what if i am gay?????!!!!!


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    Be proud of who you are, not matter what. I've been a lesbian for 50 years. Yes, I was born to be a lesbian. It's been a great life for me so far. :)

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    So what. Nothing changes. Just live your life as you usually do. We live in Danmark you know.

    Danes couldnt care less about things like that. The average Dane. Of course there is stupid

    people in every society. But its not a big problem.


    TAKE HEED WORLD and follow Denmark!!!..It`s good to know that there`s hope for O`s too!!!.Nice One!!;-))

    The world is made up of all of's about love.



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    They's quackers over each other!!! ;)

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    Can I have them?

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    Well, live with it, be yourself. There are lots of gay people out there.

    Acknowledge, accept and be proud of who you are, gay or otherwise

    Then  have a "Gay day !!

    BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!!!`re sexuality isn`t everything...You ARE you....LOTS OF LIFE AHEAD OF YOU...SO WHY WORRY RE ONE ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!??!..that makes up you and your Persona!

    Have fun,

    millie xx

    What " if"? Well, what if. Then you are, so be it. Live your life according to who you are............

    If you are gay you just have to except it. it's not an illness it's your nature you won't lose real friends because they will accept you as you, if they don't they are not friends,

    So what? Live the live you are meant to live. Dont worry, be happy!

    be gay :)

    gay can mean happy!

    Just be yourself, if other people make an issue of it don't bother with them.

    SO WHAT. Avoid people who have an issue with it.

    lozy bear welcome to the site, dont worry over being gay it dosnt matter anymore just enjoy your life and get on with it x

    Then join the military and marry the Sgt.


    Gay marriage is not legal..........yet.

    If you are under 18, it's  too early to tell. Young teenage boys often experiment with each other and it doesn't mean they're gay . It's more a case of  " You show me yours, and I'll show you mine ''  If you are over 18, it's safe to assume  you;re gay if  you're attracted to males, but not females. So, if  you're worried about it, you might get some counceling. Otherwise, just live your life gay.


    It's not too early to tell if he is under 18. When did you figure out you were straight? It's more about emotional feelings, not so much about comparing appendages. You should know more about the sexuality before you speak of it. True that puberty can confuse kids but don't give him only one sided information. He can be 12 and know he's gay. I was 12 when I figured out I was a lesbian. Just saying.

    I am ok.  You are ok.  ok?

    Who  knows ??, one day the question may well be ,what do I do if i am not Gay,

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