Who still thinks animals can not love?

    That they have no Soul even though it takes Soul to know how to love. Who still believes Pit Bulls can only kill and not love, not be compassionate creatures? Maybe you feel this male was only acting on instinct. Maybe the dog is not really grieving? 

    Grieving’ dog refused to leave dead dog’s side 


    A heartbreaking photo of a male pit bull refusing to leave the side of a female pit bull that lay dead on the side of a Phoenix road is making the rounds on Facebook.

    According to Fox's Phoenix affiliate, the female pit bull appeared to have been struck by a car on Friday. The male pit bull stayed by her side for more than 14 hours.

    "The male pit bull wouldn't leave her, so a nearby business set out food and water," Fox 10 reported. "He stayed with her nuzzling her and lying nearby until the city came to remove her Saturday morning."

    The dogs did not have owner tags when they were found.

    "We picked up this other dog and took him to our East Valley shelter," Rodrigo Silva, an animal control official, told the station. "Right now it doesn't look like he has any behavioral or health problems."

    Silva added that the dog is "a little withdrawn and appears to be very sad."

    "If he continues to show these signs of withdrawal we will place him in a recovery home that can help him with his grieving," Silva told the Daily Mail.

    "I am so pissed about this," Karyn Aspan, who saw the photo on Facebook, wrote on her wall. "Animal control responded 14.5 hours later."

    Aspan, who lives in Chicago, told Fox 10 she called the Phoenix mayor's office to complain, andlaunched a Facebook campaign to find a home for the dog.

    "I was so outraged," she said. 


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    My Weimaraner 1 year old did this with a Boxer I had she kept licking him, it was sad and for 3months she would run to his kennel.. Its like the story of that dog in Japan that waited for his master for 11 years..

    Colleen - I left a message for you on this page not related to the question here to do with the tragedy in the States -couldn't find your question on this. Take very good care of you and yours - hope everything gets better.

    I saw it and thank you. I moved it your other post as you had already answered the question one time. So far so good. Just waiting for the rain to hit tomorrow and praying my roof holds up with the added weight of the rain mixing into the snow. There's still 3 to 4 feet of snow on the most of the roof. I tried to get it off myself but it's just too heavy and my strength is not what it use to be.

    Colleen - thanks - you take care now - I understand the snow is heavy - just a suggestion - how about hosing i.e. doesn't change to ice.

    I have a large house. Making the snow wet will just add weight. It's tough to melt 3 and 4 feet of snow with water. I went up on the roof today and did some shoveling. Came down when my feet started to slide.

    Colleen - understand. 3 and 4 feet such a lot Sliding off the roof wow - too brave.

    No, I didn't slide off, my feet started to slide while I was up there so I decided to quit and come down off the roof. I suppose even if I had slid off the roof, there is enough snow on the ground it would have broken my fall.

    Colleen - yep I did realize you did not slide off but sliding is enough - just you take care now.

    OK, I will :) Hoping the 40+ degrees we are suppose to be getting over the next few days will help lessen the snow up there.

    Great huh now there's a supprise. Last thing as I know you think I go on - are you serious?

    Am I serious about what?

    Colleen the 40+ degrees?


    Feb 12

    Feb 13

    Feb 14

    Feb 15


    Colleen - that's good but still cold huh.

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    These guys just might agree""


    Now that's a bundle of love.

    The one on the left I'll call pouncer looks just like the one we lost.

    I want to play and cuddle with all of them (shhh dont tell my cat- he wants to be the one and only)

    They are a really cute little bunch.

    The pic of kittys is beautiful, wish I had them in my arms. Did you know if you stare Back at cat for a moment or so, and then slowly wink, the cat will wink back at you.!

    daren 1 I am sure they would just such cuddly furry exquisite little creatures!

    Animals have a beautiful soul and they love unconditionally. This really breaks my heart to see him grieve over the death of his companion. I do hope he finds a good home with someone who loves him and gives him a new life.


    It`s way too sad!!!

    Ann - I never did tell anyone here that I had to have Bo Bo my Felix looking cat but with a misthouche people calling him Hitler until he came to live here - just too darn tough. KAI the other cat I have who really belongs to this guy around the corner but has lived here for 3years plus (he and his family have other cats). So sad to see KAI - not sure what he is thinking but sure he expects him to come back with me one day - they slways used to be outside when I came back from wherever - he just misses him I know, he was his buddy as for me he always takes me for granted and just sees food I am sure. He is lovely though. Hey Ann I do hope you are keeping wellxo

    All animals have feelings of love! This poor guy, I feel so bad for him! I hope someone will take him so he can love again!  I've seen this happen before , when one animal loves the other so much! This is a very sad story!

    I'd take him in now if I could, but Pitbulls are banned in the UK!

    Thanks for making me cry Colleen.



    I cried too. I thought of all the people who believe animals can not love and do not have Souls and I cried for their ignorance too. They miss out on so much of God's love thinking the way they do.

    I'm not coming back to this picture.
    millie111 too!!...Am running low on tissues here!:-(

    Of course Animals love!  They have beautiful souls, are sentimental and very sensitive!!!  And it is human stupidity to mark a breed as bad or dangerous!!!!!  Shoot, sharks have been marked like this for eons.  And this is the Absolute truth- I stood on a wild shark while it swam- everybody was freaking out except me...I knew I was fine!  When the shark stopped again I swam away.  No problem.  It was one of the coolest things that has happened to me- and it was by accident (at first).


    I once had 2 beautiful Blue sharks and they were growing quite large (@12 in. long) and were so happy that they bred in captivity and there were then many many many sharks! For sharks...1+1=300. They can love AND do math! ;D

    This one was about 9 feet long, wider that a surf board- and soft!!!

    I love all of you.......


    some more than

    Headless Man

    Not angry, just telling you how much she loves you......

    There's my pretty girl! One Big tummy rub and kisses for you!

    I have seen fish do this and ducks do this.  I know for certain that I have had animals that have loved me as much as I have loved them.

    Human beings are not the only creatures that can feel love.  We are the only creatures that can completely mess it up. 


    Deleted User

    Ducks and other birds bond for life, its sad to see a bird killed by the side of the road and its mate sitting with it :(

    I know. They actually cry. :( ... Maybe not as we do but they definitely cry.

    Loves Creations reflect their Creator’s Love.

    That pic of dog  with its dead friend , brought tears to my eyes, as I am sure it would, to any animal lover. Of course animals can Love, just check out some of animal video sites, see how they interact with each other, some also with birds for friends. Give an animal love, and you will get it back  unconditional.

    Deleted User

    What a dog gives is the best love of all, you can always tell a dog person , like the dog they are loyal and compassonate to others , we could all learn something from animals :)

    they can l0ove 


    I think so too.

    That's a really sad picture, I hope he finds someone who takes him home and shows him love.

    Our two cats show their love in many ways, but you can tell by the way they look at you when they are on your lap having a fuss that they love you.

    Animals give the best love of all "unconditional love" they are loyal , the only silly dog is an untrained dog.

    My sister has a pitbull when she brought it she was told it was a Staffy but we can tell its a pitbull, it is well trained. Although we really do not know the temperment of the mother and father we know that she has put in all efforts to train this animal.

    Sadly some dogs get a bad wrap not just Pit bull, the dogs that bite the most are Lab's because there are more Labs out there , but we hear more of Pit Bull attacks.

    Dogs love back I know this I have 3 Weimaraners and they give me loyality, unconditional love , they even hug me :) ...

    All dogs need is training and a loving environment and they will return that 3 fold...

    That post made me cry .. Dogs are for life ...

    This reminds me of my Weimaraner licking the lips of my dead Boxer :( and for months she would go looking for him, if I play a video she watches him on the TV ... they know they love :)

    Let's think about this for a minute.....


    I believe you are absolutely right!


    that is so sweet. reminds me when my kitty cat slept in the arms of my dog!

    That`s so cute!!:-)

    This entire thread is magnificent! All the stories

    are so touching. It just goes to show how truly

    wonderful these creatures are. The video of the

    elephants reunited after twenty years...the tears

    were just streaming down my cheeks. Elephants

    have always touched my heart. I can't explain why...

    they are just so magnificent and majestic and have

    hearts to match their wonderous size. I'm so glad this

    thread was brought back to the top because I missed

    it the first time around. Thank you.


    I'm waiting for someone to hit this thread too and cause an argument. I can think of 2 people who just might do that.

    That is really too bad. That means they are just looking to stir things up and cause an argument. Some people have nothing between their ears.
    Deleted User

    Who would start an arguement over this thread?

    No one.........yet. Someone here on the forum does not believe animals have Soul so they can not know how to love. That they just go on instinct. He's been arguing with me lately about something else so I figured he would hit here too. He loves to argue my beliefs. As for the other person, I think he may have backed off for the moment so I no longer expect him here.
    Deleted User

    Hmmmm sounds like they need to get lives, I am behind you all the way, animals give more to people than they realise!

     A sad, sad picture and story. Hope he finds a good home.

    Try telling my littlest rescue cat..TINY..that he doesn`t love`s me who rescued him...and only me he follows everywhere..from the waits for me!! escort me home....and to the loo!!!LOL...Now that`s true love!!! :-)


    Same here Millie.
    My cat was as devoted to me as any dog could be. :)

    @Dar...yes they are priceless,arent they!!(I`m sure he thinks he`s a puppy)!!:-)...I worship this little guy back too!;-)..He`s my most loyal follower...and people in the street find it amazing and makes them laugh !!(No one around here usually even cracks a smile)!!!;-0...He doesn`t give anyone else the time o day!!...Mummy`s boy or what!!!:-)LOL!xx

    I know, Mil...the love is there, both ways. It's so wonderful!xx

    Not me! and

    I think that a loyal dog actually loves his owner.  And animals instinctively bond and this is a form of love.  So our vision of human love, and other animal love may have to be altered, however, with that I feel animals do love!


    Did you make it through the storm OK?

    I think animals love better than humans and I think it's more than just bonding.

    Yes we did Colleen, and you? We lost power, went to daughters overnight, and it was back next day. We were lucky. We got about 20 in. Things getting back to norm. Regards...

    I got about 24 inches but did not lose power. Right now it's raining out and I'm worried about my roof. There's still up to 4 feet of snow on it with the wind drifts. I'm hoping the roof will hold with the added weight of rain on it. Here's some pictures:

    Animals can feel love!

    They dont know speach,and can show more loylity and love and affection then most,humams,

    Yes they do!!!!!!!!

    I believe dogs can most certainly love - and would never say they have no soul - there is a lot of reserch on this concerning all animals. Animals in my opinion are just amazing many looking after their young with such love care protection and affection. I think the problem is Homo Sapiens think they are superior to animals - science tells us otherwise - there is no evidence for this especially regarding DNA etc. Their companionship, caring are seen to be so beneficial to the elderly in Homes even in Prisons and how brilliant are the blind dogs.Like Homo Sapiens they are I feel only vicious in reponse to ill treatment but there loyalty an comfort is far greater more often that the Human Being.  There was a dog recently who was left in afghanistan belonged to a guy who was killed and I believe found by his friend and brought back and for days and days he sat by his grave. They are among the unsung heros of wars. Like the horses were/are. Years ago I read a book on this by a very famous Autrian psychologist - of not with the up to date science - I must look it out.  

    Colleen - I do so hope your are OK what an ordeal it must be for you - I am so hoping there will be very few fatalaties and things get better. You have all had too much of this kind of tragedy just so awful. Do take very good care of yourself - What is good everyone seems to be pulling together and helping each other. LOL and thinking of all the people involed in this so sad.

    i think animal can be love


    I think so too ;)

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