the prosacution supenaed my husbands mother to testfy to help the proscution

    the prosacution supenaed my husbands mother to testfy to help the proscution hes been in jail for two months but has been going to court on this since 11/2011 for a gun charge that gun was in my purse to which i plead guilty and served my time orange co, ca courts seperated our cases and are still charging him with the gun he is neither on parole or probation what can we expect

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    Your husband must have an attorney. What does the attorney say? There has to be more to this story.  They can not hold him in jail for two months if the gun was never in his possession. You're holding something back. I'm going to assume this is not his first run in with the law nor his first trip to jail. If he is an ex con, he's not suppose to have a gun. You covered for him, didn't you? 


    Aha! The soup thickens!!! ;)

    yes ive held back info of corse ididnt cover for him the gun was always in my posession because i have no record and he is an ex felon. no he doesnt have a lawyer. the d.a is charging him with possession of a firearm because he is an ex felon because the d.a is trying to prove he knew about the gun in my purse now wether he did or didnt they supenaed his mother who will be biased and hostle at least thats what she told me. i was planning on telling him about the gun after i sold it to a pawn shop to which his mother |(her gun|)gave me permission to look into selling it. of corse there is more like the arresting officers did an illegal search and seizure but no one wants to take that into concideration. i had the gun in my purse on my lap and thats where the arresting officers found it when they illegaly searched it.

    They only need suspicion to conduct a search of your immediate possessions. You did something to cause them to be suspicious. They have a right to protect themselves from potential harm. Your husband is afforded the right to legal council by the US Constitution if he can not afford one for himself. He should have a public defender. Why has he not received one? I do not believe a judge is allowing him to be prosecuted with no defense. If you are going to bring this to us, tell the whole truth. Lying or holding back information is not helping you one bit. I do not have to waste my time with someone who doesn't want to give all the details. You are here for sympathy, not answers. I'll not sympathize because as far as I can see, you brought all this on yourself and he assisted.

    It matters not whether or not HE knew of a gun...he's a felon in proximity to an illegally held firearm. Also...mummy dearest sounds a hoot!...does she know something about her felon-son that you don't? Hostile and biased and mother in the same sentence like that...sounds like you'll have to accept that you'll be getting a break from him for awhile....taking Mom's gun to the pawn....same old wasn't me!!!

    You had the gun in your purse, but I missed where you were when the search was conducted. If you were a vehicle, you were carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.  Your husband, an ex-felon, is subject to search and seizure whenever and wherever the police feel like it. 
    He is guilty by association.  You should have had the gun in the trunk of the car, but he'd have gotten in trouble for it there, too.  YOU wouldn't have had a problem.
    He DOES need an attorney who is going to go to bat for him.  A public defender isn't going to be much help.  Empty suits.  If your husband is on parole, he could be looking at a very long prison term.  
    Shame on you and your mother-in-law. 


    I believe the 'offensive one' has been suspended. ... Wing nut central! ... Bi Bi Paulie for a little while at least.

    Fishlet, that is the best news I've heard all day. That person actually scares me. I won't respond to anything posted by that character again. Hope you'll consider "boycotting", too. AND I hope you and yours enjoyed a happy Fathers' Day (if today was Canada's day for Dads)

    I am on board with boycotting the Wing Nut. It was Father's Day yesterday. Big breakfast!

    I hope you and your hubby get a chance to look at the Dad's Life video I posted yesterday. It is priceless. :D

    Who knows? The whole thing sounds sketchy. Concealed weapon? Unregistered weapon? Two charged for one weapon? I don't know. 


    What were you doing with a gun anyhow......?


    It was mummy-in-laws' gun and they were supposedly pawning it...but he did not know she had it as they raced to the pawn shop to sell it. It's a confusing little "story" Julie...hmmmm?

    Apparently I was confused. It's hard to pawn a gun.....Why didn't mommy go?

    I don't think she knew her gun was being pawned...! Oh how the plot tends to thicken up!!! Oy yoy yoy!

    I don't watch daytime soaps, I don't have to....

    Nope, we get enough soap episodes here :)

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