How do's the Sun in our Solar System gather enough Oxygen to burn so brightly

    A recent discussion with a keen star gazer from Merseyside left me berwilderd with her knowlege of the MAYA civelisation and the coming of an astroid  which is due to enter our Solar System this year. So strong was her argument that I almost beleived her I was allowed to get a word in occasionally during her strong religeous beleife however I managed to shine some light on her message by asking about the Sun of God I was not reffering to the Messiah but rather the great orange Ball in the Sky which appears to be the most powerful force in our universe unless someone else knows different then please teach me. For the Sun to shine So brightly also for it to generate such large amounts of heat through  our universe it needs a large Mass of Oxygen were does the Sun gather its Oxygen to allow its huge mass to continue burning

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    I believe that if the sun had a endless supply of oxygen it would have bunt up years ago....

    It's the lack of it that keeps it glowing.

    I believe the suns power is attributable to fusion and isn't contingent upon gathering outside sources of oxygen. I am not a nuclear physicist, but I don't think nuclear fusion needs oxygen. I could be wrong, but I don't think it does. If it does, there is also a possibility that it produces it's own in the fusion process.

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