Who smokes?

    The price of cigarettes may be raised by a dollar a pack.  I wonder what strata of people smoke? The poor? The middleclass? The rich?

    The effects are so powerful that sometimes I wonder if there might be some kind of health benefits to cigarettes. Maybe there hasn’t been enough research.

    It used to be soooo much fun to have a beer or a drink and sit around with a lit cigarette. We’d talk and talk. Ohhhh those were the daze.

    My husband quite a long time ago. He was having problem with his lungs. He was HORRIBLE during the quitting phase. I thought we’d get a divorce.

    I’m talking outta both sides of my mouth. This talk of smokes is making me fruitcakes. Sorry. : )

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    All of the above smoke. The poor have turned to robbing in order to sustain their habit. I said this would happen years back when they decided to discriminate against smokers and raise the tax on tobacco to ridiculous proportions. Their thought was, make smoking so expensive people would quit. The majority still smoke and as I said, the one's who can no longer afford it are committing crimes to get their tobacco. 

    I think it's time this country had a tobacco party. The government makes too much money off the tobacco industry. A tobacco party would hurt the government or more rightly, the pockets of those on capitol hill. 


    I no longer smoke cigarettes. I use Nicorette gum. It’s not as harmful as cigarettes but it’s very expensive.
    I’m so addicted I swear that if I couldn’t get the gum I would steal it. Nicorette is locked in a case so I would have to break the glass and run with a pack of chewing gum in my hands. I’d have to go to the ER to have my hands bandaged. I’d have to spend some nights in jail or prison ... whatever. Expensive to taxpayers.
    Smoking is partly to cause for my mother’s death (a stroke) My daughter has the very same powerful addiction I have. In California it’s simply not”cool" to smoke. We can’t! My daughter and I are very fortunate to be able to afford gum.
    Colleen, You have second sight. You saw what was coming.
    I’m joining the Tobacco Party.
    Obama smokes, I think.

    itsmee,I would be happy to join you, the gum and tobacco patches are a ridiculous price,and like you I find I either use them or smoke, I still smoke

    I smoke and whats worse is, I smoke the little cigars that look like cigarettes because they are cheaper....


    The first time I tried to quit, I went kind of catatonic. I sat on the couch staring at the wall. I knew it was time to pick my daughter up at school but I was barely able to move. I DIDN’T KNOW IF I COULD PICK HER UP.
    Terrible. I took many classes and spent a lot of money to semi-quit my addiction to nicotine.

    I rember in the eary eighties when a carton of cigarettes was $ 5,00. in NH. I would not pay another dollar for a pack. I have plent of chewing gum. The only problem is, I crave more food. Last time I quit, I put on 10 pounds. I have to watch that. and stock up on yogurt when I am hungry. I dont  like beeing bigger than size 10.


    Ohhh...I remember saying I would quit when they hit $1.80,now pay $16.00! ouch

    Lamby, I would never pay $ 16 for a pack of cigarettes. That is highway robbery. Here in NH. in a store they charge $ 5.84 a Pack.

    Anne, your absolutely correct,they rely on us to make exorbitant money on the tax from cigarettes, If the government were truly concerned re the health issues nicotine patches and other aids to quit the habit should be made affordable

    People with "FAGS in there "Mouths. Sorry itsmee. No not "YOU but me I really Feel sorry for the people that  smoke .Someone should  lobby "Government's  .The Tobacco Industry  are making huge "profits Every time there is a TAX  Hike !!   Just like alcohol !! It does not matter who you are "RICH or  "POOR .you   PAY. HEALTH  Issues come to the fore !! very  good  argument  .Should  the UK smokers pay for treatment ? I say NO. But  then "WHO am I.


    Over eating is also a very large health issue this side of the water.

    Drinking too much soda is an issue too.

    Just a note for any who may not know, fag is UK term for cigarettes.

    I'm not from the U.K, smoke and have paid for health insurance all my life,as I have paid taxes.Never claimed a penny on welfare (or whatever currency applies) and am tired of being discriminated after having been "hooked" on cigarettes for some 40 years, I too look at the health issues we now have with an overweight population, alcoholics, and other drugs of addiction, I too pay taxes to assist them,who I may add have not all paid through the nose for health cover and rely on the public system


    A lot of the people who smoke are those that at a younger age were exposed to all the advertising and hype of that time claiming it to be O.K,  it was totally acceptable and cigarettes were offered to guests and friends as you would a coffee or a drink, unfortunately some have remained addicted as I have and have suffered health problems as a result, we all are aware now they can cause a myriad of problems including social isolation. I believe if the government were sincere in their concern about smoking they would withdraw them from the market, which of course will never happen, though after exhausting numerous avenues to quit, I wish they would


    addit, I consider myself to be of average income,2 wages(thank goodness only I smoke)

    More than aceptable it was claimed to even have health benefits! Calmed the nerves & all that.I started smoking as soon as I could afford to buy my own.In those days a pack of 20 was about 3 Shiiling & sixpence (35 cents now).I have said it before.If everybody did stop smoking this country would lose an enormous amount of revenue they get from tobacco sales.

    Tommyh, you bet they would, and like you can remember when cigarettes were not considered harmful, my mum used to get me to light hers sometimes when I was a kid

    Only after sex which isn't very often these days..look at all the money Im saving...none !

    Quit for a few weeks, felt terrible. Bad attitude, major appetite, wife was ready to put a bullet in me. I'm smoking again and feel normal once more. An expensive bad habit. Their $5.50 here in PA at anyone of the smoke shops. Every class of people here, smoke, rich or not so rich.

    I quit about 8-9 months ago. Cigarettes in Maine are around $7.00 per pack...I like having that extra pocket money nowadays.

    Some of all categories you mentioned. I quit long time ago !

    I quit 30 years ago.


    42 years ago! :)


    In my early 20's I smoked.  I went from a "lightweight" cigarette to Marlboro reds within a couple of months.  I liked smoking, but it wasn't good for me.  I'm glad I quit. 
    All three of my sons smoke.  The youngest one quite last year.  He was buying Camels and pulling the filters off.   The middle one hasn't smoked since 3/28/11....when he got arrested.  The eldest had a two month break, and has been exposed for nearly a week.  He says he doesn't like it anymore and doesn't want to smoke.  I hope he doesn't smoke just because his GF does. It would be nice if SHE quit, too.  (They have neither a pot to piXX in nor a window out of which to throw it, but she still manages to have money for fags.)
    My dad got cancer in  glands in his neck when I was 3. He had some saliva glads removed  and went through radiation therapy (it was the mid-1950s). The doctor told my mother there was a good chance his personality would be different following the surgery and treatment. It was...he was not as nice from then on.  He lived until 2001, though, a real survivor. 

    Statistics show that smoking can delay the onset of Alzheimers disease as one component appears to prevent the plaques that develop in the brain, though it is not a cure.

    If you find smoking pleasurable and worry about the cost, why not grow your own tobacco? If you are in the USA, that is where it grew originally so you should have no problems.

    smoking cigarettes is very much a habit of the poor. The educated classes do it a lot less, because most of them knew of the health risks.


    @ Umbriel?

    How many bird have built their nests in your nose?

    LOL!!...What planet are you on today umbriel and yoesh ravi???..Have I missed something here?;-¬...NOTHING TO DO WITH CLASS SYSTEM ;-0 (I`m yet to meet ANYONE who smokes who is!nt educated to whatever smoking may or may not do to them)!

    A sweeping ill informed statement,I suspect your a teeny bit judgmental..... to be polite

    i quit 14 years ago. had a stroke from smoking and a clot in my carotid artery, which was removed. never got full use of my left side back. was paralized about a year.was a long road back.

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