. I'm happy for you! You'll have to let us know when it's out, and we can pick up a copy.


    It will be out before Christmas, you'll be able to get in on line faster than in a book store. It may take the book stores 6 months longer. I hope it goes over big. I have a lot of respect for anyone who writes for a living. It's not easy. It is so complicated. I had to wait after it was accepted by a publishing house to get a slot to be published. They do over 1,000 books a month. No more. Then they start filling up the slots for the next month. It may take you months to get a slot. I was lucky a senior agent was assigned Fynn. He was smart enough to lock in slots he hadn't filled yet, getting his clients books out faster. It's business and It's not my strong suite. I try to watch every detail and learn. There are a 1,000 little things that will trip you up.
    I am keeping notes! I didn't accept the first place to took my book, I found two and played them against each other for a better deal. I got it too. Took longer, but I didn't know what I was doing, so I let them fight it out.
    I got a sweeter deal. In a few months there will be a book trailer out on the book, like a movie trailer. It's exciting. Instead of reading what the book is about they will show you like in a movie, an actor with do the voice over. It's pretty cool. I learn tons and had to learn it on the run! They are not slow paced. Everything is rushed and speedy. They know what they are doing, but they do try to remember you are caught up in a whirl wind. Thank You!!!

    WOW, what an achievement, I love thrillers, and sincerely hope it makes it to Oz, or I'll be buying it online, I plan to write a book when I finish work (one of those bucket list things) but when I buy yours I would love to send it back, return post so you could sign it,congratulations


    I would be honored! Thank You! Make an outline, it helps keep you on tract! I have a few things on my bucket list too. It's kinda long.
    The will be on line months before it hits the book stores.
    Thank You again and start writing!

    Oh Daisy! Congratulations. I do know the difficulty. My writing mentor was so dedicated to writing his second novel that he would write as he drove to work. There were several people in my class who gave it a try, including me. No one got to finished novel or non-fiction book. I came close. I know what it is but ...<sigh>
    I remember my mentor’s response when the novel came out. He said “Orgasmic” He designed his own cover but it didn’t meet the taste of our small town. It was kinda sexy. (We lived in the town of John Steinbeck) All the towns around us gave him stories in the news paper - but not Salinas.  It’s hard work after publication too ... Oh, you know that.  Oh wow. Oh wow!


    I was hoping you'd pop in! I think about you and you were writing a novel too. I sat on this one since 1986. I have outlines for book over 20 years old. They are still fresh to me like I wrote them yesterday. I am still writing. My second book will be finished before Fynn is out in the stores.
    Don't stop or give up. Stephen King's wife pulled Carried out of the trash and insisted he finish it, It was his first Best Seller. He sat on one book over 15 years, I forgot which one. Time is not important.
    The best part of all of this, I am from Washington DC. My book will be copy write, and be in DC! It's going home!
    This book is off the wall different, I have never read a story like it. It will shock you and thrill you, hopefully scare you. The wit and intelligent of these characters will amaze you. I used real cases, except the one I am writing about and one other I invented. I researched thousands. It had to be as close to real as I could master. That way the reader didn't know where reality stopped and fiction began. That was my plan, I hope I was successful.
    If I couldn't goggle my answers, I called. I called the FBI, US Marshall office, and a dozen others. No one was willing to help, I don't take "no" for an answer. It was funny and I surprised folks, I got a little brave. If you saw me, you get that joke. I look more like a first grade school teacher, not someone that would wrestle a FED! It was funny and I did it out of desperation. They have been all over my computer, I researched bombs and meth labs, thing that drew attention, not the kind of attention anyone would want. It didn't take long for them to realize it was for a novel.I was half afraid I'd be arrested. The US is so paranoid about everything.
    Keep writing, I'll help you find an editor and publisher. I think it is wonderful. I have always loved books. I guess I always will. It is the greatest thing man has invented...or did he?

    Writing was big as the sky. It was all that was for years. I couldn't speak before an audience. I couldn't teach a class. I was to chicken to fly to Minnesota from California to speak to a possible publisher. I don't have what it takes. Being a published author takes more than the uninitiated person knows about. You know that now. I want to hear about your journey. My Agoraphobia kinda held me down. (I paint now.) It's a safer creative outlet. The money is about the same for me: Zero.
    My book was non-fiction humor, education. I had trouble finding a niche. You are on your way, Daisy! I hope you get a photo on akaqa. I'm going to get my photo on as soon as possible.

    Hi itsmee,
    I will have a little write up about me on the back of the book, no photo, my choice. I want to remain a mystery.I understand your phobia. I have a little social phobia too. I don't do well in the spot light. I'm a loner, I love people, in small doses.
    I am glad you paint, that sounds relaxing and rewarding. Money doesn't need to be involved. It'd be nice, but...most painters are dead before they are recognized. Sad!
    Maybe one day you can paint me a field of daisies. That would be breath taking!
    Thank You!

    If you don't have a photo on the back of your book, you may draw a crowd at book signings. They'll want to see what you look like. Your novel sounds interesting! I'm kind of a non-reader but I'll give it a try.

    TY That was sweet. I had one non reader read it, she made it to the last page. She asked me to write a book 2. I got a kick of of that, she was able to read it in rough draft, not and easy thing to do.

    Did the people in your life give their approval of your writing? I met with disapproval and frowns. I am so curious about what you wrote. OK OK, I will become a reader ... just this once. : D

    It dawned on me that I probably did tell you that I wrote “books” I DID. I wrote a series of rainbow-sequenced little bitty books - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It helped me to have each subject in its own cover. I’d print them up and sell a few ... then a few more. It was tedious. I know more about how to do it now. OMG, what have you done to me! Am I thinking about it again? Nooooo! : D
    I made so many mistakes on the way to publication that the subject would probably make an excellent book - a horror story.

    You are so funny. I'd send them in and see what happens, most everything is handled over the INTERNET now. You don't have to leave your home.
    You told me you were a writer, but nothing about what you wrote, I love the colors! It sounds creative and inventive. Close your eyes and drop them in the mail.
    When the editor gets finished with Fynn, he is writing the insert. I'll post it, so you'll know what the book is about. I did try to explain it, I have to tell the story from the beginning, I can't condense. My mind refuses to work that way.I confuse people trying to tell a little. It's just a few more days and it will be back. Hopefully.

    i will look out for your book,well done you must be very excited .hope this is the start of a long list of books by Gray Armstrong............


    I pray!
    The girl that gave me my Pen name in 1973, got a kick out of me using it. It sounds more like a writer. Not many people are named Gray.There will be a web page and you'll be able to goggle the book. I think that is awesome. I wish my dad was alive. He'd get the biggest kick out of this.
    Thank You!

    I am So THRILLED for You!!!!!  I was thinking about you a few days back and wondering how the book was going!!!!!!   Congratulations!!!!!!!  Now I know what to buy everyone for Christmas!!!!!!  You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!


    You just made my day, maybe my week! If I can sell 5,000 book I will be watched by the NY Times best sellers. I don't know how many I have to sell before I make that list. I was really scared. Chicken Soup was turn down 122 times before they found a publisher. That would have killed me! Books like The Lord Of The Rings, and Harry Potter were turn down. I would rather they refuse to speak with me, reject me, not my book. How could anyone read those books and reject them?
    I never had any luck, I am pass due a little. I'm hoping this is it! Thank You!!!

    Are you in Texas?

    No, Mid- Atlantic...I'll travel! Let me know if you'll be anywhere from Philly South to Richmond...or nearby!!

    That's funny! You are everywhere!

    Animals are everywhere!!!! Currently I am here. With my trusted editor-in-chief laying next to my lap top purring. Waiting for my sister and her cat to arrive ( I am blessed- I live in one of the few areas that did not lose power during the storm). They are saying it will be three to 7 days until power is restored to many areas. That happened to me during Hur. Isabel- no power for a week- and it was just as hot!!!( I toughed it out- actually the tiny lace I lived just had a week long BBQ-LOL) I live in a tiny apt. but everyone knows that they can hang out, shower, do their wash, etc. here. My sis and cat are going to stay. I've been making ice around the clock for folks. Filling jugs with water.

    I am almost in South Carolina, swamp land. It's hot as Heck and then some. They say 115+ It's wicked. I was thinking on a ice bath, everything I think has something to do with ice or snow. I want to move to a cooler climate. Canada is looking real good. They don't even lock their doors.
    Cats and ice cream! Both are very cool. I don't think I could survive this heat without air, I still can't get this house blow 80!
    Ice cream would hit the spot!

    Ice Cream is a darn good idea!!! My AC seems to be running non-stop-& it doesn't feel very cool until I go outside and come back in. I don't think it's 115 deg. here- but it's close and pretty darn humid. I feel for ya!!!

    That is the best news Daisy! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your coming fame! Can we say we knew you when you just started out?  Great going!


    Of course! I should put this site on the back of the novel! That would be fun. No I have a better idea. Not telling, you'll see it on the book! Thank you! You gave me a wonderful idea!!!

    Congrad Daisy!!!,

    I remember bringing a story the first time to the publisher in the Netherlands.

    Some weeks before he asked me to bring some written text from my hand and bring it in person. He learned me allot about what a publicer find important, told me about the first page test (If someone is still reading on page two you got something right!), give me my texts back while saying: You can surely write!

    The day I had to deliver I was shaking all over, my wife was going with me for support. I stumble into the office with my work in an envellop. Yes? he said. My work and I handed it over to him. He called his secretary, give her the envelop and said, this can go to the printer. He saw my face and said: You could have send it in by mail, much easyer.... But you did'nt read it at all? I mumble. Well, he said, I know you can write, so why read it? :)

    If the first book is accepted and you have one or two good crittics, you're settled.

    My biggest problem writing was the many ideas I've got when writing a story. I just did put a notebook beside me to note the ideas that came along, ideas for new story's that keep you going in the same style you was writing the former story.

    Keep up the good work, don't force you'reself ever to write something if the feeling is'nt there. Just walk into a park or some rest area and before you know it, it's back! Remember: You can write!



    Thank You, that was beautiful! Everything is basically done by the writer now.The publishing companies like and edited copy, then you have to hire well know critics usually $1,000 each. They tell the truth too. If they don't like the book, you don't have to print it. I couldn't believe the companies did all this to save themselves money and put the cost on the writer. This makes it very difficult if your broke! I know a lot of best seller have never been printed. It's sad.
    You were write about the first page, I always heard that, so I worked really hard on it, rewriting it many times. The editor liked it. He is a published author too, and was a instructor for a writing class at a University. I did know where. I'm hoping he was honest. There are so many cons that just want your money, they'll say anything. I researched him before I contacted him. It's helps.
    Are your novels written in the English language? I'd love to read one!!!
    Mt novel is available world wide, but only in English for now.
    Puran, I'm glad I didn't have to meet anyone face to face on this project. I would have die of heart failure! My nerves would have never stood it. The editor wanted 3 pages, I sent him 5 chapters. It was a sample of what he could do and how much work would be needed on the manuscript. I was surprised he read all five chapters, he only edited 3 pages. He wrote me a long letter. I was thrilled he could see everything I was writing and saying. He got it! He actually liked what I wrote and my ideas.He said he could see and feel the passion. That approval meant the world to me. I know how you felt! It has been so long, it's hard to get others to understand, or to read for the story, not the errors. It meant a lot that he didn't stop at page 3, he read over 100 pages. I know because he talked about each character and how everything flowed, the clues, he left out nothing. It was beautiful. Now...back to reality, it still has to sell. I don't have the money for a critic yet, you have to hire three.I still have two months and I can have it added to the back of the book.
    Thank You!!!

    I do write in Dutch mostly. I did work as a translator English and German to Dutch, not the other way around. I did work as a social worker in London and even there I could'nt left the Dutch as I lived on Hollandroad near the entrance of the M1 and worked for Gentle Ghost on the Norland Gardens nearby Holland road, so I picket up some English, but writing is another story, as specialy my grammar is'nt to good at all. So the publisher put a translator on it afther they buy the book with the rights.

    I worked for Sybex, Easy Computing, Data Becker and some other firms to translate there books for the Dutch and Belgian market. I also had a column in some computer magazines.

    In Holland it is still so that the publisher looks for books in there style of publishing. First they give a writer an intentional contract that keeps you're work save for copying or stealing you're ideas. Most books are refused if there not in there style or if they do not passed the first page test.
    Then they start reading it and if its not conlicting with what they allready have and it is a good work, you got a final contract.
    Untill that time you just have travel/mailcosts. If you got a contract you get most of the time about 10% of the sellingprice without VAT for each copy or they buy the book including rights for a price.

    I was in the advance that I allready had some published work from translations and did some journalistic work for newspapers under my own name.

    Believe it or not, I write down in one day my idea of the story and the character list, then write the book basicly in 24 hours.
    Afther that I need 2 weeks to correct it. One can get a contract on just the idea and the character list and the first page, with a given time it must be finished and have some money in advance.
    The critics are working for magazines, TV/Radio or newspapers and got payed by them. You don't have to pay them to let them stay independed.

    In 2009 I became secretary of a spiritual organisation 'stichting Easwaramma' that offers help for them that can't cope with live those days, where money gouverns and people hardly know there neigbours anymore. We learn them to grow there own food and start groups to support each other and learn them to use herbs to heal them selves because they can't pay there medical servicecost.
    That is where my heart is calling for, helping people. My wife, her friend and I are founder of it. My wife died last oktober and the organisation go on with her work.
    Ik gonne write a book about her life and whats moved her on the spiritual road to the new world.

    Well thats it.

    Is'nt there a founding where writers can put say $100 for each published book so beginners can be helped with publishing there first work?
    Hmmm, thats a nice question I put in tomorrow.
    Greetings and love to everyone.

    That was beautiful. You and your late wife are very honorable people. I like the way you got your book published. The US is not a social country, they do not want us to act in a social way. It's all about money. I lived beside my neighbor 10 years, I do not know his name or anything about him or his family. He does not know me either.I grew up old schooled, you look out for your family and neighbor, and community. People don't do this anymore. Donating money to help the next writer is brilliant, but it won't happen. Their thinking is all wrong. They think, "I made it the hard way, not one helped me. Let them get it the same way I did." The problem with this is many, mostly the struggling writer did have help, but he felt that was owed to him. Maybe his parents, friends, someone helped. I wasn't taught to think like this either. I don't even know America anymore. There is little integrity left.People have no value here. We have no health care, no welfare system, only food stamps. You'll hear Americans bad mouth welfare people. They don't get anything! You get less than $24 a week in food stamps. That it the most you can get. There is a little more help for children, but not much.
    I am horrified at the US behavior toward it's fellow man.
    I was born 9-15-XXXX I keep the rest a secret. I am not a young person.
    How I write, I think of a story, usually it just hits me. I think of the characters. I research their nationalities and chose their names and how they should act according to their nationality and being American. I have to research the area, the USA has different plant, animals, employment everything depending on the area. Then I write, The first book too a year. I worked so hard. It took longer, because I had to research how to write, how to do everything. With 2nd book, I am almost finished it took maybe 60 days. Big difference.I would have finished, but I have some major stress factors I have to deal with.I had to force myself to stop writing. Everything affects me.
    You've lived a fantastic life. You should write about it. It would make a wonderful book.

    Congradulations!!! Daisy!!!  What a great accomplishment!!! Let us know where we can purchase a copy when it arrives to the public.


    I will!!!! I can't wait. It will be on line first, months before the stores. You will be able to google the book. I think that is so funny!
    Thank You!

    Daisy that's great if you think it 'so funny'. Me personally I love funny stuff and irony. LOL I am so happy i am on this website. It is so relaxing and fun, to know you and everybody else!!! Great Work!!! I am so happy for you because I know what it takes to write a book. My mom has written 5 books and is waiting for one to come back from publisher.

    WOW! That is awesome! I am new to all this, so when the publisher told me I could google my wasn't what I expected him to say. It took me off guard. I google 1,000's of things everyday. I never dreamed anyone would be able to google something I did, wrote or about me. I guess, that's age. I'm not a young woman, so I was thinking my goal was a nice hardback book. I felt like a cave woman entering the 21 century. I was floored, it went beyond anything I expected. I did laugh, I didn't know what else to do. TY!

    Daisy you are welcome!!! I can not wait to see one of my akaqa people make it out in the sunshine of the spotlight! God bless you and your talent and keep writing!!! Tabbie the Tabber.

    I'm proud of you, Daisy. My friend, Linda wrote and published a book too. It's called " Tipped In Blue "  It was doing well on Amazon. It's the story of her mother's life in her quest to find true love.


    That sounds beautiful. Did you read it? Amazon is one of the top companies. They helped me, but refuse to hear anything about the book. They are not "at this time" taking anymore 1st novels.There is a big write up on it. They told me to get a literary agent and how to find one. She did real well getting them to publish. I hope she keeps writing.
    Thank You, I wrote the name down, I'll be looking for it. I am always looking for a good book. TY!!!

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