can solar panels create electricity?

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    They don't make pork chops!

    They can but they won’t if it is dark out.

    Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Solar panels allow electrons to be moved from one location to another so as to provide a flow of electrons measured in current and voltage. The design of solar panels allows electrons to flow from one side of the panel to the other when exposed to light as an activating stimulus. Electrons tend to move over a surface or through a prepared media when exposed to light.   


    So in other words, solar panels help the creation of electricity? ;)

    Energy is present everywhere and in everything. We are most familiar with electrical energy like what we use to operate our computer or for electrical lighting. That form is free electrons and is the same as electro-static energy at a lower level of activity. The activity level of electrons determine where we find them. When bound chemically electrons hold chemicals together and thus enable chemical reactions to occur. Electrons and lightening are the same as well electron activity allows water to evaporate from wet clothing and freeze in cold weather. Gravity and electrostatic attraction and repulsion are the same. Electrons in orbit around atoms in a piece of wood leap to a higher activity level producing light and heat when wood is ignited. That is the quantum leap in a practical application. It’s about electrons.

    Thank you for the detailed explanation. I understand it all better now. Electricity was not one of my strong points.

    No. only ice cubes. You living in a cave or something? Who doesn't know what solar panels do?

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