what is the carb level in wholemeal cous cous

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    Cous Cous is essentially wheat so it is high in carbs, but it is in the lower glycaemic index (GI) range so it breaks down slower. One thing though once you have cooked it, most recipes usually ask you to add a little butter......use extra virgin olive oil instead. An absolutely brilliant very healthy oil. One that should be in the diet of every person. It really is high GI food that puts on weight rather than foods that contain good fats. The "fat in food puts on weight" myth is why we are still seeing obesity increasing while fat intake has dropped The number 1 reason people in the western world have got fatter is processed foods high in added sugar or corn syrup. Even foods that are not "fast foods" but are bought in the supermarkets, if they are processed then chances are very very high, that they will have added sugars Even fast foods say like Maccas, aren't fattening because of fat content, they fattening because they are generally very high GI shakes soft drinks.

    Stick to pasta , wheat maybe different ?


    Brilliant answer ! :)

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