Would you divorce your wife if she adopted 550 cats?


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    I am surprised that the humane society was not called in.  550 cats in one dwelling... that must be one gigantic house.

    She would also have to have staff to assist her in caring for the cats. 

    I don't know if I believe this article.  I have dealt with  a lot of cat rescue societies over the years... Not one of them housed 550 cats and all of them had a large team of volunteers caring for the cats.

    One person - 550 cats... something does not add up.


    Another urban myth perhaps?

    I think you are correct dear Ducky.

    550 cats would equal tons of feces, urine and cat hair every week, not to mention money for food costs.  This is not "a caring person".  This is a person with a mental illness.  I'm afraid that SHE needs care.

    Divorced and committed.

    I'd start the paperwork after 10 cats. Imagine the full time work just to keep up! God Bless you, @eggie but I don't know if I buy this article....


    dont buy the article, buy some cat food! hahaha

    For some reason cats keep ariving here but I don't mind they keep the vermin down. And I would not ever devorce my wife for anything she works for me replacements of that calibre are hard to find

    Seems to me he should have put a halt to this activity about 549 cats ago. 


    She probably said, "Oh come on, honey, just a few more. They need me." :)

    ONLY TEMPORARILY.  IF she had 550 Rats  running  around !! IF she included "ME" 551.

    This is what they  call an Animal hoarder. It would be impossible to take care of so many cats by one woman.So I am very skeptical about that story. A woman  and her daughter in our community, had 78 cats in theire trailer. Many dead ones and sick ones. Theire trailer was condemmed and all the surviving cats were taken to the humane society.

    Cat owners need to take responsibility and have theire cats neutered, male and female.. There is so much suffering among ferral cats. We had five cats at one time and they were all neutered, I love cats and dogs.


    I agree...the story itself sounds like a "story". :(

    Divorce??? heck that's just good target practice.......LOL sorry couldn't resis,t I do like cats, We have three new babies under the porch steps, And a proud mama..

    the poor woman has a problem but the problem starts with all the cats rejected by all you "good and responsible cat owners"in the first place.birth control is easy in kittens and would go a long way to stop the problem of stray cats. 


    I don't have cats, dude. I think they should be banned altogether.

    on that we agree.

    i would get a divorce if she came home with one cat,wife and cat in the street(only joking).she sounds a caring person. 


    Caring? You're joking!

    No...she sounds like a fruitcake!(say`s she who has way too many..but much loved and cared for cat`s herself)!!!(Rescue cats)...That is mad and wrong IMHO....caring for even one cat is no mean feat!..They are,health and need plenty of loving and individual attention!...OK i can vaguely see where she is coming from...very vaguely..cos I ADORE CATS and am a sucker for taking on uncared for/unwanted cats...but I hate to think what those cats are going through under her "CARE"!!...:-(

    millie...Is that a medical term? Fruitcake? LOL!!!!!!

    Ummmmmm...yes..sometimes there are no other words:-¬(@ Ducky!...i have no other defense :-Z..(Guilty as charged)!!;-)

    I vote for ballancing the numerical odds and get 8 large dogs that are trained to hunt cats for food and let them find balance in nature. 


    I just can't support this answer; sorry!

    Mother Nature has the perfect solution to this sort of problem …so you are saying we shouldn’t let nature take its course? OK so would releasing coyotes, or wolves to take care of the problem help? Owls and eagles are protected now and they will thrive on a kitten diet. Oh well, Ill just have to let nature do the job.

    I think it is the "hunt cats for food" that gets to me. I fully understand your point; what a mess this silly woman has created.

    Robert, what you are suggesting would be cruel and inhumane. Would you actually stand there and watch this happening?

    Anyone so naive as to allow their cats to breed-up their numbers to 550 is inhumane. My post in counter point to the 550 cat explosion of using natures (inhumane) method of controlling population numbers of non-human creatures is certainly more reasonable than war, pestilence, plague and death that humane humans have employed for the same ends since the dawn of time. I did not suggest a Roman theater such as Lion training to be better estate guards by feeding them the excess numbers of servants…or cats to dogs as caged prey. Roman theater is “Blood Sport” (Yuck!) I do not support such practices and when I do seem to suggest such crewel methods it is to inspire the very spirit of revulsion that you have expressed. There must be a better way and I am not seeing answers that really work from anyone. What is a better way to handle this problem?


    No.  How silly.  Cats are lovely creatures!  Now, if the 550 cats all got fleas...OH KOTF where art thou????

    Hey Eggplant have you been on a UFO. lately? 550 cats ?? must be seeing thing ?


    Perhaps he is an eggplant!!!


    My neighbor has 10 cats that she wasn’t paying attention to except to put food out on the porch for whatever came by including raccoons, skunks, possums, birds and all available strays. So to keep the open zoo from becoming  a feeding station for cougars, bears and coyotes I asked the humane society to check it out. They neutered and spayed all of the cats and check it out regularly as a ferrel cat feeding area.

    I am for all the wild life we can stand. I prefer the big animals keep their distance , but they still come around especially at night.      

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