How do you Use Twitter? I'm registered but don't know how to use it

    How do you use Twitter?

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    This is how it was explained to me by a trained professional at a workshop for e-commerce.

    Begin slowly by just tweeting something like, "Hey!  I ate at Schooners in Tofino and had the best meal of my life!"

    Wait and see what happens.

    Maybe the next thing is, "I am at the Fringe and saw a great show called Unidentified Human Remains."

    People will begin to respond.  It is best to stay out of the ugly fray and there is a lot of that.  Stay up beat and positve and good things will be returned to you.  Good Luck and Have fun!

    Here are a few more examples...

    HI from Granville Island!  The market is hopping today... the bagels are fresh and the strawberries look amazing!  It's wonderful here! 

    or... Man!  It's raining today... what's your weather like?

    Light, up beat and positive... begin your adventure!

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