wher can i find brocken chipe or 2nds of armaniflorance figurines who sells

    hellow i have a few armani figurines etc now but i dont cair about signurchers stamps or eny hing like that i would gladley buy items simmeler 2 this armani florance but i can not find simmeler at all and no 1 has been abel 2 help i even put a bet on that i woul pay 10pounds if a ebay er could tell me wher i could buy simmeler 2 armani i no armani florance and then theirs armani etc diffrent names all the same realy but  can not find enything simmeler then some 1 said try chinai did but they want 2 sell in 1oos notme as a collector always they dont want that but if eny 1 can help plse let me no as i would be over themoon and a tenner 2 the finder of the place they willsell me armani figurines or simmeler chiped or brocken i think this is a hard 1 as no 1 no1 has been abel 2 helpme hope 2 hear from u annei james 

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    Here is the official site.  Phone or email customer service. Link >

    i have already looked at tht sight and its very very exspencive and all are lovely but sorry i carnt buy whot i want from their thanks tho


    Can you not contact customer service? ... or find links from that site?

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