Bullies caught on video

    Article to read and news video to watch.  

    This may be just what we needed to help bring awareness to the problem and start to put it to an end.  Maybe this should be shown in schools across the nation.

    We spent millions on "sex education" and "just say NO to drugs" and "No child left behind". Is it time we put some serious action into  "Ban Bullies" programs or something?  



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    I agree PKB, there should be a class on preventing

    bullying added to the curriculum in schools. Enough is enough.


    Bob, We have Bully programs in our town. I met the teacher a few months ago. I don’t know how the programs are going now or where they are. I’ll find out next week.

    Yes I agree education and Zero and out of schools!....bullies are need to know that the best thing to do is confide in a teacher/parent/friends parent etc....bullying results in a no of is not to be taken lightly! 

    I watched this on the national news, yep, it made it across the nation! What a shame, those kids. My housemate said were they his, they wouldn't be sitting for a week. They should show it in schools.....

    Bullies here have resulted in the suicide of several young people ,bullying in the school, cyber bullying, and also little acknowledged  bullying in the workplace,I believe we are all more aware, hopefully as parents, teachers, friends and co workers we can send a strong message of zero tolerance to this anti social behaviour

    Thanks for the information .


    This is such a good source of information - a human touch.

    bulies are no kings or rulers deep down there are cowerds they lack maners plus i got buliied some times but in the end some become your friend  plus if the bulies dont stop theen whaite tell gods judment day he will wipe all evil in this woarld

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