I didn’t shoot Bigfoot so why does PETA still come after me. Do they want money?

    They should go after her.


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    Hmmmm, could be those chicken mcnuggets you ate back in '77.

    Big Foot is an endangered species and related to the Sasquatch.  It is illegal to kill a Sasquatch in British Columbia.

    Shame on you.  PETA does not want your money... THEY WANT YOU!

    ... She is wearing a fake and ................................................................

    don't forget to plant a tree.  It is good for the environment.


    I gave up hunting for fishing a long time ago. I thought PETA new that.

    Fishing?! SAVE THE FISH!!!!!
    Now, I know why you are at the very top of the list!!!
    Hang your head in shame man.... hang your head in shame.
    Oh my goodness......................
    To sad to even think about.
    Le' Weep

    PETA has said that we all should call Fish, “Sea-Kittens” so if I give up fishing will you change your name to sea-kittens?

    Ha Ha!!!!
    Already done. Check my profile page. :D

    Well done and I hope for me that they make some sort of fishing patch to help me with the fishing withdraws I will have. I belong to the cow union so I can help with the free the chickens cause you have. We say “save a cow and eat more chicken.”

    I think PETA keeps coming after you because they heard that know the one. 

    Might be they want to talk to you time and again or might be they think you as a criminal .

    And by the way , are you a hunter that you would kill Big Foot .

    HaHa very good

    I'm on her side, just doesn't get cold enough to wear fur or support a BIGFOOT.........


    They said that Picture is Madonna but it must have been sometime back.

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