How do I fix my playstation3;won't turn on,blinking red light?

    The on/off light, the power on light, is green when I plug it in, but when I touch it, it turns red and blinks on and off. I have seen some you tube videos covering this topic but they are not precise.

    Help, please? Thanks!

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    2 Answers… If you still have a warranty with Sony, send it to them, otherwise (if you want to get it repaired) you are better off looking for an online PS3 repair service that won't reformat your HDD (so you won't lose all your data). I would suggest you buy a new PS3 because any repair you get will be temporary and costly

    From what I've read, there is nothing you can do. The machine is dead. It needs to be sent into Sony for servicing.  Apparently this is a hard drive issue.  If your machine is not that old, demand in nice but forceful way that it be repaired for free. From what I gather, this happens to a lot of their machines. Good luck. 

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