who else thinks that this is the coolest site ever?

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    All the daily regulars and then some. :)

    I also agree with that, great cyber friends, support, knowledge and humor, I don't need anyone else to talk to at all the odd hours I wake, AKA is always here, a lot better than all the old re runs on TV


    You said it Lamb, whole heartily agree.

    Coolest of the cool, friends from around the World to talk/ type to daily.


    Will this help us with the "cool factor" calculations?


    Too cool Ducky! Quackers 'n' cheeze cool! ;D

    Hilarious comment, lindilou.
    Love the “cool factor” chart, ducky.

    I am like everyone else yes its the best site ever!

    Coolest site EVER!!...the VERY COOLEST of the cool!!...LOL...ADDING very I`M TRYING THE IMPOSSIBLE..TO GET ONE OVER ON romos!!LOL...(it`s my only chance).oh GREAT ONE)!!!;-)))


    Remember the caps lock when you type KOTFs other identity!

    We so cool we...



    Don's all groovy!!!! You gotta stop doin' that hyper sh_t- calm down there are a lot of throwbacks here!!! :)

    Listen to the Doctor now! Take a chill pill dude...say OMmmmmmmm! LOL ;D

    ...not a throwback!!...a leftover!! LOL :)

    I agree with that too.I am addicted.


    me too totally!!:-)

    akaqa people are bright and helpful and funny. The answers here are excellent. 

    I think so. Now, if only I'd get some sleep...........

    Me,me, meeeeeeeee!!!!!! (But I think some of my friends don't cause I talk about akaQA all the time and they somehow get little tired to hear about it.)


    Nothing wrong with that pik, good advertising,get them to look sometimes.

    I love it! I pop in everyday! When I was having trouble getting connected (happened twice) I think I had withdrawal symptoms!


    If you like our answers you should give a thumbs up vote! See the cute little thumb things-just click on it. I realize you don't have too many votes yet, but keep that hint in mind! Have fun here!

    Hell yes. A great place to hide from the horrors of the day. The diversity is what keeps me here.


    I would like to borrow what YOU said and take it for MY answer. So well said and my thoughts exactly.

    COOL BEANS, you mean.  Yes, I think it's pretty cool.  I'm off and on here most of the day and night. 

    If it's a question,but it's my first time on this site and ive just written a question,how long until someone answers it?


    It depends. Sometimes you might get three answers in half an hour. Sometimes you won't get an answer at all.

    Yes it's the greatest place on earth.

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