what is vertigo

    what is vertigo, how long does it last

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    Fear of heights, could last a lifetime.

    I suffer with vertigo from time to time and it is horrible.  It happens in the inner ear... This is how it was explained by my doctor. ... The little hairs inside the chamber in your ear get small crystals attached to them... these crystals cause the hairs to flop one way or another causing imbalance or spinning.   Think of seaweed in the ocean.... but now with something heavy attached to the top.

    The doctor can prescribe medication.

    The inbalance and spinning sensation can last as little as half a day or up to two weeks.  It can come and go as you age or never show up again.

    I got it few times in my life... :(

    Vertigo /?v??(?)t??o?/ (from the Latin vert? "a whirling or spinning movement"[1]) is a subtype of dizziness, where there is a feeling of motion when one is stationary.[2] The symptoms are due to an asymmetric dysfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear.[2] It is often associated with nausea and vomiting as well as a balance disorder, causing difficulties standing or walking. There are three types of vertigo: (1) Objective[3]− the patient has the sensation that objects in the environment are moving; (2) Subjective[4]− patient feels as if he or she is moving; (3)Pseudovertigo[5]− intensive sensation of rotation inside the patient's head.""

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