Is it an actor?

    If a female acts in a movie or a show, do you call her an “actor"

    If you do call her an actor, are you comfortable saying it?

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    I call a female actor and actress.

    I say "actress" or in plural, I will say "actors"........

    The females in the biz today call themselves actors. I think it has to do with the whole pc equality thing. 


    I thought it had to do with what’s politically correct. However that doesn’t make sense. No woman in her right mind wants to be a man.

    It's not that. They just no longer want the separation. Actor means more than actress does. Actor carries a level of respect that actress does not.

    These days it seems she's an actor. They refer to themselves as an actor so I guess it's OK.

    I call her an actress, but do understand Colleens' point about the industry still considering the actors to be more important than the actress. 


    Grrrrrrr. The industry is all men or mostly men, I take it.

    call her actress

    The young, female celebrities of today, call themselves "actors", whether they can or can't. In either case, I won't lose sleep over anything that occurs in Hollywood.     :)

    I say actor and I say flight attendant.  It is a respect thing.

    I would call them an " actress". Actors is a plural.

    I would say actress, I'm not into all that politically correct crap.

    If their Brittish I would call them..Ackton !


    Ackton is somwhere near Wemberly i think,??

    Why would you call them that daren , is there a reason?

    NOO..just trying to be witty...

    Yes. Despite my name. "Lassie", I was a male ACTOR!

    My word is actress.

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