So much attention...

    Mom and I bought lunch at a "taco trailer" in a strip mall. There was no seating, so we sat on a grassy spot under a tree. We were on a city street, but it was cool and quiet and shady. Mom, by the way, is 93 and had just finished 3 hours of dialysis. But she was OK, and I left her to get some drinks in the mini-mart located in the mall. I was gone for no more than 3 minutes.
    We were eating our food when we heard a fire engine blast and saw it pull into the driveway of the mall and right up to us.  Three paramedics jumped out to see if Mom was OK. During their visit, an "American" ambulance pulled in and was waved off by one of the paramedics. We were finishing our lunch when a police car pulled up and the officer came to check up on us.  I suggested he help he to the car (she likes the attention). While we were walking to the car (spitting distance for a camel), a second officer drove up to make sure we were OK.
    That's a lot of attention; interestingly the police showed up well AFTER the medical teams.

    On the other hand, my beleaguered son was being booked into the next stop on his jail tour and one of the officers checking his "stuff" commented that he "needed" one of the books my son brought with him.  I'm not sure if this was before or after a detective walking by decided it would be a good idea to slam my son's face against a brick wall while my son stood silently, shackled at wrist, waist, and feet. The detective was on his way down the corridor and just made the detour to greet my son.  (No excuses for my son; he said he hadn't made any comment or even looked at the detective).  I think the guy was way out of line (not hearing his side of the story notwithstanding), but who is going to say anything when you are at the mercy of their whim?

    THE QUESTION IS:  What do you think is the most important duty of an officer of the law?   How should (s)he execute that duty?
    Have you, or do you know someone, who has been harassed or mistreated by law enforcement (as it appears happened to my son)? Do you have a good experience (such as my mom's) to relate? 

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    I have to be very honest with you Bob... I really haven't had a lot of dealings with police officers, firemen or paremedics, other than the paramedic my sister was engaged to a lifetime ago (Literally).  I didn't care for that man at all.


    I understand your comment. It seems that many people in a position of "authority" or "responsibility" become over-zealous and sometimes unreasonably forceful just because they can.

    This guy definitely had an ego thing going on. I thought and still think of him as a ..... I can't say the word within this venue!

    I'm lost. Why did the all the emergency personal come to check on your mom? You didn't mention that she was having any issues. 


    She wasn't. Someone saw her sitting with her back up against the tree and let the imagination run wild.

    Here it's law, all 3 have to show up to any emergency. No order of arrival necessarily. As for police abuse, it happens, we know this. Most police stations have surveillance cameras. If this officer did indeed push his face into the wall for no reason, I bet it's on tape. Your son should speak to his lawyer.

    Thanks, Colleen. I'm meeting with the attorney who will represent him in this and the last phase of his rampage. I'll be sure to mention it to him. Hopefully this attorney will actually visit with my son and get to know him a little bit. He's made some big mistakes and knows he has to compensate; hopefully the time can be minimized....that's my hope.

    During one of my insulin reactions, the fire dept (damn, they are cute)was here, the ambulance people, and a cop just showed up out of curiosity.He was real nice about it. Another time, a friend had gone through my garbage looking for cans and failed to put the trash back. I had my backdoor opened and a cop stopped by because it all looked suspicious. I was grateful for the thoughtfulness.........

    Sounds like a typical day in the city,sirens,malls ,cops and confusement on everyones behalf, my question to you do you feel like justice was served or an over zelous community effort to ruin your day ?


    Didn't ruin the day; we appreciated that someone cared (or was busybody) enough to make the call and that authorities responded. Wish they were that prompt when crimes are underway. :(

    Am glad it didn`t ruin your day!...I`d be glad if anyone was in doubt re my mum`s or anyones welfare that they at least checked things were ok!..where I come from people tend to avert their eyes or cross the road rather than put themselves out:-z..I would rather be considered a busybody and go check than leave someone who may be in some sort of distress!..Just after my DAD died I was walking home in a busy town..hat pulled well down..but sobbing my heart out..I was kind of embarassed but it would have been a comfort if just ONE kind person had just asked if I was ok!...i wasn`t out for attention obs..but on top of all my didn`t exactly restore my faith in fellow fact I felt many peoples eyes on me..but I felt like many of them just thought i was mad!!:-z...As for your son..that sounds terrible and I hope you get some proper answers!!
    all the best,millie xx

    No, quite the opposite, our local policeman seems ignorant of the fact that there are a small group of indigenous Australians,few of which work preferring to pick up unemployment benefit and subsequently subsidize their meager(?) benefit by trafficking and using drugs often resulting in spates of petty crime that are rarely addressed, one the other hand there are those of us that are used to being pulled up on our way home from work for breath tests etc,generally a waste of time and time that may be better spent addressing some of the important issues in this small town.Good for them for being "seen" unfortunately just never where needed


    Your agency is probably trying to generate revenue. We get DUI checkpoints quite often. The police, tow companies, city/county, and state make a killing.

    addit: I did however appear to be avoiding police when I drove into the rather obscure entrance to where I work, I was promptly followed down the drive, they thinking I had attempted to dodge them, they climbed an alarmed fence and went through security to be met by a couple of our intellectually disabled clients, I was forced to restrain one all too keen to get too close to the police, they left...very,very abruptly

    YAAAA! What a bunch of nut cases....and I don't mean your clients!

    That's exactly what it's about, shame they don't concentrate their efforts on a small section of the community that bully, harass and thieve from the elderly and some shop owners here

    Bob, re your last comment, it was really funny, we have one guy that loves cars and has been taken away by the police for violent behavior in the past, I had to extract him out of their vehicle, they couldn't leave fast enough

    Is this 2 different stories or did all this happen at the same time?


    It is two separate incidents, which I thought I had made clear. Sorry for the confusion. My mother had THIS experience; my son had THAT experience. Compare and contrast.

    I guess you've had the good people and the bad people. What would be worse is if you got a bill for ambulance, etc. services! That would be the ugly!

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