where did my girl friend live?

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    IF SHE`S STILL your girlfriend???and you are SO interested to know where she lived previously...then why can`t you ask her???...I`M CONFUSED!!lol!:-¬

    Your name gives it away... PERU!  Don't worry, she will be back next spring.  She lived and still lives upon the open plain... that is why the lack of address.  Buy a yurt... she will then move in and you can mail her letters.  Everyone loves getting nice letters (un-bill like) in the mail.

    In your mind perhaps it was all just an illusion..

    Narnia.  Either Narnia or Puerto RIco.  One or the other.  Can't remember which.

    "" In here...

    In an igloo ?

    She is an Eskimo :)

    On the Moon, far far away.

    WAIT a minute, hold-up here hoss,  You have a GF, you don't know where she lives,  #1- Do you know her name?, #2- Do you have a phone number?  If, so call it!!!, There's part of a picture here, I can't see, PLEASE remove the obstacle.

    Try asking her where she lived. Or, ask her mom.

    Guadalupe, Mexico would be my guess.

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