Have you ever cheated on a test?

    I confess, I helped my best friend cheat. I held up 1 finger for true and 2 fingers for false. I was always good at test.......

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    Probably... I had a friend that cheated from my tests in film experience.  That information stuck in my branium and not her's and so I helped her pass. 

    HELL YES. Cheat sheets, I could write so small the print looked like bacteria.


    It was actually a good exercise in learning how to concentrate large/complex pieces of knowledge into a not shell


    If you have more stuff like that you could take the show on the road. LOL. LOL.

    I did & yes I too confess... it was cool to do it in the culture in which it happen




    nope never had to if i see it or hear it just once i remember it! ha haha

    Mostly in American Government my senior year in high school.  The teacher gave the same study guides and quizzes every year. A friend kept it all in a binder and gave it to me. I wrote the quiz answers on a tiny shard of paper, much like ed shank's bacteria. During the 10 page final, pages were being passed around the room.  The teacher never looked up. We corrected the first couple pages in class. I passed my papers to the friend behind me and my pen. She wrote in the answers I'd left blank...similar handwriting.   Would NEVER cheat today.  If I don't do it myself, it doesn't get done, or I'll give credit where credit is due. 


    I tore a photograph of Jim Morrison out of a magazine. (16?) I ripped off a bell Christmas ornament and had to take it back. (8?) Senior Year in highschool I cheated somehow with my friend, Francine. We cheated on The Scarlet Letter or The House of Green Gables. We got called out in class. OMG. It was a truly awful experience ... all of them.

    I cheated on a pregnancy test about 19 years ago, I made a B+. (B as in boy)



    "CHEAT !! NEVER. Dont know how to. I blush just telling white lies.Now married "Frighten !! My wife seeks advice of our Mod "COLLEEN !! I am a "Zombie Controlled by remote !! I am "Brainwashed !! I have only "clean  thoughts  In my Brain !! I am begging my dear friends on AKAQA. To tell Colleen stop giving my wife "Ideas.

    Many and I still do given the chance.

    Jh: I’m holding up one finger.


    Pointer finger!!

    I already answered, so don't TU this answer, but it's worth a read.
    In 7th grade, Charlotte sat behind me.  We were two of the brighter students in the class. One day we were assigned the task of writing sentences using our spelling words.  There were probably 20 spelling words; 20 words = 20 sentences.
    The teacher kept us in at recess and showed us our papers.  With the exception of exactly one word, our sentence were identical.   There was no way on earth I'd copied her (I was quite the creative writer), and she certainly was smart enough to create her own sentences.  
    The one time I remember cheating that really kept me honest for a lllloooonnnnnggggg  time was a spelling test (again with the spelling) in 2nd grade.  The word was "sled" and I carefully printed "s-l-e-d" on my paper.  Then my eye caught another student's test, where he had written "s-e-l-d".  WHY I changed my answer is anybody's guess; it was the only word I got wrong the entire year.


    Can you please let me sit next to you on the next test? :)

    Nope...not a cheetah...but I did give out answers...none of them right...serves a cheetah right!!



    This is Luke- he's a cutie patootie but he will grow into a Big Handsome Guy soon!

    he`s gorgeous!!:-)


    High school- 5 classes of same subject...cheat sheet was passed to everyone in each class..2 days later they announced that they were 'highly' suspicious because everyone got the same exact score with the same few questions wrong...couldn't do anything about it because we graduated about 3 days later.  It was part of a Senior Prank.  (Amazing everyone kept their lips sealed).


    Yep...he's got to grow into those big back feets! Leapin' Luke...fluff meister! :)

    I needed help in college Finite Math test from my sisters who are twins.  It was understood that the test would be multiple choice.  I comfortably sat between the two girls, ready to copy my heart out.  Problem is:  the two sisters had the same test and mine was a different one.  They did it this way so no one could copy off of the neighbor's answers.  When no one was looking, I switched my test with one of my sisters.  She totally freaked out until I said "please".  We all passed with flying colors, and Julie, you now know the rest of the story.

    My study method was to write or rewrite what I thought I would need for the test. I would reduce it to a simple cryptic phrase and write that on a tiny piece of paper. Then throw it away because i knew it and didn’t need my little note. My visual memory is far better than trying to remember rote facts. So I use that in preference….visualizing facts as a sequence of images. Many people and animals communicate through visual imagery which to me is far better than the limited verbal skills we learn to use in our culture. It’s not cheating to communicate this way as far as I am concerned.  

    Yes a drug test .. i stayed up all night studying and guess what I failed ....



    My brother has.

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