I am an adult who was a patient in a Children's Hospital due my doctor wanting me to be a teacher to medical staff and patients. I was in the room when I had a group of nursing students enter the room. I immediately heard a comment of MANY of these students, which was"Ooh! I don't want to treat adults!" I immediately mentioned the term "manslaughter". I am wondering if the nursing students' comment was an intent of either of the terms voluntary or involuntary manslaughter?

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    She is not under the same code as a doctor. A nurse can refuse a patient. If you get offended like this, then stop playing patient for the nurses. They want to be nurses for pediatric doctors, you know, work with kids, not grown men who have attitudes. She would not be charged with manslaughter if she refused to look after you. Only a doctor could be if he refuse to treat you and you died. You should understand what your talking about before you let the words pass your lips. They probably laughed at you when they left the room.

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    Sounds to me, these students are in school to be nurses for pediatricians. Why were you being used as a learning subject in a children's hospital. Have you ever heard the term "deception"? These students expected a child, not a man. What I don't get is your mentioning of manslaughter just because the student didn't want to treat you. You're not a child. 

    This question could use a bit more of an explination.  If your doctor wanted you in the hospital to teach then would you not be a doctor instead of a patient?

    I have been a patient in a teaching hospital not to teach but for the doctor to teach ... I was a guinea pig! 

    Also, why on the planet would you mention man slaughter?  Was that a joke?  Are you an inmate in a prison?

    Please provide more information.

    Thanks, KC Fishlet


    I think he/she maybe referring to fact, If your a qualified medical person and you fail to treat regardless of patients age/gender, etc. and that person dies due to your failure to treat or over treat you can be criminally charged and prosecuted for various crimes.

    Dad59... I am impressed!


    Your take on this question. You have flair!

    "I had a group of nursing students"

    She is studying to be a nurse. A nurse is not a doctor so does not have to worry about refusing a patient. She's the care giver, not the life saver. This guy was just a grump and probably a nurse's nightmare anyway.

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