in "talking therapy" does complaing lead to acceptance eventual resolution?

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    Acceptance?  Perhaps more understanding what bothers the other person and maybe figuring out a compromise or way to change unhealthy behaviors.  
    Complaining doesn't really solve anything in any situation.  
    I can see where bringing out problems where everyone can see them can lead to accepting there is a problem (certainly not MY problem, but YOURS, be it with ME, of course  lol).  In that case, like I said, compromise and solutions can be discussed and enacted.  
    In the best case scenario, the issue(s) get(s) resolved. 

    Talk therapy brings the problem to a head. Recognizing a problem for what it is is healthier for you, give it a name and deal with it. Talk to a professional, don't burden those around you........

    You might need help in that "department "Professional !! help could be required Good luck.

    I doubt it, complaining in itself is not positive, perhaps compromise or should it promote a better understanding of the issue involved may be more constructive or conducive to complaint resolution

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