Should I say something?

    She was so dam rude to me. Would it be better to just let it drop? Pretend I didn't notice? With just those clues, what do you say?

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    a soft word turns away wrath.


    my very same thought.

    Yes. That's true.

    I`D it through if you can ..but keep calm..I`ve NO idea what the situation was,but if it`s upset you so much I`d try and seek some closure to it!..(ie find out why she was rude and see if you can placate the situation together)...good luck!

    I would have to say something, but calmly when there are only the two of you, personally I would need to know what warranted the lack of manners and respect


    I will survive without knowing why she lacked manners and respect. : )

    itsmee,I think she owes you that much, no one has the right to be rude

    Itsmee darlin' ! How could anybody possibly be rude to you? You tell her if she does it again she can deal with ME!.LOL. Seriously tho,just move on & don't give her another opportunity to do it again.

    Righteous anger is righteous anger.I would draw the line somewhere.

    On the other hand...Cato said..."Never am I more active than when I do nothing".


    you sis has a great sense of "Humour!! loved it lol thanks lindilou.

    You and Cato are smart cats. : )

    Let it drop this time and try to take a different approach the next time if there is one. In time, after you have tried to make things pleasant and the rudeness doesn’t stop then I would lay into that person.


    Yes. Well said.

    Turn the other "Cheek. They are not worth the time of day!!  If it happens again I would say "Sorry if I bother you or upset you in anyway But I have plenty of things on my mind .Like helping other people who need help. I feel sorry for you  nothing else to do but hurt others "what a sad life !! WALK ON. Alright "Mother -in-law "How is the Broomstick still working .


    My sister had a wicked old hag with a twisted harsh demeanor for an "out-law" and when she finally croaked sis phoned me and didn't say "hello" but sang.." Ding Dong the Witch is dead!!!" hahahaha!

    Drop it or quit


    ! ! ! In most cases this would be my choice.

    itsmee- the one thing you can say if there is a next time is this- "its very hard for me to absorb what you are saying when you are hostile and rude..I'd love to understand your point of view but only when you have calmed says you car but you have strong boundaries too.

    I want you ALL to know that I have read your answers and I love you. Yes, I do! Everybody gave the right answer whether it was "Do something" or "Do nothing"  To be able to be in touch with such quick understanding and counseling is rare. 

    I have decided to say nothing. I would go along with ValR's comment "Drop it or quit" but in my case quitting would be totally impossible.

    I've studied your responses looking for the right answer to pass the test. 

    Yep, silence and hopefully forgetting will be my way. It was a difficult decision. 



    Life is short enjoy it "GIRL" that type must have a miserable life ."Know the saying or song .Smile and the world "smile`s with you. CRY and your on your own !!love you take care.your friend .

    dowsa ... I'm smiling.
    'Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone."
    Good words for all occasions. Thank you.

    I read a story once about a Queen who..whilst her King was away on Kingly business...had taken a presumed lover.Well the King came home early to be apprehended in the hall by a butler at the door of the Queens' chambers.He was warned not to go in but in he did go.The Queen was mortified and sitting protectively upon a very large trunk...when she saw her King she simply fled from her room! The King sat down on the trunk contemplating opening it. Then he called four of his strong men to come and ordered that the trunk be taken out and sunk in the deep blue sea. In this way he maintained his personal power by his silence.

    : ) mmmmm. hmmmmm.

    I didn't read your answer, because I wanted to chime in with no additional information  (and because I have an usual).
    IF this is the first time you've been treated rudely, look at the situation and see if the (re)action of rudeness has an explanation.  Maybe let it go this time.
    IF this is consistent behavior from this person, it's time to put the skids on, because it has bothered you enough to bring it to us.  
    My thought is you won't want to create a scene or have any kind of confrontation, so maybe just gently bringing it up over coffee or something....."You know, the other day when XXXXX, I was hurt by your remarks/attitude.  It just seemed really rude to me, and  (a) I've never felt that way about you before"; or, (b) "it's not the first time I've felt this way".  
    "I treasure our friendship and am having trouble getting past my feelings." 
    Something along those lines.  Then let her take it from there.  You know the drill.  "I feel" verses "YOU this/that".  
    Love you, itsmeee.   


    She is a relative and this makes a difference. I will stay silent and try to forget.
    I'm sensitive. Things that other people might blow off can hit me like a truckload of rocks. I know that about me. It's my best trait and my worst trait.
    Love you too!

    itsmee, I hope this is an isolated event for you. My sister has been obnoxious to me for years (and vice versa, I'm sure she would say). The last time she got in my face was the last time she got in my face. I, too, remained silent, and it's nice not putting up with her thinly veiled disapproval and superiority complex. Again, I hope you don't get treated rudely on a regular basis. :(

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