Simply looking for some advice here, recently, as in the last few months, ive been going through a faze where im over emotional on an almost constant basis. Im a 19 year old guy, just started uni and moved out this year, have never been happier or more comfortable with myself, but every time i turn on the television i end up in floods of tears, any time something negative happens to somebody else i get physically upset over it. this is begining to interfere with my life, finding it hard to talk

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    You're out in the big bad world all by yourself for probably the first time in your life.

    You no longer have the comfort of your family life.

    Give it time, you're probably homesick, find time to make new friends, take part in new activities, enjoy Uni, it's something you'll look back on with fondness for the rest of your life.

    Things will improve if you give it time, work hard, play hard, and enjoy!

    country bumpkin

    Good advice ROMOS. sound like yo`re being very hard on yourself!!...You`ve moved out,started Uni..that`s a huge adjustment ..WELL DONE!!....Emotions can creep us on us when we`re least expecting them..maybe you didn`t realise what a big step you were about to take??....I know what you are going through...I PRACTICALLY LIVED at my THERAPIST`S when Princess Diana died and then the shocking images of 9/11 wouldn`t leave was pure raw grief ..and the more I went over it in my mind it just got way too much!...The best advice that my therapist gave me was DON`T BUY NEWSPAPERS OR WATCH THE NEWS etc....because sadly it`s awful beyond words...but you can`t do anything and the more you watch or read..the more obsessed with it you become!...It HELPED ME A GREAT DEAL..(even if I did get tempted to watch the 9/11 10th anniversary tributes..and cried for days afterwards)!:-(...I`D ADVISE YOU TO TALK to someone professional about how you`re feeling...a uni counsellor or therapist...and surround yourself  your friends and fun at UNI....I got through it...YOU CAN TOO!;-)...CONCENTRATE on the things in life that are positive or that you can do something about!....GO TALK PLEASE and DON`T BE ASHAMED OF FEELING EMOTIONAL...We`re ONLY HUMAN!!;-)

    good luck...all the best..millie xx

    Stop watching the tube and watch movies or documentaries regarding your studies/interests. ROMOS is sound a little homesick and out of focus.Know that everything is transitory in this world... Peace. Phone home.Live 5 minutes at a time.

    Everybody has a sensitive side....and all the positives in your life are possitive stressors.  There is natural anxiety that goes with that stress- being able to channel that into some sobs over tv is ok. 

    You are bound to meet nice people at Uni...and start to relax once you feel more at home- talking to someone never hurts.  Until then I might avoid watching the news or any other shows that bring up the feelings and tears.  

    Everyone feels vulnerable during such big changes- they just deal with it in lots of different ways.

    You will be ok.

    Get professional help, sounds like depression/anxiety to me.

    I agree with ed, these feelings do sound as though you have depression, even if outwardly things are going fine, see a counselor or psychologist,  there you can discuss how your feeling to people that are more qualified to recognize the symptoms

    thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated.. what makes it all so confusing is that while being emotional mess have the time i am completely happy and as far away from depression as ive ever been in my life (been their done that bought the teeshirt), ill ride it out a little while longer to be sure its not just hormones or something, but will deffo enquire at uni about a councellor perhaps

    ed shank

    Don't wait too long. The sooner a potential problem is diagnosed the sooner you get better. Good luck.

    Sending peace and love vibes to ya at a constant rate...keep yer chin up and keep smiling baby! :)

    Good advice from ed shank, as usual. Don't let it go too much longer. Sometimes one believes this is just the way I'm supposed to be and doesn't even realize something is wrong. You KNOW; take care of it now. It's been going on for months.
    I've been there, too, post-partum. NOT a good place to be.

    Sounds like it's time to have a girl friend.  Find one who's a good listener, among other things.

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