what does sperituality mean

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    To me, spirituality means being connected to everything by virtue of having a spirit, and that spirit in fact being connected to everything. Notice that there was no mention of religion in that? There was no mention of religion, as that is more a thing about this religion being right and better than the other one, etc., etc., etc.,..which has gone on for as long as mankind has stood on two feet! Then they go fight over it!

    It's kind of like walking into the middle of a nice green field of hay, during a sun soaked day, and realizing that you are just as much a part of that field, as the grass is itself. Perhaps a sense of belonging to all that is, without mankind's definition of it, nor the need to atempt to impose it upon others.


    I agree, I don't think religion has to be involved in ones spirituality

    Spirituality means being aware of self, one's environment , the people and creatures in it, and in the higher force or power that guides destiny and unites everything together. Spirituality, by itself is an awareness of the higher forces that guide us.

    Through this good power, we are connected with all other beings and the environment, and automatically begin to understand that this awareness is a uplifting, caring, and loving thing. This spirituality makes us become more respectful, warm, toughtful of others, unselfish, humble but truly confident, and clean living.

    The opposite of this, is of course evil.I think spirituality is connected with all good, things of a higher, more beautiful nature that is in all of us

    A power beyond our visible world, an inner path to enable the discovery of the essence of being, the creation of our own reality and values such as beauty, love or creativity, the deepest meaning by which people live.

    Spirituality is based on the basic concept that God created man as the most superior creature in the animal kingdom.  Man has a human body that is made up of the flesh and the spirit.  The flesh comprises the physical body parts that we see such as the head, the chest, the limbs, the brain, the blood, and so forth.  We do not see the spirit because it is inbuilt in the whole of our body.  We cannot specifically identify the location of the spirit in our body.  But it is largely in our mind because we are fully cognisant that it is ever present in us.  The things we do physiclally and therefore can be measured or quantified, such as thinking, walking, speaking, learning, etc. are guided by our body parts such as the brain, the limbs, the eyes, the ears, etc.  But behind the thick curtain lies a peculiar power or force that controls and guides our life in general and in particular shapes the non physical characteristics that are associated with our daily life, such as character, morality, behaviour, perception, etc.  In my view it is the spirit that guides the latter category of our life, and this is where the concept of spiritualism is derived from.  This is what differentiates us from other creatures in the animal kingdom, because they do not have the spirit we are talking about.  Of course one may argue that both the material and spirit aspects of our body are interrelated.  However, this requires a deep philosophical understanding of the subject.     

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