When are you not willing to just turn the other cheek?

    When is "enough" just "too much"? How do we know you've reached the breaking point?

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    When a person continually lies to me.  They should realize that a liar needs to possess an excellent memory.  THEY will know that I've had enough, when I start to probe and they start to squirm. They don't appreciate being caught, I've noticed.

    Not very often I'm afraid.I don't take crap off anyone anymore.I'm too old for that s%it.

    Child abuse and Animal abuse- I can't take it!!!  So don't kick your dog or punch your kid in front of me!!!!!!

    When one messes with my family.  I am going after HIS cheek.  I wouldn't wait for the "breaking point".

    Anytime that you know for sure that someone will not behave properly or safely.

    Children, animals and seniors... I don't turn the other cheek  when I see abuse in these cases. 


    You didn't write in my 500K announcement. I'm looking for attention in these rotten times. I'm a senior

    Wow... congratulations! I have been out of the loop because of this logging in problem.

     I am very quick to anger when it concerns the abuse of animals. I never turn the other cheek.



    Once I've given them notice that bad behavior has it's consequences. Young or old, they know they will see the very ugly side of this old man.

    Gandhi was a follower of the teachings of Henry David Throux.  

    My personal method of navigation through angry barriers is to acknowledge the fact that something was said by repeating “Thank You” very matter of fact way, without raising my voice or expressing any sign of aggression. When any angry phrase is given I return with a sincere “Thank you”. 

    The reason many are aggressively outspoken is because they have learned that nothing they have to say is accepted as true unless it is shouted angrily. So, a softly spoken and often repeated, sincere “Thank You” has a disarming effect on the aggressor. 



    RG. Totally true

    Nice technique Bob.

    Great Strategy Robertgrist!! :-)

    I don't like being made a fool of...........

    My answer is I agree with all of your answers! One thing that I really hate is someone spitting on you or at you! This is most disgusting!


    I get this a lot at work from the high challenge clients I work with,I don't wear it well from them, but I see people in the street spit and it totally disgusts me
    ed shank

    This would happen only once to me. I understand that it is extremely difficult to spit without teeth.

    Ed, I assure you I have been sorely tempted at times,it's almost worse than when they throw pooh!and I'm meant to assimilate these people back into society....and pigs might fly

    If someone hurts or insults those I respect or care for, this includes threats, or statements I know to be false or misleading, also anyone that hurts anything or anyone for whatever reason are unable to defend themselves, especially animals

    no this is indian old rolls. the gandhigi messenger 


    Your answer is hard for me to understand. Can you explain more, please.

    Yes..I don`t understand much either..but he`s kind of cute!!LOL!!:-)

    ""I've turned the other cheek once too often...

    ""When the other cheek is just as big...or bigger.

    I have an issue that I need to find out if I can (or can not) turn the other cheek. You will find it here on the board and I need some help with it.

    Bob, Congratulations. I don't know where your list of well wishes is so I'll say it now  and I will say it again when I see it. 

    p.s. I see in my first paragraph I used the word "issue"  Just yesterday I told a friend that I would never  use the word "issue"  

    Now, "having said that "I'll be on my way.  (That's the other one)  I'm off target today.  : ) 


    I'll look for your question. Is it new today? 6/15

    Hi Bob long time no see.  Been very busy last two months.  I turn the other cheek a lot.  But I try to stand up for myself and others often.  The last stand for me is when people try to discredit my name and perhaps job performance.  I try to be an upstanding person and always give 100 % or more on the job.  So that's a sensitive area for me. A bad review for work well done rubs me the wrong way.


    I agree...a slam on my integrity doesn't go unanswered. Good to hear from you!

    ""my face

    ......when a nother girl flirts with my bf or when my friends act like my mother...this facial expression perfictly depicts mine and it is saying "really? you wannah go there?!"

    also i have a bit of a temper DON'T MESS WITH ME PUNK! lolzz

    when you already had one cheek slapped lol

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