What has your father taught you ?

    In view of the fact that it's Fathers' Day today ( 6-17-12 ) in the U.S.  , I thought it would be appropriate to honor our fathers by telling a little about what they taught  you.......y' know.......valuable lessons in life. Or , maybe they taught  you a trade.

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    Thanks for an excellent question, mycatsmom.
    My dad was hard to know.  He had cancer when I was about 3, and had lymph and saliva glands removed, followed by chemotherapy. It was the mid-50s and he survived that and much more til he died in 2001.  My mom said the doctor told her my dad's personality would probably change after the surgery and treatment, and said that, yes, it did.  The warm and outgoing guy was replaced with a quiet, observant man. 
    From him, looking back,
    I learned to be observant of human behavior; I am critical, but I keep most of my opinions to myself.  He didn't say much, but when he opened his mouth to speak, everyone listened. 


    Sounds like a great guy, PKB.Sorry he had to go thru that cancer, but glad he survived.I wonder if it's only typically men who's personality changes after something like that, or women too. AFter my uncle had a heart attack in his 50s, he changed. He never again went swimming, or dancing, or fishing. The good news is, he quit drinking and smoking after that.

    Your uncle might have been afraid of having another heart attack. Mom said Dad was a cheery, affable guy before he got sick. He was so quiet and hard to know. I really had to think what I learned from him; he wasn't very "hands on" as a parent, but there was no better provider. He started a company that is still very, very successful today. I am sad that I didn't connect better with him. I have my problems with my kids, but we connect. How about you, MCM? What did you learn from your dad?

    My Paw was a musician (among many other things) and he taught me my first three chords on led me to follow his lead and become a pro-musician ( 20 years in the field)... he was my favorite thing ever...miss him like a crazy...

    It isn't fathers day here, but my dad taught me how to make good strong "Tarzan" ropes to swing on over the river,how to drive when I was about 7, car maintenance and how to cook,he is a great cook he also taught me the values that still remain with me, we spent many great times together climbing mountains and bush walking, we built a boat together which we named the African queen, it really was just a lump of shaped tin and we hung on to umbrellas to avoid sunburn, it sure created attention, he taught me to have fun and make every minute count


    WOW! You have an incredible dad. I can't imagine having had an "nth" of those experiences with my dad. I loved reading your answer!

    he's still the same,just older,totally eccentric!

    ls, What wonderful memories.

    He taught me to stop worrying and everything's going to be alright. 

    Thank you, MCM. 

    Miss you, dad!

    My Father was my absolute ROCK!..(Don`t laugh Cb)!!:-))...He taught me honesty,love and love of Valuable life is..AND that to err is human!!....The list of what my BRILLIANT dad TAUGHT  me is ENDLESS!!!..And I shall and do,always carry it around in my heart and mind!!...He WAS a wonderful caring ,compassionate Dad and WE shall be raising a glass to him today as we shall for ALL great Dad`s who are alive..or with us in mind,heart and spirit!!:-)...He doesn`t have to be here for us to remember and cherish him!!:-)

    country bumpkin

    I'm Laughing!!!

    My father was always content with life. He was always happy, no matter what. He was a hard worker worker and he never said a bad word to my mom or myself. He was encouriging in everything I did, except when I left for the US. with my then husband, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. I always felt guilty for leaving them behind. I miss and love him always.


    His tears showed how much he loved you!..I`M SURE HE JUST WANTED YOU TO BE HAPPY..AND I KNOW HE`D BE VERY PROUD OF YOU!!..don`t feel bad Ann..he produced ONE great daughter!!!Ann you`re a darling!!:-)

    Millie hank you, you are a sweetheart.This is a day that is very emotional for most of us. You too had a grat father and that you loved very much. How lucky we have been!

    Ann he sounds such a wonderful man Husband and father and person he must have been sooo proud of you Ann I know If you had been my dughter i would have been as you are one of the kindest person I know he knows what he has produced and he is very proud love as always mel xxx

    Mel,thank you. You are always so ecouraging. I know he loved me very much, but he was so far away and could not activly participate in the growing up of his grandchildren.I know that he missed that very much and so did I
    Its so good to see you back. xxx

    Very good made me reflect upon how much he actually did teach me. In thinking back, I don't think I could list all the things he taught me. It has actually brought a tear of fondness to eyes thinking back to all the times he would explain and show me something. Thank you for giving me that moment of reflection this morning!


    Me too!..I`M ACTUALLY FINDING TODAY QUITE EMOTIONAL!!but thanks from me too to all of you who are sharing happy helps..:-) just SO blessed that i had such a brilliant many people not that lucky!!:-(

    Very good question MCM. To my father, HAPPY FATHERS DAY in Heaven, I miss you a lot. He taught me how to be an honest, hard working and upstanding person. He also taught me how to be a GOOD father to my children.


    Wonderful traits to carry from father to son.

    Thank you Bob, they are good traits and I taught my son the same traits.

    I have absolutely no doubt about that, Spaceghost. Have a wonderful Fathers' Day!

    Never listen to my mom.....kidding.He taught me to love and respect life , one another as well as GOD, to take each day as it comes and live it to the fullest cause tomorrow might not come..

    My old man has been gone for 40 years now.He taught me the basics of how to drive a car/truck.

    He taught me the basics of carpentry at a very young age.Although he was not a carpenter & I am.

    But the number one lesson I got from him was."don't F%#k with dad!".

    He had hands the size of dinner plates & he hit hard.

    PS.happy fathers Day to all you guys over there!

    take care of own self,,do not rely   on a man.

    My father has taught me 'how not to be' by his own example.


    Heey...your dad is my mom!! Dang!

    There is always one in a crowd!

    My father is 86 years old right now.  He still does everything, but i think he is getting tired. He is the greatest man i ever saw or met.  He taught his 8 kids how to have a good work ethic and that no matter what job you do, do it as it were the most important job in the world.  He was a carpenter and his co worker told me and my brother that he worked like 5 men. He was a great orator.  He still reads all his birthday and father's day cards out loud, because all his kids love to hear him talk. He taught us love.  He loved my mom and treated her like a queen when he wasn't complaining about something.  He gave us great speeches about everything,  One i appreciated is that you may not be the smartest person, but everybody can be a good citizen.  He did not tolerate bad grades in citizenship.  Plus he was very humorous, but was not aware of it.  We still laugh about things he has said and done.  He loved America and Jesus Christ.  We used to call him Mr. America.  He always talked about how great this country is. He still loves going to the race track and playing the lotto and scratchers.  We kids give him lotto tickets for his birthdays.  He is a big man with big hands and a strong hand shake even to this day.


    Cherishing this man sounds like an Honor tabber! A real Honor. :)

    My dad is the finest man I've ever know. A gentleman, mannered, direct, of the truest examples he ever taught me was "when you hang around "crap" you're gonna get some on you".......

    Never met my Bio father, The three stepfathers I had all taught me something, two were great men and I loved them dearly. The one is rotting in hell as I type. Their all dead now, but have fond memories of two who were always there for me even in my young stupid always in trouble days. 

    I'm with "Fishlet" on this one,my dad taught me how not to be by example,he was a hard worker,but even a harder drinker,so I don't drink,I was in that class for many years,I got a "A"+.He died in a bar at the age of 54. But I will say I do miss him,he was very smart so now that I'm 57 and he would be 87,he would be a cool person to talk to.Don't get me wrong the money was there but no love but for the bottle.


    Good to see you, CR. Hope you've been doing well. You are often in my thoughts. Take care.

    Nice to see you back Rick, hows it gaun friend?

    Hi Rick. Glad you're back after your hiatus. Sorry about your dad dying an unfortunate death. Glad you're not messing up your life by drinking.

    And it's good to see all of you as well,hope all is well for you all.

    So good to see you Rick. I hope you are OK. Sure miss you.

    If it doesn't smell "Right", don't eat it!

    My Dad taught me always be honest and have respect for everything you do in life and read and read as this where you will get your education he was a bit of a bofin he lots of master degrees  spoke 6 different languages and not like me he could spell haha he was a quiet man kept him self to him self never had any freinds only family came to the house my mother and father had nothing incommon except their children I miss him so much I could talk about anything to him he has been dead for 30 years now though it seems like yesterday that he died I remember when he died like if it was yesterday I never forgave him for leaving me.....I have now but I was young when he died one day I hope to see him.... bye the way really good question


    Mel, your father was a great man, who loved you so much. You were so young still, when he passed. His memories will always be with you. It is hard to understand, why someone so special had to die so young. Only God knows and I know someday you will see him again, just like I know, I will see my father again too.We cant change the past, but we can change the future if we have hope and faith. Stay strong. Love and prayers, Ann. xxx

    Ann thank you for you're lovely words I would like to think that you're dad and my dad are friends up there and waiting for us one day (well it's a nice thought) love & preyers to you xxxx

    My father taught me how to: Never fear failure, if you don't try everything, you won't know if you are good at it, you can live a long time wondering.

    Analyse best case/worse case, if you can live with the worse case scenario, you have nothing to lose.

    If you have to do something, do it with good grace and be remembered for the good job you did, rather than the bad attitude.

    How to catch a swarm of bees and put them in a hive box.

    How to use a tension wrench, electric and hand saws, how to change a wheel in the time it takes for the kettle to boil, how to hogtie my sister, things to do with magnets, howtp  look after tools.  

    In the days before recycling was "in", as one of eight children, we reused, saved, didn't waste anything.

    Gave me the life skills and confidence to be an Owner Builder, I've just built a thermally efficient house, using subcontractors and myself, solar panels, water tank, correct solar orientation to maximise the sun in winter, minimise in summer.  I've tiled the majority of the floor tiles and all of the wall tiles, painted the whole outside, landscaped and built the brick letterbox.  Not bad for a 63 year old woman, my Dad would have been proud. Thanks to my Dad Jim Jones. Yvonne


    It is a privilege to give you your first Thumb's Up, Yvonne, and say "Welcome!" Have fun here; you, and your dad, seem to be pretty cool people!

    Honesty is the best policy; and if you cant be honest...keep yo trap shut!! lol

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