what is the meaning of music?

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    Mood-altering bearable noise.

    Music has qualities that have positive effects on the mental health and emotional well-being of musicians and listeners alike.

    Music comes in so many various forms that it reflects, in a way, the diversity of the languages spoken and written on the planet and music benefits happiness as well.

    Music is a great well for emotions. The same art form that puts babies to sleep can release anger and sadness, encourage joy, and sooth stress. Love and light: Mirrie

    I think it's all been said except that music crosses all barriers, be they language, cultural, rich or poor, everyone seems to enjoy some pleasure, even a young blind girl I used to teach, enjoyed  music, her frustration would turn to calm, she would rock gently and had a smile you couldn't replace with all the money in the world,I often took her to concerts and musicals at the theater,she was also autistic and music was loved so much it was rarely out of her world

    It is an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner.

    Personally I think music is GODS gift to the soul, it's part of what keeps us alive and happy not to mention why else would we have two ears..

    Music is what makes people whom are enemies become friends, it can bring cultures together.

    It helps people heal and every song has a meaning, we all have a song we connect to.

    Music is life :)

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