timing marks for a 2.2 2005 chevy malibu

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    What are main problems of 1999 chevy malibu LS

    Windy Lindy

    Hi their! There have been some of the same simular type problems that always have something to do with wiring. I got a oil change, that was needed. I took it in for that and the fact that the blower stopped working. So that can be dangerous with no defroster in the rain. Anyway I mentioned that I would have no heat, and I thought that since I got it in, about 2 months ago, that they would realize my main concern was not having a/c. We get some very hot and humid days and I have asthma. It took 3 weeks to get it in and then they had it for a week, I guess cuz there was noone around to do wiring. I guess the wiring was all goofed up. This was at Ron's Exhaust in Wilmington, IL. They have ton's of business but due to some employees out on serious medical issues now, plus the owners mother in very ill, so it seems they have no back up help. I paid 30.00 for oil change. And 140.00 for wiring and the radio works great, however that wasn't why I took the car in. The blower in now fixed but with no a/c and they are so busy they don't even answer the phone at this point. I really want to watch saying anything negitive, because they are really good people with a huge business. It just seens that they could really use some extra help. They don't even have someone to answer the phone at this point anymore. I am praying for their family. But in the meanwhile what can I do to get me a/c working again with my health situation I having asthma. I need to get it fixed asap. The prices I have been quoted 75.00 for best offer. I don't know what else to do besides get rid of the car and I love it, besides the same old crap going wrong over & over. Any ideas, please. I'm really needing some help from someone that knows what they are talking about. thanks so much

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