World's Greatest Invention !

    We've come a long way from living in a damp cave. Which of the many man-made inventions significantly changed the course of history for the better ?  And for the worst ?

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    Good Question, digger!

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    The printing press. Books are hard to beat.............


    Right on Jules, it enabled the masses Knowledge and ideas from which a lot of inventions would eventually evolve.

    Without doubt the "wheel" look at all the wonderful thing like "wheel of fortune" and the likes..


    I'm actually watching Wheel of Fortune right now.

    The Aborigonals here tried to convince me that the best invention was a bent stick, called a boomerang!!!

    I forget what a boomerang was i know eventually it will come back to me..

    yeah!!! that spare tire around your middle!!!! lol

    Transportation by sea... it made the world much smaller, opened trade (good and bad) and culture.  It lead to the disintigration of many civilizations.... then created space for new ones (also good and bad).


    and, by golly, we figured out the Earth wasn't flat!!!

    What!!! That's the first I've heard of this!

    Fabulous question!

    Um, without giving it any thought...I'm gonna say...the alphabet.

    Makes communication a tad easier.

    I'd spent most of my life in a cave,so for me it was call a Jumbo drill, make drilling in hard rock a whole lot easier.


    LMAO! Too funny! :)

    yeh...know what ya mean....I was gonna say...the mastedon bone hut! or fire..but that's a discovery... ;)lol

    Communication- where it be phones, TV, computers.,travel made easy; If you can communicate with others it does it all!


    I was going to say the computer, but I'm way off. That's not even close. I'm going to say Antibiotics. But I don't expect to win any prizes.

    My husband says The Wheel. 

    Can't wait to see the other answers. I hope people just give one. 





    Daren, my husband didn't see your answer. I guess the both of you like Wheel of Fortune. : D

    Most antibiotics were discoveries rather than an invention . Nature’s kitchen is certainly filled with novelty.

    Good question Digger! On a more serious note! I would say the automobile and the mean of transportation to one Country to another in matter of hour.but going through hard rock I'll stick to my Jumbo drill.

    Worst invention?    Marriage.

    Best invention?      Soap.


    It hasn't been called MARRIAGE, for years, changed to "Public Hangings", way back when!!!!

    lmao! No wonder my neck's been killin' me ever since!! LOL!

    Yup dad- that's why I have a titanium rod in mine!

    Best-Electricity. Worst- weapons of mass destruction

    Dad59 has a good response, mine does the same thing only it's noisier, THE GUN. Without it ever coming into existence we'd be eating each other because there wouldn't be any room to grow crops.

    The money game. This games makes things and time tradable. Exchanging time for money makes slave into capitalists. Eventually this game will end and arise again and again Until we find the game no longer of any interest or need.


    I considered religion as a game that flowed out of dreams, memories and events into a vast mythology. But games end and the need for inventions exist only so long as there is purpose in their existence. The need for button hooks has fallen to a point where many don’t know what it was for. That is where the money game goes also…its meaning just fades away. But I think religion will persist as long as humanity exists…It is indispensable.

    BIRTH CONTROL!!  Could one imagine the population, hunger,etc..


    Not to forget the frustration!

    Best:  Music
    Worst:  Marauding gangs from any time period 

    religion,it has hooked millions and made the church`s untold millions while the great unwashed die even now of hunger and thirst.what an invention.

    The world wide web.

    The wheel, electricity, oh so many can't choose

    The computer, the internet, and the television. The telephone is right up there too. And, don't forget the automobile

    Toilet paper.


    Yes I remember the outside toilet with a bucket and a wooden plank over the top and a hole where the bucket was. My grandparents used news paper, toilet paper was too expensive.

    The only fly in the ointment of my idyllic Surrey farm aunt and uncle's outside loo! :(

    That one way to stay current affair.

    Electricity & the motor car, and most of what everyone else said, it's hard to say just one thing.

    My all time favorite invention is the ATM machine.

    washing machine. i couldnt imagine lugging a ton of laundry to the nearest creek to beat it clean with a stone. then lug that heavy mess back home, and it taking three days to dry. ugh!!


    Those poor women must have been able to get a lot of frustration out though...beating the flippin' clothes with a stick! ;)


    There isn't one only. which one shall I choose?


    LMAO! :) Good ole John Barelycorn! :)

    I guess it can be television or a computer .You know why,i guess.

    Bridges. They sure beat the bejesus out of going around the long way or getting wet.

    Duct tape.


    So true. If duct tape can't fix it, it can't be fixed :)
    Tommyh both admit that is is "DUCT" Tape after all.I knew the truth would prevail.I hope Ducky & company are listening.LOL

    I've always called it duct tape. It's what my father always called it.

    Well you will have to help me educate certain others on this site.LOL

    The Computer Chip,for good and bad,,the beginning of the downfall of man..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The one that was responsible for saving the most lives.

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