in major depression, does "complaining lead to acceptance and evenually resolution?

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    The "complaint" is often a symptom..for example if the client complains that they have no patience...lack of focus..insomnia...these can all be seen as expressions of illness rather than 'complaints".That being said then "yes" a degree...the client must be open and learned enough to see the co-relation of complaint/symptom to very real depression...that it may be a viable diagnosis (acceptance) and then either accepts a go at treatment...or not(resolution).Now,given there is no real "cure" for depression and only treatments...the ultimate resolution in the eye of the therapist is to get the client into (often very expensive) treatment.I may be a stickler for wording here but I see resolution as being that which the client decides. Peace.

    Complaining makes a depressed person feel better but, doesn't help matters. It's nice to be heard. I would suggest serious counsel. Perhaps medication is needed......

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