do i send a letter to my friend in england the saame way i would send one here in the usa? does it go straight to his mailbox or does he have to go pick it up like aa package? i want to send a gift card in it also. does that need to be insured? and how long does it take to mail?

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    Take the letter with the gift card to your local post office.  Give the letter (after waiting in line) to the person behind the counter.  They will weigh, measure and enter information into their computer system... the system will then prompt the postal employee to advise you on which way you can mail your letter and also prompt the employee to ask you if you would like insurance or a tracking number or both.

    You choose, you pay and the postal employee sticks your letter with gift card in the appropriate bin for delivery to your friend which usually takes a week to 10 days.

    If you are lucky they will smile and wish you a nice day, just like I am doing right now.


    omg thanks to you also! your very kind! this guy is the love of my life and so are his beautiful boys and until we can be together as one we do alot of talking on the phone, emailing, texting and so on so i usually send gifts but they go through customs and sometimes its crazy so i thought i would send my little english homeboys gift cards and they can shop till they drop ! hahahh thank you so much! you not only made me smile your gonna make two boys smile even more when they get their letters from their new york step mommy to be! hahahah !

    Believe it or believe it not! we have a postal service here in 'Merrie Olde England' just like they do in the colonies. Sir Roland Hill (born 1795 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire) invented the worlds first postage stamp in 1837. Depending on collection and delivery times your friend should receive his letter within a week.


    hi sweetie, well thanks alot. as long as your answering my silly questions cud u answer this? whenever i send his kids girfts and bigger items they go through customs and then he has to pay a fee to pick them up, but what i was asking is, will he get my letter in his mailbox just like here when you send a letter? so if i write him a letter, it wont get hung up somewhere and sit there? so your saying i can write him a letter and just stick it in the mail unless im sending a girft card in it, then should i do something different? im nervous about sending the kids cards but i thought at least they would get them faster then sending the actuall gift and then their dad has to pay the custom taxes on it which doesnt seem fair when im the one sending a gift! so thank you very much and i will be going to the post office monday and sending them out maybe i should just move to england, get my english guy and live happily ever after ! haha

    You need to go to the post office and send it airmail. Do not address it as when you get to the post office, they will be sticking this mailing label on it covering anything you wrote on the envelope. Insurance is optional. Mailing time is dependent on what rate you pay. It's not that scary, really.  Just take it all to the post office and the clerk will help you. 


    you rock!!!!!11

    The letter will be 'popped' through his letter box by the Postman just like the USA.

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