What is your goal?

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    My goal is to learn some more about politics and also to start up my painting again. 


    painting sounds like a good idea,I was never any good despite having great ambitions

    To boldly go where no man has gone before....the lingarie section..

    my goal when i leave high school i will joine the n.s.w police force and have a family of muslim theen i will stop working and go to the coutry side and be a farmer and grow some avacados and die as a muslim in a good happy life tell the very end supan allah

    What's yours?

    Get a job.
    Get my weight back where I like it
    Get toned and as fit as I can be at this age
    Complete a bicycle marathon 
    Bowl a perfect game (300; 12 strikes)
    Play a fair round of golf
    Be a good mom, grandmother, friend, etc.
    Find my way spiritually, and I will depend on divine guidance for that. 

  get through the next 2 operations

    2.Have enough money to retire before I need a wheelie walker

    3.Go to Alaska

    To live life.To love life....To work in the circus or carnivals become richer than the free the chickens! keep my mouth shut (when appropriate) and my ears duck whenever necessary...laugh alot alot...repeat as needed.   ;)



    Me and the kids.... ;D

    We are at Oooooooooommmmm-rangutan.... lol

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