can a chat room be close

     i was in the chat room today room 29 and just becasue i said hi to a person that they  all dont like they  all iggy me just for saying hi to him and they  also said that they did want any dram in the  just becasue i said hi to him hope you can close this room get back to me dainne lancaster10 and here is my phone number 304 455 0118 

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    We can't get back to you dianelancaster10 as we are a general question and answer site.  We certainly don't have a chat room.  I can't speak for anyone else but the only Iggy that I know of other than iguanas named 'Iggy' (Original I know!  Much like Hamsters being named 'Hammy'), is Iggy Pop.  Now, depending on what kind of mood Iggy Pop may be in at any given moment and also considering how many flying tomatoes that man has dodged in a lifetime ... maybe the other 'chatters' have a point!

    Personally, I am with you.  I would have a conversation with Iggy Pop in spite of how unusual that may turn out to be.

    I hope you can resolve this issue and Good Luck to you.

    "If I don't terrorize, I'm not Pop."  Iggy Pop




    Sounds like the drama the've posted your number on the world wide web for the whole world to see...just sayinnnnnn'.

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