how can I get the children to clean up after them selves?

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    how, old are thekids

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    No privileges until they clean up their messes. No tv, computer, video games, no socializing. You have to be consistent with it, but it does work.

    Homework first..and on a Friday we no longer have the Sun night/Monday am dramas!..Then they each have the responsibility of keeping their rooms tidy and clean....THEN FUN FUN FUN...Or their grounded!LOL..Tough love!!!LOL:-)

    What I am doing with my son which is now having a positive effect is I rotate his toys so that there are only so many out at any given time.  Every evening before bed we make a game of cleaning up.  The entire family gets involved and we are positive about it. 

    It has been a bit of a journey but this morning he showed me how he can clean up all by himself.

    Don't forget to praise enthusiastically.

    Make it into a game, sing the "Barney Clean-Up Song", And nothing good follows not cleaning up.....

    If your kids are leaving things everywhere, I suggest getting a garbage bag throwing it in there and load it in to the bin, kids soon learn, rather than ask make sure there is always a punishment for there disregard for discipline, say it twice after that just do it .. you have to be consistent to get results with kids ..


    Good luck ...

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    I don't have children my sister did and her daughter use to make a disaster zone every night. My sister would spend an hour fighting with her and end up doing it anyway.
    I ended up getting a bag and filled the bag full of everything she started crying, I said no too bad you do this every night and walked out threw it in the bin, when she went to sleep I got it out put it in my car.
    After a week of her cleaning everything because Aunty will throw it away, I gave her toys back , the next time she left a mess I did it again but didn't give it back until Xmas. With your child with that comment I would have waited until Xmas wrapped them up and said Merry Christmas, see Santa didn't want to give you new toys because you don't look after your old ones ..

    Probably lucky I couldn't have my own kids, I was brought up hard , Im okay ... Im saying this as I drool and my head shakes :)..

    When I was a kid I had 6 toys I still have them today they are over 30 years old they all work, we learn to appreciate small things:)..
    Now days no one allows there child to be bored, they throw a Xbox or an Ipod or something in front of them.
    Kids have so many toys they could never play with them all.. Then on the other hand there are kids with nothing, I would probably take the toys off my kids and make them give them to someone whom has nothing..

    I'm glad you didn't throw out the toys for good. Keeping them away from the child is good. NOT giving them a bunch of new stuff for Christmas is good, too.

    I don't believe in miracles, and if your children are anything like mine were, it would take one, just know everyone that has or has had children can empathize with you, after years of unsuccessful attempts from punishment to bribery I learned that shutting their doors was the answer, however if they messed up the rest of the house privileges were withdrawn  and if the stuff left lying around was theirs it either went in the bin or was confiscated

    If they are boys, you can't.


    WHAAAAT???...WHY`S THAT THEN??..My boy child:-)..gets NOTHING (but grief and nagging);-)..if he doesn`t pull his weight!!!

    Start by being a good example!
    I like the idea of making a game of it.
    Having a place for everything makes it easier to put everything in its place.
    I also agree that withholding the TV, computer, etc.  possibly delaying a meal or going out.  You would need to not give the kids the power to control that, though.....delaying a meal or leaving for someplace (even an appointment).....they can't know that you have an agenda and such. 
    My kids (troublesome as they are now), weren't messy as children.  They had "respect" for their stuff and took good care of it.  I'm not sure why...we weren't the best parents or role models.  ?????????

    If you solve this riddle you could be a millionaire.Write the book & get it published.Even sell the movie rights.It would be a best seller for certain. In the meantime just learn to live with what parents/grandparents have had to deal with since time began.KIDS ARE MESSY!

    Positive reinforcement- focus on how good they clean up- and how they are trying!  Give them a small treat when they do a big clean up or super job!  (and remember that not everyone is a neat nick).

    I think children have to be though from a young age to be tidy, and follow on with it. Other wise, if they are older now, and dont help to tidy up, I would refuse to do any thing for them.

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