what,if any strange cravings did you get during pregnancy??(women only)!

    It put me off coffee for life!,,which i previously loved!....I craved celery and onions with honey throughout one pregnancy..(I ve always LOATHED celery!!!:-¬

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    Actually some guys do have the cravings for their wives/GF.

    @dad59..yes..i`ve heard of that!:-)lol!

    I've lived it, "Mashed potatoes/gravy @ 2am!! Worst pregnancy, I ever had, luckily the rest weren't like that, she em! lol

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    I would hope, "women only". If any man were to be preggers, his cravings would be the least of the questions.  


    He: "'s gonna come out where??????"

    There is a man in California who gave birth to a baby girl. He's pregnant again and I hear he's getting a divorce.
    I couldn't stand to look at the pictures of him during his pregnancies and I don't know how the baby made her escape.

    Apparently where ever it dang well wants to? :)

    That man was a woman until he began his sex change. He held off on completing the sex change because he wanted to experience giving birth. He is not a born man who grew up to give birth as a man. He does not count.

    I modifications! hahaha! eeoooch!! ;)

    LOL!!..I had to put.."Women Only"...I was in my right mind:-?..I just expected a whole load of men who felt left out to come forward!!!:-)...I`ve learned my lesson more than once on here!!;-0

    With my girls I had to have a soft boiled egg every day and I could not get enough pinapple.  I also had banana and pineapple milkshakes as much as possible.

    With my son I couldn't possibly eat too many potatoes, prepared in many ways and pinapples.

    I am not that crazy about pineapples any more.  My son is crazy about potatoes ... prepared in many ways.

    I couldn,d get enough sardines and malt beer. People stayed away from me,because  it caused me to expel some very unpleasant air.


    lmao! ;D


    I craved chicken breast sandwiches (bonnie burgers) and BLTs and as I worked as a cook at the time...well...that's how I grew my first baby. My second caused cravings of strawberry shakes and fruit smoothies! I was never a fan before! Now...I am!!



    I'm sure not pregnant but I am surely craving the items above.

    So strange how I never cared for these things before..and I was 36 with my first so..I guess you can teach an "old" dog new tricks! Yum! I've liked these ever since! Let's go out sometime! It's on me...although homemade is goood!! Sometimes betta! ;)
    millie111`s crazy isn`t it what these rogue hormones can do to you!!!;-))

    I chewed ice, ice, ice. I ate almost a  watermelon a day and a box of popcycles. I took these items to work with me. I loved Butter Brickle and Jalmoca ice cream. My husband made a nightly trip to Moo's ice cream store. 



    Mmmm...ICE CREAM:-)..NOW You`re talking!!;-)

    I can't say that I ever really got any cravings,

    per se, during my pregnancies. I did, however,

    really enjoy being pregnant each time, once

    the morning sickness passed.

    I had no cravings at all, but at three months I hated the smells of my normal food.

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