What do I do about this?

    My relative writes STAMPED letters to me frequently. I'm on her prayer list. She uses my name and names of my family members when she goes to her prayer circle. There's nothing wrong with it, I suppose but it just kinda irks me. I do not believe her prayers will help me. If I said, "Please do not include my name and my childrens' names in your prayer group" I absolutely know that would end the relationship. 

    As I wrote this I came to the conclusion that I should just keep my mouth shut. What do you think? 

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    Shine on you crazy diamond!!You're not so shabby yerself there kid!! Aha! ;)

    Tell her to knock it off. She's not trying to help you. This is not an act of love. Like any other religious fanatic, she is trying to control you. This is her helping herself. She thinks she'll be in with God better because she was the good little sheep herder. She has not right to pray for you if you do not want her prayers. She is invading your spiritual space. Even God does not do that. Ask her why she is placing herself above God. Your life and your relationship with God is none of her business. What relationship do you have with her other than her trying to convert you? I see no relationship here since she does not respect you. But do as you will.

    Come to think of it, Colleen, there really is no relationship. For the sake of the rest of the family I will rest my case against her. I'll smile at holiday dinners and that will be totally the end of it. I will not try to convert her to my friendship.

    Colleen...I love the way you just sheer it down baby...right down to the bare bones of it! :)

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    They believe in what they do.Let them.It's too bad they feel the need to announce their "good deed" to you however...I've always felt that doing this was an know..I'm doing this for you and thus am superior...yeh baby there's a lot of attitude going down when people announce how malevolently...(oh sorry, wrong word but it sorta rhymes)..benevolently they dispense with their prayers! Just say in your mind .."Go in peace"... knowing that you know that they have this insane, I mean innate, need to lay their...stuff, we'll call it..on others. It is a sort of psychically invasive behaviour.That's what you're feeling is the egoistic bits of all of it. That's my take for what it's worth! Peace itsmee!


    I think you are bright. Very. Peace lidilou <3

    Your prayers should be your own private business ..unless you ask O`S to pray for you!(imho)!!...Talk to her or leave it and don`t get worked up re it!!....Take it with a pinch of salt!!!:-) obviously makes her feel better..I`D just let it go...and not react..unless she is telling people personal family things!:-?

    good luck!

    Just let it go. She probably has good intentions and does not know how you feel

    I don't go with the mentioning of others names, it's nobody's business. But I would leave her praying for me alone. Doesn't hurt a soul...........

    I doubt I would appreciate the fact names are mentioned either, however this obviously makes her feel that she is "helping" be it in a way you don't care for, a similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago, I wasn't aware that everyone in a congregation were praying for me every Sunday, at the request of a relative, their hearts are in the right place though like you I don't see the need to announce names, be gracious and let it go


    Understanding is everything...I love this site for that...everyones' level of understanding varies due to this rich tapestry of experience and diversity of all else human and yet we seem to all agree that the better way..the most compassionate through our mutual understanding that life is for living and not wasting on negatives that send out their tendrils to capture and distract us in many forms. So,anonymity is a definite yes for me too!!! :)

    agreed, we are indeed a web of diverse personalities, and fortunately, yes, I think most here are compassionate and at times we can agree to disagree....all good

    Yeah.Shut up & cop it sweet Itsmee.It can't do any harm & it obviously helps her to feel better about herself. So in a strange 'round-a-bout sort of way you are helping her out.


    Real subtle there Cowboy!! "Shut up and cop it"??? What ...were you raised by wild Dingoes or what there Thomas??? LMAO!!!

    Read the whole answer."Cop it sweet" has a whole 'nuther meaning to "Cop it".Here in OZ anyhow.

    Okay...I'm curiuos...what does it mean in Ozland?

    What does shut up mean in Oz? I think that's a bit harsh.

    Personally I think she should tell her relative to shut it. What a rude woman to go against someones wishes. That is not help. That is control and not a positive thing. Why should Itsmee have to help this woman who does not care about helping others? Invading another's spiritual space actually can do harm. Itsmee has every right to protect her spiritual space.

    My answer was not intended as offensive.Certainly not to Itsmee possibly the sweetest person who uses this site.I think you all are having trouble with my idiom.Shut up & cop it sweet simply means " don't get into it with her" Or remain aloof.Don't bite.

    I get ya now...cop it here means get the heck outta here...thought you were saying 'sweet itsmee'..ha! LL

    I like this, Tommy "Remain aloof and don't bite" It's a good word picture of how I will treat the little lady who prays on me.
    Tommy always gives me his best. <3 @@ : ))

    Tell her you are very grateful to her kind deed.  Insist that she spell all the names of your family members, correctly, and not to omit all middle names.  If she asks why, just inform her that you would not want any ambiguity with the almighty when the prayers reach the heavens.


    I like this. I may not actually use it but I like it. Yep. : D

    It will not harm you...

    Often time it's the mechanics car that needs the most work, let it go and perhaps say a prayer for her, we all need a prayer don't let pride get in your way her intentions are good..

    Does she write any family news or things personal? If not just throw the unopened letters out!


    Just make sure there's no cash in any of 'em first maybe... ;D

    ut oh, I missed something.

    Oh wait ... I get it. I'll look for green back dollars.

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