i need to do art work either painting or fabrics of a body thats is empty on the inside that as been stripped of dignity

    i am doing a peice of art on being abused as a child i want it to looked stripped of everything emotionally /physically and to look empty on the inside any ideas 

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    Fishlet is our resident artist and gives great advice on the topic!

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    Francis Bacon painted portraits of anxiety and alienation.  His work is very emotional.  I have been to an exhibition in Berlin at the Museum of Modern Art.  I can tell you that his work is extremely clear in it's messages.

    There is  Amedo Modigalini who's work evokes emotion with colour as well as image.

    And, Picasso ... When you see his work in real life you do have a sense of the emotion and message he was translating. 

    All three artists had very different styles ... Find your style, naturally and use colour ... think about what colours emote a sense of emptyness...

    It sounds like a challenging project.  Those are the best kind.

    I am making bonsai plant pots today.  They are not challenging any more as I have worked out all the kinks.

    Good Luck and have a wonderful day! 

    ... And one other thing ... Picasso could portray emotion with just a few pencil lines.  That may be the way to go.  Simple and to the point.


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