What would you do if you seen a homeless person?

    i just walked home from school and seen a homeless guy i gave him like...10$ that was all i had...what would you do?

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    Good question, shadow girl.
    shadow girl

    thanx itsmee,and i've got so many good opinions... so thanks to all of u

    good question ! as itsmee i agree with her

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    I would maybe walk on by instead of becoming a potential target for a stranger!Unless you are a karate expert...? I had to call my dad to come rescue me from a phone booth that a well known "homeless" guy had pursued me into establishing as a safe haven! Then we called the coppers who had one heck of a time with him...I was told to never ever give a "homeless" guy money again! I do have exceptions however...if a person is holding a sign saying they want to work? I have no problem sliding them a fiver for a gutbomb and coffee! Peace.


    I am not so kind as you if they need work as long as they will do some thing even badly I would feed and pay them if i had work, my position is different to your own lindi as we have 3 family's almoist living together

    I Feel the urge for a Big mac ,Lindilou,yum,yum,

    make mine a mac double!! :)

    I don't give money because I'm afraid. I always think I should do SOMETHING. Homelessness makes me feel so sad. So very sad. Yes, the people are probably unstable and unsafe. Your incident was terrible lindilou.

    That was very kind of you shadow girl. I would go to the nearest restaurant and buy him a meal and coffee. Unfortunately many people are homeless because of addiction. By giving him money, he might run to the nearest liquor store or buy drugs. I want to specify, not all homeless people have an addiction some are just down on theire luck..


    I worked in a coffee house where homeless people came for warmth and a christmas tree. I gave them stamped, Christmas cards. Most were not real friendly and only one seemed a little dangerous. They all loved the cards.
    There were many kids. They really loved the cards. I did this twice.
    I took toys to a homeless food station one time. The female adults snatched up the toys before I could give them to the kids. This, to me, was heartbreaking.

    Itsme, in the town where I live in, there are no homeless people, but about 10 miles away in a bigger town, there are many. God bless you for helping out. I drop of blankets and clothes on a regular basis. 1/3 of honmeless people are mentally ill. They closed the mental institutions in the 80s. But the largest homeless populations are now families with children. This is a national shame.

    Yes, Regan closed down the mental institutions. Terrible. Homeless families should not happen. Yes, it's a national shame. I'd like to change the world.

    Itsme, me too.

    If a person is panhandling for money, I do not automatically assume that he/she is homeless.  I can't know that for sure.  What I have heard from some of our local social workers, is that most who are begging for money, do not need to be doing that and very often that money is used to "feed an addiction". 

    At a time in the past, when I was in serious financial distress over a period of a few years, I never asked anyone for money.....ever!  I just did without things, that a lot of people consider to be a "normal expediture".  It's difficult to live that way but not impossible.

    I see them all the time, as sad as their situation is, some do prefer to live on the streets, here in Australia we have plenty of shelters for the homeless, they might stay a night or two but they are back on the street in no time.They seem to have survival instincts.


    They probably leave the shelters because it interferes with their addictions.

    In my very limited experience it didn't seem like there were many addicts. How would they afford the drug or alcohol. Most seemed schizophrenic, bi polar, or very depressed. I don't know the statistics.

    Having been there myself, I would say "Good-Day to ya" and keep on going. Recognizing a person as a person is a benefit in itself............


    Oh, I remember an interview when a homeless guy said, "A smile is like a ham sandwich"
    Why do you think money shouldn't be given to the homeless, Julie?

    I usually don't give because I don't have it. If I can spare a buck or a smoke, I'll pass it on.....

    That's me too.

    Shadowgirl- sadly, most homeless people will spend the $ on drugs or cheap booze... I spent a long time going to school, living, and working in the poorest areas of the city...I handed out crackers (the packages of cheese crackers with peanut butter), water on hot days, scarves and mittens, and apples (big mistake one of the guys chucked one at my car leaving a dent!)..and the ones that lived near me I would take to a fast food place once in a while- well actually I did this with a total stranger in another city...he looked awful- anyway, most seemed to appreciate the food and water and clothes- not all but most. {I bought the crackers and water at Sam's Club and kept it in my car}.


    : ) Thank you from all of us for what you did for them.

    I would give them the addresses of all the kind people on Qand A ,with a spare bedroom,and a few spare dollars ,to buy some food,


    Make mine a McDouble!! Haha! :)

    Ask him nicely to move over and sit with him/her and give em my time it's one thing you can give yet never get back..yet the rewards are eternal.


    I think that's too dangerous. It's a nice thought though.

    been there and done it on more than one occasion never been a problem

    We have a lot of homeless people in the UK, if I see them I usually give them a pound for a tea or coffee. It shouldn't be happening in this day and age.

    Giving money may make YOU feel better but it does nothing to the homeless.


    A hamburger doesn't count? I do understand, digger.

    one day a homeless person came up to me and asked for money to buy food... instead i offered the guy some of the left over chicken that i had with me at the time... he said no thanks and walked off! i never give money to homeless people because most of the time they never use it for buying food, instead they buy drug, alcohol, etc...


    perhaps he was a vegiterian,?????
    shadow girl

    haha hector, funny but it its really a good point of view

    I would give him a days work pay him feed him send him on his way  and I would feel ok if he did not rip me off 


    I'm still wary of strangers williamtheman...would that I felt comfortable enough to hire him even just to cut a perfect world I would so! :)

    Walk on by. I don't want to be mugged. There are people to look after those, dudes.


    Go on Go on Go on Eggy ,give them one of your many spare bedrooms for the night,and a good english breakfast in the morning,


    Sadly you`ll see many along the way:-¬..I out for your own safety..but kind of you to stop and give money!...I used to give them cash sometimes..but a lot of them will spend it on drugs and alcohol....which I can understand because they are already  in such a bad place..Now Sometimes I`ll give them sandwiches or something from a local shop...Alcohol isn`t helping them especially in winter when the temperature drops,they are more prone to alcohol induced hypothermia and end up very sick!:-¬...I never give to any of  them who sit by cash machines..and you often learn to read who is a genuine case....many are not!:-¬..A lot who come into A/E we try to help them with hostels etc...but it`s hard as they often shun the help!...PLEASE BE CAREFUL!;-)

    all good wishes,Millie xx

    If someone was down and out and living on the street, I would not feel right simply ignoring them and walking by. Regardless of an addiction or not, I would feel sorry for them to have let that addiction to have dragged them down to that level of existence. I would make sure they had enough to make the choice to eat or not.


    I like the way you think.

    Your heart is in the right place Shadow but be careful.Approaching someboby like that when you are alone has potential danger.A very great many of the homeless people in our society are homeless because they choose to be.many of them are not looking for hand outs,they just want to be invisible.


    I agree, Tommy. Many do want to be invisible.

    I get a little upset with the people who I see on the same corner every day with the signs (where did they get the Sharpies?).  There are multiple services available for people, and to not utilize those FREE services makes me wonder WHY you are choosing to sit and beg.  I'm on my way to get some help finding a job;  you are two blocks away from the same opportunity (and more, because your immediate need is greater than mine).  
    I do not give money since the time I watched the guy go straight over to a sinister-looking character, hand him the money and get a tiny parcel in exchange.  You hungry?  I'll buy you a burger, fries, and something to drink. Last guy I offered a meal to asked for just two little for him and one for his dog.
    I don't like that I don't feel differently; my eldest son is in that situation and I don't have much sympathy for him.  Choices and do I know what happened to you. I just don't think anyone needs to sit idly and beg.  


    Well said.

    Ducky: Thanks. I think I went out on a limb with the hardhearted answer.
    richardjames: That's right! Forgot about those people. Friend of mine in Fresno gave a beggar $20 and saw him getting into a Mercedes about half an hour later, dressed in shirt, tie and slacks. He went right up to the guy and told him to return the $20 or he'd call the police.
    I had a nicely dressed guy beg money off me at work (when I had it) for gas. I saw him walk into the next two "stores"...followed him into the second and confronted him; he had a Bronco and needed more than the $5 I'd given him. He left.

    Oh yea of little faith.

    Some people are not able. Mental illiness. Addiction. Depression.
    They break my heart. Your son would make me sad. How can you help him to change?

    very true Bob that's a fact.

    It's crazy Bob.At LAX I went outside for a smoke.A guy there with one of the signs you mentioned was rumaging thru the sand in the ash tray looking for a smoke.I offered him my packet of smokes & he looked at me as tho I had 2 heads.he didn't accept. Weird!!

    There are many homeless people, and I was approached recently by a woman asking for money to feed her children, I asked her to wait and went into the supermarket, spent some money on basic food items returned and gave them to her, she looked shocked and dissapointed, I know she wanted the money for drugs

    Donate to a local organization. Like Digger said, "Giving money doesn't do any good" 

    Giving money makes the giver feel better. 


    You are welcome.

    My son and his "family" can't stay at her mom and dad's anymore. They can't stay with me as I live in a "senior" complex. My son can stay with me when he gets out of jail (6/1) temporarily. He can go with me to the place that is helping me in my job search. There is a program for people on probation, parole, criminal histories. I'll facilitate the family being together as much as possible. The ball is in his court. She doesn't want him to stay with me.

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