What do you think about the Fast and Furious scandal........

    Is Obama involved......

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    Can you show me the link Im Aussie .. ?

    There are more links Randy... play all sides!!! Let's be objective! This could be an adventure!
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    Show me all the links lol .. :)))

    Wonder... just Google the fast and the furious scandal... High American Political Adventure!!!

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    Oh my goodness!!! Already.  I started reading about this a few weeks ago and now it's Nixon and Watergate all over again.

    I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

    Far more interesting than a soap opera ... let me tell you!!!


    Nixon and Watergate did not kill people.Fast & furious did. They schould be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

    The last article I read compared this to Watergate.
    Some of the articles I have read have been the details of the investigation and updates. The entire thing seems very messy.

    I posted about this last year. No one listened then. No one commented. Now look at the uproar. Of course Obama is involved. He tried to keep secret by invoking executive privilege. 

    Illegal sales of guns to Mexican criminals and Obama's backdoor policy for illegal immigrants is exactly why I made this last year.



    And you were right.

    GW. Bush had a similar Program called "Operation Wide Receiver" that started in 2006. It was different from Fast & Furious. where they sold guns to cartels and immediatelly following the sale of guns, arrested them. Fast & Furious, came to national attention, when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with a gun that was supplied by the ATF to criminals in Mexico. ATF. Sold 2000 guns to cartels of wich 1700 guns were never recovered. Some ATF members turned into informants against the program. We will never know how many people were actually killed with the guns that were sold to those criminals. Fast & Furious was a big failure and they dont want to own up to the fact, that many people were killed because of it. I am sure the Obama Administration knew  all about it and trying to cover up. They schould be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.


    Now everyone will be trying to say Obama did that too, they'll just omit the year it happened.

    Fast & furious started in 2009 under the Obama Administration. Obama surely knew about it.

    Was referring to 2006 operation.

    Crikey .. Looks like this will be messy ..




    I know! Right!?!?!

    I'm afraid I don't know what you're writing about..........


    Here’s what Fast and Furious is all about – and for the uninitiated, be prepared for a shock. In 2009, the US government instructed Arizona gun sellers illegally to sell arms to suspected criminals. Agents working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were then ordered not to stop the sales but to allow the arms to “walk” across the border into the arms of Mexican drug-traffickers. According to the Oversight Committee’s report, “The purpose was to wait and watch, in hope that law enforcement could identify other members of a trafficking network and build a large, complex conspiracy case…. [The ATF] initially began using the new gun-walking tactics in one of its investigations to further the Department’s strategy. The case was soon renamed ‘Operation Fast and Furious.”

    I posted about this last year. No one listened then. No one commented.

    That's OK JH, neither does the congressional GOP's!!! At least you admit it and they won't!!! TU!

    Julie, I’m on the same page as you once again.

    What is it ? Never heard of it . Thought it was the name of some movie

    It will eventually hit the fan. To bad too many Americans just don't care.

    Just anothr one of the GOP's way of trying to make themselves look as dumb as they are and wasting our tax money!!!

    Headless Man

    Would you have said that about watergate and no one died there?

    Obama/Holder, bad guys.

    You can catch up here.

    Additionally Congressman Issa has a secret whistleblower in the Justice Department who is feeding him information that Attorney General Holder is refusing to give up. Holder told Congress (under oath) that he and his Justice Department did not know anything about Operation Fast and Furious until he read about it in the papers. The new documents show he lied. It's the documents and emails that show Holder lied to Congress that he doesn't want to give up.

    Wasn't the initial meeting during the George Bush administration and composed of his justice appointees as well as ATF officials? And wasn't it Holder who first called for a justice dept investigation a year later in Feb. 2011? While this doesn't mean Obama people were innocent it does seem to me that Bush people were to blame as well and should appear in fromt of congress as well? Maybe they have, I really couldn't care less, other than to say that Issa is a headline hogging, tea bag nutcase. I think that when they threatened to hold him in contempt of congress Holder should have informed them that he couldn't hold them in any more contempt than he already did.



    Obama evoked his executive privilege to hide key evidence.
    Bush was to blame for a lot of things, Obama is to be blamed for even more. He has done his own illegal things to the American people and taken up Bush's mantle besides. Stop pushing it off to Bush. OBAMA is at fault!
    I have to re-read Bush's gun bit but I think is was different somehow than just walking up to the border and handing crap load of guns over.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of his. It doesn't seem to me he's done much of anything but make it worse. I just think that the whole bunch involved should be cross examined. I went back and checked and as near as I can see what they were really worried about was a cover up and not so much the plan. But, those jerks in Washington are always covering up something.

    I agree. One man should not be taking the fall for this.

    No, bigben. There was a similar investigation but it did not permit guns to walk across the Mexican border and disappear. It was decided it was a bad idea and closed. This was a different project. If you don't think it's a big deal that the Attorney General lied to Congress about even KNOWING about Fast & Furious until he heard about it in the papers, and has repeatedly lied to Congress about the case, and that Holder has led his Justice Department to stonewall Congress from receiving information about the case, particularly the bits that would determine the degree of his involvement in the case, then you are the partisan nutcase.

    You may be right, but I don't appreciate the sarcasm, you delusional dim-wit and my first sentence was a question indicating I wasn't sure, you moron. You haven't even been a member for a whole month and you're already starting with the personal insults. It amazes me how the anonymity of the internet makes people so bold. I guess they feel safe from the consequences of their statements.

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