Would you eat meat that was made from stem cells of cow muscles ?

    Well guess what , its been discovered . The process is collecting bovine stem cells from cow muscle, and culturing them into muscle fibers in a lab. They say a million more times meat can be produced from one cow. Fat content can probably be controlled. No grain needed , no methane or global warming from cow gasses, Billions of animals would be spared the factory farms, This will be experimented for a longer time for any bad side effects. This could solve a world hunger problem. We will see what happens in next few years. The meat will be prepared by a chef in october. Seems unnatural. Are the chickens next ?  I think i might try it if it tastes good. I dont know.

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    They will probaly test theire results in third world countries first, like they always do. It,s not the natural order of things. When we mess with mother nature it has always produced negative results. We dont need meat to live. There is protein in many other sources, like nuts, dried beans, Bananas,, Avocados and many others. And no, I would not eat it.

    I dont know but if there wasnt anything else I sopose I would try it but then I dont eat alot of meat as for many years been a veggie and would proberly go back and be a veggie very interesting question thank you

    Seems an ideal way of producing protein in a humane and sustainable way. It could even satisfy vegetarians' sensitivities. Sign me up for the first meal.


    Just so you might know, the cost for the first burger is 250,000.

    I am very very very happy to be a vegetarian.  I would not eat that.  I can't even stand the thought.

    Doesn't sound that appealing, and at the cost you have mentioned I may stick to fillet, though I must admit if I think too much about meat I don't eat it at all.

    We often take a chance ...or at least sometimes re what we fast/junk food/food prepared in eateries...I like to know what exactly is in my food!:-?..Have you ever eaten a hot dog or burger off street stall??....A lot of us have...sausages...often are made uo of all parts of animals..eyeballs,gristle ,crushed bones and whatever is left over!!:-¬.....sweets often contain gelatine...which is boiled up animal fats/parts!.....I ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION!;-))lol!

    NO.I take meat once a week .Because my wife say`s so."NEED IRON " is her cry.

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