Right this very moment, where do you wish you could be?

    I'd be at a lake. (Donner or Tahoe) The water would be bluest blue as would the sky. There would be some puffs of clouds. The pine trees would be tall and there would be a breeze blowing through them. I would be staying in a little cabin with comfortable beds. I think I'd like to have a row boat handy and plenty of sunscreen. For dinner we'd barbeque steaks, salad, and baked potatoes. In the evening we'd go into town and see a movie. 

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    I'm not at these lakes...I'm at French Creek B.C. and you are describing my place and now I'm wonder I never go on vacation...I'm already here!!! LOL ;D

    Lucky duck.

    lindilou I have found your place see below x


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    San Antonio.  I would love to see my new born granddaughter.


    Chiangmai found your place looks fab(see below) I to wish you could see your granddaughter perhaps soon xxx

    Thx,Mel, tears flowing.

    What's her first name and how much did she weigh?
    I have three little grandaughters. 6,5 and almost 3
    I live around the corner from them. Lucky me?

    Sylvie, 7.8 lbs. You ARE very lucky.

    I would be staying in a little cabin with comfortable beds. I think I'd like to have a row boat handy and plenty of sunscreen. For dinner we'd barbeque steaks, salad, and baked potatoes. In the evening we'd go into town and see a movie. C'mon Itsmee, you know you want to!!!!



    I can't argue, KOTF. We'd get all suntanned and windblown. Oh my! : ))

    I know that I'm 3 years late, but can I come along? :)

    Maybe next time duck.


    I would like to be in a house close to the ocean on Vancouver Island.  The last one we looked at was almost perfect... Le' Sigh.


    I have found your destination see below x

    What would be perfect?...I'll keep an ear to the beach so to speak! ;)

    My hammock with a Budweiser. I just came in to check the weather on line. I will return to the hammock as soon as I'm done here.


    I hope it's after noon where you are. It's 11:45AM here. I've never layed in a hammock. They look kinda scary. (Especially after a beer)
    I had my first beer in about five years last night. Yowsers!

    It is 9.55pm here, have a nice day.

    Sounds like an ideal day to me.

    I'd be preparing myself for a dip in the hotsprings..then room service and a suntan session on the private deck and some talk and laughs with some lucky individual followed by more room service and then catch a show or not...more hotsprings then room service and a movie and maybe a snack from room service again...doze a little...go to the parade...ahhhh what a life!!!





    The last one was lacking a safe yard for my son and dogs to romp around in and studio space... the house was actually too perfect to use any usable space as a pottery studio but actually did contain a perfect painting studio. I also would like to avoid 'off white' wall to wall carpeting! :)

    Is this a real natural hot spring? I am realy interested an going to one like this...

    On a beach in Greece, my favorite place.


    I have found your destination see below x

    Exactly were I am now. No time to wish/dream...


    Me too...but if I just paddle like a crazy down the coast I'll be the crazy hippy mama in the canoe asking directions to the Mattole River!!! Hahaha! I love California!!!

    Do you say where you are in California?

    Yes valR these are in Banff.There are many throughout these mountains!Here's a link to some in B.C.>>>

    Somewhere warm on sandy beach. 


    come to california

    I'm a native Californian. I love the beach but had to move away several years ago. Only wealthy people can afford homes there. The air is good. The people are friendly. The ocean is magnificent. "Le' Weep"

    On my way. Sea, sand and sunshine. 3 s's I need just now.

     ""@ Chaingmai this is it x


    "" @ lindilou this is where you are wow x  

    "" @ sunnyB this looks good! 

    "" @ Fishlet wow 

    ""itsmee wow that looks fabulouse x 

    ""  this will do nicely


    Heeeyyyy! The marina!! You got it baby...shall I pop on a kettle?? Thanks melandruper !

    What about ROMOS???
    Weepsy weep!!!

    Shall we let ROMOS ,come if he brings the drinks,??

    What about me, me, me(!)? :(

    Lindilou wish I was there I would put the kettle on most definitely xxx:-)

    romos did you mention a place if you did I couldn't find it sorry still love ya xxx

    I'd like to be mentally and physically and spiritually in a better place. This would require an adjustment in my attitude and some better circumstances for my family. 
    Being at the coast, enjoying the beach, nightlife, and sharing the experience with the elusive Mr. Right sounds good.  Beach could be any number of wonderful places.  
    I'd kind of like to be in an Italian or French village, where I rode my bicycle from place to place and enjoyed visiting with the locals at sidewalk cafes.  Still needs to be coastal.  :D 

    I'd like to be on the Texas Coast...........

    I don't want to be anywhere else. I like where I am.

    anywhere but here. Most of my frineds and all of  my relatives  have either moved away from here , or want to.


    What a shame. Wish I could have you to my place. No palace but a change, I'd turn the a.c. on....

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